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4 years ago

Google Wallet updated with support for new form factors, prepaid topup improvements


Although Google Wallet had some issues the other day and went down for a while it looks like there might have been a good reason for it. The app itself has just been updated and according to the change log there is improvements to the prepaid top up process but also support for "new device form factors".

The new form factor support entry is a rather interesting one, kind of makes you think there is more to this update then Google is ready to tell us right now. If you have a supported device, you should be seeing the update in the Google Play Store right now available for download.

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4 years ago

Pocket lead developer: Developing for Android is "quite enjoyable"


We've all seen those reports from app developers on other platforms, saying how developing for Android is a nightmare, and isn't worthwhile (we file those with the "Android is doomed when the next XXX comes out" reports), so it's refreshing to see the other side of the coin. Max Weiner, lead developer for Pocket., (see our interview with the Weiner brothers here) has let us in a little of what goes one behind the scenes at Pocket, and the short version of how they developed one of the best and most popular Android apps to date.

Starting with the Samsung Fascinate he got on contract for a penny, Max and company have certainly done well despite all the promises that they need hundreds of devices to test with and will face countless headaches developing for Android. It's a great read, and we look forward to seeing the rest of their tips for Android developers as the series continues.

Source: Pocket

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4 years ago

Chrome Beta for Android updated for stability and performance improvements


Google Chrome Beta for Android has an update being pushed out right now through the Google Play Store. While a minor bump, it does focus primarily on performance and stability improvements. There's also a minor reorganizing of the settings options. The official changelog reads: 

Chrome for Android Beta has been updated to 0.18.4531.3636 on Google Play.  In addition to changes through Chrome 18.0.1025.166 and a minor reorganization of Settings options, this update focuses primarily on stability and performance improvements.

Known issues:
113041 : No way to auto-hide the toolbar
114964 : Error pages are not optimized for mobile / Android devices
Other notable issues listed here

Head on over to the Google Play store to grab yourselves the update.

Download: Chrome Beta for Android

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4 years ago

Google Maps for Android getting offline access


Google today at a small event in San Francisco announced that it's taking Google Maps offline. That's right, no more will you be beholden to your data connection. Or if traveling abroad (or on a subway, for instance), you'll be able to kill data altogether and still find your way around. This, ladies and germs, is a big deal. What's more is that it's not just macro-level mapping. You'll be able to zoom all the way down into street view, sans data. You can't have it just yet, but Google says it's coming soon enough.

Google also showed off a backpack-type Street View rig -- powered by Android, if you'll believe it -- that's taken us down to street level in places cars can't go. Pretty slick.

And then there's 3D modeling in Google Earth. Google walked us through how it does things, making them better all the time. Its modeling has taken a big leap forward with the use of airplanes and oblique mapping, with computers doing some serious number crunching to make things impossibly smooth. It'll be coming to both Android and iOS devices in ridiculous resolution.

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4 years ago

TomTom for Android to launch 'fairly soon' according to company co-founder


TomTom for iOS has been out for a long old time now, but there's never really been any traction behind an Android version appearing. There is now hope though, as co-founder of TomTom, Peter-Frans Pauwels, has told ​Pocket-lint​ that the app will be released "fairly soon." 

He couldn't put an exact date on the launch, but went on to say "I can confirm it is real" and that the "summer season is important for us." He also confirmed that the Android version would contain the same feature set as is iOS compatriot. There was no indication of price, but make no mistake. TomTom is a premium application that will come with a premium price. 

Many Android users would question the need for TomTom -- especially given the length of time without having it -- when we have a perfectly good, and free, satellite navigation system in Google Maps Navigation. Only time will tell on that one, but for many TomTom is satellite navigation so we're looking forward to seeing it land. 

Source: Pocket-lint

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4 years ago

Instagram for Android updated with improved search, advanced camera fixes


The latest Instagram for Android update has now appeared in the Google Play Store and is ready for download. This release looks to solve a number of issues users were having with the app, and the folks from Instagram has ever so nicely laid out the full change log for everyone --

  • Improved search functionality
  • Support for location data taken from Gallery images when geotag is selected
  • Fix for HTC Sensation 4G freezing using tilt shift
  • Improved support and bugfixes for devices using the Instagram advanced camera
  • Addresses tilt shift issues on lower resolution images

If you happened to come across any of those issues in your use of the app, then the you'd best grab the update and see if things are fixed for you. Head to "My Apps" in the Google Play app to update to the latest version, or use the Google Play web interface.

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4 years ago

Dropbox update adds new streaming features and Korean language support


Cloud storage service Dropbox has updated its official Android app to version 2.1.4, introducing a couple of new features that some may find useful. Firstly, Korean language support has been added, opening the app up to the multitudes of Korean Android users. And Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich users get a "custom-tailored" video streaming interface, which it seems plays a little more nicely with virtual buttons on ICS devices. 

To pick up the latest version, head to the "My Apps" section of the Google Play Store app, or use the web interface to install from scratch. 

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4 years ago

Microsoft releases on{X} automation app for Android


In one of the day's stranger announcements, Microsoft has announced a brand new smartphone automation service for Android devices, dubbed on{X}. On{X} combines an Android application with a Javascript-based back-end, hosted on Microsoft's site, and allows numerous tasks to be triggered based on location, date, speed, weather and countless other conditions. Essentially, it's a bit like Tasker, only controlled remotely via a web interface, with a few more options.

Conspicuously absent is any support for Microsoft's own smartphone OS, Windows Phone. As on{X}'s functionality relies on capabilities not present in Windows Phone, the Android platform is a natural place to test things out while Microsoft prepares the next version of its OS.

To get started, you'll need to grab the app from Google Play, and sign in using your Facebook account. Then, from the site, you can add rules based upon MS's own "recipes," through a visual interface, or by directly editing code. Once you're done, you can even upload your own recipes for others to use -- a surprisingly open approach from the team at Microsoft.

Unfortunately we haven't had much luck getting the Facebook login to work, so bear in mind that things may be a little shaky to begin with.

Hit the link below to get started, or join us after the break for Microsoft's introductory video. And if you've managed to get it working, be sure to let us know got on down in the comments.

More: On{X} on Google Play; Source: WPCentral

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4 years ago

Google acquires Quickoffice, looks to bring tech to Google Apps suite


Google is to acquire mobile office app-maker Quickoffice, the company has announced on its official blog. Describing its new acquisition as a "leader in mobile productivity solutions" with "an established track record of enabling seamless interoperability with popular file formats," Google said it'll work to "[bring] their powerful technology to our Apps product suite." The most obvious candidate here is the mobile app for Google Drive, the new cloud storage service which replaced Google Docs a few months ago.

Google also committed itself to supporting existing Quickoffice users following the acquisition, so even after Quickoffice's tech has made its way into Google products, the stand-alone app will remain. However, it's unclear whether the Google buy-out will affect existing deals with manufacturers and carriers that see Quickoffice pre-loaded on some handsets.

This isn't the first time a major mobile platform player has acquired an office suite developer. RIM snapped up DataViz, creator of Documents To Go, back in 2010. For its part, DataViz has continued to develop for iOS and Android even after the acquisition.  We'll be watching with interest to see how things pan out with Google and Quickoffice.

Source: Google Blog

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4 years ago

AT&T's eco-friendly Samsung Exhilarate available June 10 for $50


AT&T this morning announced that the Samsung Exhilarate, a 4-inch Android device that is the carrier's first eco-friendly device, made from 80 percent recycled material, will be available next week. (You might remember this guy from its announcement way back at CES in January.) It's also packaged with an energy-efficient charger. Spec-wise, it's got a Super AMOED display and dual-core Qualcomm Scorpion processor at 1.2 GHz. It sports a 5-megapixel rear camera and a 1.3MP shooter up front. The Exhilarate also is an LTE-capable device, so it's got that going for it, which is nice. 

No, it's not the Galaxy S III. But it does have an actual release date of June 10 and will run just $50 on contract. AT&T's got some preview video after the break.

More: AT&T

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4 years ago

PlayStation Suite rebranded PlayStation Mobile, HTC named as first third-party hardware partner


Sony has taken the stage at this years E3 and like Microsoft they came with some mobile news to share with everyone. Back when Sony Mobile was known as Sony Ericsson they launched the PlayStation Suite SDK to the masses however, it was only available for "PlayStation Certified" devices which naturally were all Sony devices. That has all changed now though as Sony has just announced PlayStation Suite will be rebranded to PlayStation Mobile and to help get things off right, they've gone ahead and named HTC as the very first third-party hardware partner. That begs the question. Will we finally get the PlayStation phone of our dreams now?

Source: Sony

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4 years ago

Watch the Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass presentation from E3!


If you weren't watching the Microsoft Xbox keynote from E3 live online, or following the WPCentral liveblog -- which you really should have been doing might we add -- then fear not. Thanks to the WPCentral guys, the bit that might interest Android fans is here for you to view at your leisure. 

We're only really interested specifically in the Xbox SmartGlass announcement, which Microsoft today said will work with Android devices turning them into a second display for your Xbox. There's a chunk that might not end up being useful for us, but the wireless video streaming and second display stuff, well that looks mightily appetizing. 

We're looking forward to hearing more about this service and just exactly how it's going to pan out on Android, but in the meantime, enjoy.

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4 years ago

Microsoft unveils Xbox SmartGlass, "second screen" functionality heading to Android


Our buddies over at WPCentral are out in LA right now enjoying the Xbox keynote presentation at E3. Microsoft presentations wouldn't really interest us much, but surprisingly there was a specific mention of Android. It seems the newly unveiled Xbox SmartGlass feature will be compatible with Android. 

It offers an Airplay-esque functionality, in that videos viewed on a tablet for example can be transferred over to the big screen and picked up where you left off. When viewing on the TV, the tablet then becomes a second screen, displaying additional content. An example shown off was with popular series Game Of Thrones, where the tablet became a map tracking all the on screen action. 

The keynote has just finished, so we'll be looking forward to further coverage on this from the guys over at WPCentral. 

More: WPCentral at E3

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4 years ago

Demolition Inc. escapes the Tegrazone and is available for non-Tegra devices


Demolition Inc. is somewhat of a favorite of mine at the moment. Its blend of excellent graphics, simple addictive gameplay, and most importantly, blowing things up, makes for a fantastic mobile game. The only downer for many was it's reliance on a Tegra processor, meaning only a select few could enjoy it. Not so anymore, as the developers, Zeroscale Games, have released a version in the Google Play Store that is fully optimized for non-Tegra devices. Originally we'd heard it was due on April 26, but this is definitely a case of better late than never. 

The blowing things up aspect of the game is made ever better by a truly impressive physics engine. The developers say that nothing is pre-determined, and nothing is pre-animated. The actions taken by the player truly determine the chain of events. 

There is a kind of story behind all the destruction though. You play as Mike an alien demolition worker, who flies a UFO all over Earth causing destruction and havoc wherever he goes. Using various different 'tools' such as oil slicks, super glue, and even exploding cows, Mike guides the traffic into doing his bidding and causing the series of high-rise buildings to collapse.

It's a great game, and can only be helped by now becoming available to a wider audience. Demolition Inc. HD is available now for a price of $1.99/£1.59. The THD Tegra optimized version is available at the same price. You'll also find the trailer for the game after the break.

via Droid Gamers

Download Demolition Inc. HD 

Download Demolition Inc. THD

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4 years ago

Instapaper app now available on Google Play


While not quite the shocker that having the same Galaxy S III on all carriers, nobody really expected an Instapaper app for Android any time soon. Marco Arment, the creator of the service, has said as much on more than one occasion. Apparently the draw of running on six of every ten smartphones in the world has changed a few things and it's available tonight on Google Play. We'll have to give it a good look over before we pass any judgment, as it has big competition and Android is a whole different ballgame than iOS. Just a tip that you can download and install it tonight if you've been missing it. Grab at it the link below.

Download Instapaper for Android

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