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3 years ago

Box for Android gets updated with media previews and better shared link options


The latest update to the Box for Android app gives you better control over shared file access and lets you preview audio and video files as they download

Box updated their Android app today, and a couple really nice features are now available -- finer control over how you share a link to your files, and the ability to see and hear the media you're downloading within the Box app itself.

The new media preview is an extension of the way you've been able to preview more than 75 file types by just tapping them in the Box app. This is a great way to view documents like pdf files or presentations, and it turns out that it's also perfect for rich media files. All users will be able to preview supported audio files and images, but video preview is only for enterprise users. 

The new shared access controls are also a nice new feature. Using the existing collaborator permissions, you can now send a link to any file or folder and limit access When you create a link to any file or folder, you can now also limit access to collaborators only, people at your company only, anyone with the link, or no one at all. This is a quick and easy way to share files with multiple users without dropping a link that anyone can use.

We know plenty of you guys and gals took advantage of that free 50GB Box account offer, and will get plenty of use from these new features. Hit the break for a demo video.

Source: Box

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3 years ago

Facebook Home coming to Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean only


Gingerbread users out of luck in getting Facebook Home on their devices

Facebook Home -- the new app suite announced today by Mark Zuckerberg at the 'Facebook's New Home on Android' event -- has been confirmed in an after-event Q&A session to be compatible only with devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. That means any phones or tablets running an Android version older than 4.x are out of luck when it comes to using the upcoming Facebook software.

Right now the official list of phones that'll support Facebook Home at launch is as follows: HTC One, HTC One X, HTC One X+, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II, and of course the HTC First.

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3 years ago

Facebook Home event replay now available


The live stream for the Facebook Home event has wrapped up, but the replay is available for those of you that want to really know the ins and outs, but missed the show the first time around. The short version is, Facebook is making a launcher that has a bunch of in-depth customizations for notifications, news feed, and chat. It's not a whole new operating system, but it does promise to be a unique experience - at least for those of us that spend a lot of time on Facebook. 

So, notice anything especially interesting from the live event that hasn't really been highlighted yet?

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3 years ago

Facebook Home video shows Chat Heads and Cover Feed in action


Alongside the big Facebook Home announcement today was a short and sweet video which ran through what these new Android apps were all about. Sure, the video is mostly about invoking all the feels for social networking, but we do get to see Chat Heads, Cover Feed and notifications in action. It looks like it's working smoothly enough, anyway.

Expect Facebook Home to be landing April 12, alongside the new HTC First

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3 years ago

Facebook Home coming to Android tablets in coming months


During today's Facebook event, it was mentioned that though tablets wouldn't be supported at Home's launch, they would be available in the coming months. 

For those unfamiliar, Facebook Home is a collection of Android apps that integrate deeply into the OS, though it's not an operating system of its own. 

What do you guys think of Home? The emphasis on Facebook pictures seems like the experience will lend itself well to tablets. 

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3 years ago

Facebook announces Home - a group of social Android apps


Relax, they aren't forking Android

Today Facebook announced a whole suite of new social apps for Android that will help with staying up to date with status updates, messaging, and everything else Facebook has to offer. Don't worry, Home isn't a new operating system, or their own phone. Everything will be downloadable from Google Play. New updates with fresh features will come every month. It will be available for download on April 12 for a few select devices (Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, HTC One X+, and Galaxy Note 2), and the newly announced HTC First

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3 years ago

Deezer music app launches new beta for Android


New look, mini-player and predictive search added in new version of app

Music subscription service Deezer has announced the launch of a new beta version of its Android app. The new Deezer beta includes a re-vamped, more modern-looking UI, and introduces predictive search capabilities to the search box. In addition, a mini player has been added, providing track controls throughout in the app.

Today's news will be of particular interest to EE subscribers in the UK, as they have the option of choosing a Deezer music subscription as one of their free inclusive add-ons.

You can grab the new beta version of Deezer for Android over at the source link below.

Source: Deezer

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3 years ago

Hands on with the Kobo Arc Jelly Bean update


The Kobo Arc has been updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but has it made a difference?

Flash back to our review of the Kobo Arc a moment. On the whole, the 7-inch tablet from Canada impressed, but was left lacking on the software front. Despite a Jelly Bean update in the works at launch, the Arc came to market on Ice Cream Sandwich, with the custom Tapestries UI on top. While a decent performer generally, if you've ever used Jelly Bean, going back to ICS is a tough ask. 

The Jelly Bean update for the Arc is now available though, thus removing a potential barrier to purchase. So, has it made a difference? Is the Kobo Arc now a serious contender in the tablet space? Well, we got one back in the office to take a look at how they did. 

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3 years ago

Spotify updated with improved data handling and stability fixes


The latest version fixes getting stuck in offline mode and adds an option to clear local data

Now pushing to devices through the Play Store, the newest update to Spotify should fix problems users have been having with previous versions. Getting stuck in offline mode -- which rendered streaming useless -- has been fixed, along with crashes associated with running low on memory and loading artists in the radio.

The way Spotify stores data on your device has changed, with the app claiming to now "store your data in the most efficient location on your phone/device," which only applies to first-time installations. A little more control is also given over stored data via an option in settings, which allows the clearing of temporary data and downloaded songs.

Get the update now through Google's Play Store. A handy link is waiting for you at the top of the post.

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3 years ago

Google Search update adds new card functionality, improved search results


Real time package tracking from select carriers and subtle UI tweaks make it into this update

The Google Search app, better known for its transition into the Google Now interface on Jelly Bean devices, has been updated with a few more features today. The first improvement is what Google calls "real time package tracking", which should give you a better indication of the package status, rather than simple "package shipped" cards that have been there previously. The new functionality is only available for select carriers, but it isn't specified which ones at this point.

Also included is a visual redesign of the "settings" key that appears in the top right corner of every card, which has turned into an "i" (information) button. Instead of just popping up a settings option to take you deeper into the app, it expands the current card to let you toggle quick settings related to it. For example tapping the "i" on a sports score card gives you quick options to follow or not follow a team, while tapping "i" on a stocks card lets you choose which stocks you would like to always see.

It's a visual improvement that will be instantly noticeable as a better choice for managing Google Now settings. Be sure to grab the update from the Play Store at the top of this post if you've got a device running Jelly Bean.

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3 years ago

Google Maps brings navigation to 9 new countries in Europe and Africa


Voice guided, turn-by-turn navigation available for millions more people today on Google Maps for Android

The Google Maps team has taken to Google+ and announced the addition of voice navigation for 9 new countries today. Users in the following countries will be able to use the Google Maps app on their Android phone with the new (to them) feature, starting right now:

  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Côte d'Ivoire
  • Senegal
  • Estonia
  • Bulgaria
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Slovakia

There was no word on when to expect the same for other locations, nor about how the process is done. We tend to take Google services for granted in Western Europe, and especially, North America, but for many folks Android devices are missing some of what makes them so special. We're glad to see Google address this issue, even if it's a bit slower than we would like.

Source: +Google Maps

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3 years ago

Droid Bionic Jelly Bean soak test invites rolling out now


Turns out that Motorola support page may have been right after all

After a puzzling update to Motorola's support documentation for the Droid Bionic that indicated it would receive Jelly Bean in Q2 2013, soak test registration emails are being sent out to some users for the update. Soak tests, if you're not familiar, are a last level of testing with a small portion of users willing to give new firmware a try before it moves out to everyone. Like previous soak tests, this is a good indication that we're headed towards an official release of the update to the general public soon. 

Remember though, Q2 just started a couple of days ago, so if previous updates are any indication we may be waiting a little while to see it all out there officially. The soak test registrations go out to a small number of people and won't be available for long, so keep an eye on your inbox if you're expecting to see one.

More: Droid Bionic ForumsThanks, shayne6717! 

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3 years ago

Shadowgun: DeadZone 2.0 update hits with loads of new features


Game adds localization for several new languages; remains free-to-play for everyone

As one of the most popular mobile-only online multiplayer games, Shadowgun: DeadZone is keeping the experience fresh with a 2.0 update in the Play Store today. The update brings new maps, weapons and stat boosters for things like armor, damage and accuracy. Also new is a "friends" menu that lets you invite friends to your game or view real-time stats while they play. First time players will like the new "tutorial" mode to help get acquainted with the game.

The update also localizes the game for several new languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. If you haven't yet given the multiplayer version of Shadowgun a try yet, now may be the time.

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3 years ago

Google Play Sound Search now available in the UK


"What's this song?" working in Google Now as well

Google's Sound Search, which lets users identify music tracks and artists by letting their phone listen to them, is branching out from the U.S. to include users in the U.K. In addition to the stand-alone app and widget for Sound Search, the same functionality also seems to be working within Google Now for U.K. users. Saying "What's this song?" then letting it listen will field results.

While the app's changelog hasn't been updated to reflect it, there has been an update in the Play Store and our own Alex Dobie in the U.K. is confirming that it does work now. Head to the Play Store link above to grab your download and test it out, and let us know in the comments if it's working in any other new countries.

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3 years ago

Chrome for Android gets password and auto-fill sync in latest update


Chrome 26 for Android hits the stable channel, also brings improved performance and bug fixes

Google Chrome for Android has hit version 26, bringing with it the ability to sync passwords and auto-fill data from the desktop browser. If you've been running the beta version of Google's browser then this may sound familiar, as it's been in testing in the beta channel for a few weeks now.

Chrome 26 also fixes a bug where a blank page would be displayed instead of the requested URL. In addition, there's the standard assortment of performance improvements -- and we have to say Chrome for Android feels pretty speedy on this latest build.

Head to the Google Play Store app to update, or hit the link above if you're a first-time installer.

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