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3 years ago

Falcon Pro releasing new version of app to sidestep token limit


Twitter client Falcon Pro is attempting to step around Twitter's 100,000 token authorization limit by releasing a new version of the app with a separate application ID. Just a few days ago, the client had to stop authorizing new users because it hit the Twitter-imposed limitation, which users feared would stop development. Taking to its official Twitter account (naturally), the developer explained the situation, and how he intends to fix it -- at least for the time being.

The plan right now is to release a new version of Falcon Pro -- just the small step to 1.6.7 -- that has a new application ID, which would technically identify it to Twitter as a new client, with a fresh new set of 100,000 user tokens to assign. In order to do this, old user tokens have to all be revoked, and anyone opening a previously installed version will have to re-login. By wiping out old tokens and "starting over", Falcon Pro is hoping to stay active for a while longer.

The price has also been raised -- to $1.95 (€1.49) from $0.99 previously -- to hopefully slow down how long it takes to hit the limit again. The last version hit the 100,000 token limit with less than 50,000 official paid Google Play downloads though, which is disconcerting. We know that a "token" is not a user, and those with multiple devices and accounts occupy multiple tokens, but the average tokens per user is likely well under 2.

For now, Falcon Pro v1.6.6 is still a comical $132.12 in the Play Store, with a reminder in the description not to buy it because there are no tokens left. The developer plans to release the 1.6.7 update to the Play Store tonight, and we'll have to see how long it takes to hit the limit again.

Source: @Falcon_Pro (Twitter); Via: AusDroid

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3 years ago

Chrome for Android gets major update as ver. 25 graduates from beta


The stable version of Chrome for Android has received a major upgrade, from version 18 all the way up to 25 -- the version that was in beta until recently. Major changes include significantly improved scrolling performance, improved JavaScript and HTML5 processing speed and speedier pinch-to-zoom.

The new build is rolling out right now, so hit fire up the Play Store to update your devices. Alternatively, if you've yet to try Chrome for Android, you can pick it up using the Google Play link to the right.

When you're done updating, be sure to hit the comments and let us know how you're getting on.

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3 years ago

Adobe Photoshop Touch: No longer just for tablets


Adobe has taken their excellent Photoshop Touch application for tablets, and shrunk things down to fit on the smaller screen. Available as a separate download -- with it's own $4.99 price tag -- The app offers the same great features the tablet edition does, which are essentially the core features of the desktop version. The app includes the ability to work with layers, filters, and brushes all bundled into an intuitive, gesture-based interface. In addition, the application is integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud, giving users 2GB of free storage to sync projects between the tablet app, the phone app, and the desktop. 

I use the tablet version of Photoshop Touch frequently, transferring images taken with my phone to Dropbox, then importing them into my tablet. The app is really well done, and takes mobile image editing to the next level. I'm not sure how well this will translate to my phone -- I'm currently using the Nexus 4 -- but folks with a Note 2 or even the original Note have another great use for the S Pen. You can find Adobe's press release after the break, and the download link from Google Play above.

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3 years ago

Samsung unveils Wallet mobile app to manage tickets


Samsung has announced a new API for developers to help manage event tickets, boarding passes, memberships, and coupons. Samsung Wallet will be a new application which brings all of these types of content into one place. Time and location-based push notifications will help users get a hold of the ticketing information. 

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3 years ago

Skype update brings back 'classic' UI option for tablets


Skype has just been updated to give users the option of selecting a "classic" UI instead of the new and improved tablet interface. The previous update to Skype added many new features and a more tablet-optimized interface overall, including a portrait UI for calling -- the curious part was the rest of the app was still locked in landscape mode. Skype is now backpedaling, sort of, by letting tablet users go back to a phone-style UI in the settings if they prefer. The new option is probably a better choice if you're on a smaller screen like the Nexus 7 that is often used in portrait.

10-inch tablet users are still better off with the new "tablet" UI because the larger devices are quite comical in portrait mode. Until Skype figures out how to do a responsive tablet UI that changes appropriately for landscape and portrait use, it's good to have this option. You can grab the update from the Play Store link at the top of this post.

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3 years ago

Nokia's new Windows Phone NFC writer app gives props to Google+


How do you know you've started to make it as a social network? When Nokia, that misfit manufacturer that's keeping Windows Phone alive one Lumia at a time, adds Google+ to its new NFC tag application.

Our pals at WPCentral have the scoop on this one, but the gist is that you can create a tag to a Google+ link. Say, to the highly popular +Android Central page. That's a good sign for ye olde G+.

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3 years ago

About that Google Settings app that appeared on your device today


As part of its new Google+ sign-in initiative that went live today, Google pushed a silent update to the Google Play Services app to support the new feature, which also brought along a new app called Google Settings. Google Play Services updates in the background routinely, much like the Play Store itself, in order to have phones up to date and syncing properly. The updates don't usually install new apps, but there's nothing to worry about here, the Google Settings app is indeed supposed to be there.

That being said, it doesn't seem all that useful, as it just provides shortcuts to the settings menus of other apps on the phone -- like Google+, Maps and Location. These settings could all be accessed previously, but in order to have everything working out of the box and have a settings area set up for the new Google+ sign-in, Google had to push something out there. We may have preferred if there was some kind of notice of what was going on though.

Going forward it's likely that Google will use this app to house more than just a few settings shortcuts -- and the functionality could easily just be baked into the general OS settings as well. For now, just let it be -- at least the icon isn't too ugly.

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3 years ago

Pocket Casts 4: more than just a fresh coat of paint


Pocket Casts has been around for some time, and is always part of the conversation when talking about podcast apps on Android. But like many other apps, it was long overdue for a redesign. This latest update, Pocket Casts version 4, has thrown the app back into the forefront of quality Android design. But the update is more than just skin deep -- underneath that design is a whole bucket of new features that are just as appealing as the visuals.

Hang around with us after the break, and take a look at the completely redesigned Pocket Casts 4.

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3 years ago

TuneIn Radio updated with new Google+ sign-in feature


Google only just today announced their Google+ sign-in features that are opening up to app developers, but TuneIn Radio is one of the first out of the gate to implement it. Much as they were involved early on with Jelly Bean expandable notifications, the extremely popular radio streaming app is in on the ground floor with Google's latest features. 

To the user, it's exactly the same process as signing in via Twitter or Facebook, without the necessity of course to enter any login details. You choose which of your Google accounts you wish to sign-in with, and that's it. You're also presented with a check box allowing you to restrict who has access to content you share on Google+ -- although sharing something only you can see does seem a little, well, pointless. 

Google+ sign in isn't the only new feature in this update either. TuneIn Radio will now integrate with your calendar, so if you don't want to forget about that big soccer football game coming up, tapping the 'add to calendar' button will produce a handy reminder when the program is about to begin. Additionally, Chevrolet drivers with the MyLink functionality can now access TuneIn Radio directly from the car. Download the free version of TuneIn Radio can be found at the Play Store link above.

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3 years ago

NVIDIA shows off 5 new Tegra 4 optimized games at MWC


With the announcement of the new Tegra 4 processor and devices, NVIDIA is looking to showcase what it is capable of by highlighting 5 new Tegra 4 optimized games in TegraZone. Burn Zombie Burn, Carie: Blood Mansion, CODEX: The Warrior, Dead on Arrival 2 and RU Golf have all been updated with enhanced graphics to show off just what makes Tegra 4 so much more appealing over other processors when it comes to playing games. NVIDIA is well known for partnering with game developers to release these high-end titles via the TegraZone, and these will kick it off for Tegra 4.

Hang with us after the break and see some impressive gameplay videos, as well as a screenshot gallery of the titles.

Source: NVIDIA

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3 years ago

Qualcomm and doubleTwist team to create MagicPlay - an open source media streamer


Chip maker Qualcomm has teamed up with the folks at doubleTwist and will be delivering MagicPlay - a platform they're billing as an open-source challenger to AirPlay. Running on Qualcomm's AllJoyn protocol, MagicPlay will allow  any Android device to stream media to any other device -- provided it uses a Qualcomm chip running the AllJoyn protocol. 

Using MagicPlay and AllJoyn will allow users to connect via Wifi and avoid Bluetooth (which doubleTwist labels as a headache). Manufacturers can add support by embedding a small open-source component, and application developers can embed MagicPlay services into any application to add media streaming. 

See the press releases from Qualcomm and doubleTwist after the break for more details.

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3 years ago

News360 v3.0: a big update to the popular app


News360 chooses to sidestep other apps that focus on social news recommendations, and instead offers user-focused content generation from a wide variety of sources. The aim is to provide multiple angles to the same story, which is said to offer a well-rounded experience. The app continues to offer the same feature set as before, but is now wrapped in a much more attractive user interface.

Hang with us after the break and see if the redesigned News360 is still a compelling news reader option.

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3 years ago

Samsung announces new KNOX system for secure BYOD


Samsung is hoping to further its position in the enterprise space by introducing Samsung KNOX, a full software solution for companies to implement with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs. KNOX is aiming to be an end-to-end solution for securing corporate data on a personal device, keeping both sets of data and apps completely separate. The solution provides system-level encryption of the enterprise data and apps, which are accessed via an app icon on the employee's homescreen. Everything inside KNOX is a completely separate container from the rest of the phone, and ships with integrated email, browser, contacts, calendar and file sharing apps for the enterprise.

Additionally, any Android app can be made KNOX-compliant without any change in the source code, so developers don't have to submit a new version of the app to work with KNOX. Samsung can add features like FIPS compliant VPN, on-device encryption and Single Sign On (SSO) to these existing apps.

These security features require changes in both the hardware and software of the devices, and Samsung is saying that KNOX will be available on "selected Samsung devices" starting from Q2 2013 as part of its SAFE (Samsung for Enterprise) platform. This is a great step forward for users that want to have both corporate and personal data on a single device.

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3 years ago

ClockworkMod SuperUser released in beta, free and open-sourced


Koushik Dutta of ClockworkMod, ROM Manager and Carbon (Backup) fame continues his long standing contributions to the Android community with his latest creation, ClockworkMod SuperUser. Currently in beta, eventually there will be an installation process in the APK itself, but for now it must be flashed either via ROM Manager or manually via recovery. 

There's a few headline features to speak of, the first of which is that unlike the Chainfire SuperUser offerings, this one is open-sourced with the full code available for download from Koush's Github. Also on board is support for the multi-user option found in Android 4.2. Impressive. Equally impressive is that this one version is compatible with both ARM and x86, with Koush claiming "magic" in getting it working. 

The impressive full feature set reads as follows:

  • Multiuser support
  • Open source
  • Free
  • Leverages Android's permission model
  • Logging (and per app logging)
  • Pretty UI
  • PIN Protection
  • Request Timeout
  • Customize notifications
  • x86 and ARM support
  • Handle concurrent su requests properly
  • NDK clean

Follow the source link below or head on into ROM Manager on your rooted device to flash a copy and take a look for yourselves. Click on further past the break for a demo video of ClockworkMod SuperUser in action. 

Source: +Koushik Dutta

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3 years ago

Polycom updates RealPresence app for Android tablets


Polycom has updated their RealPresence application for Android, bringing support for even more tablets, and new features like smart pairing technology, content sharing, and SVC (Scalable Video Coding) format support. Before you click the link to install this one, take a few minutes to see exactly what the RealPresence app is.

This isn't regular video chat where you goof off with your friends or talk dirty to each other. RealPresence is an enterprise video conferencing solution, and it requires and it requires the proper infrastructure to run on. It's designed for professionals who need to speak with each other, in real-time, securely. As the video you'll find after the break explains, industries from healthcare to construction have a need to conference remotely, and when video is involved things are more efficient. When things get more efficient, we all benefit.

Android adoption for the enterprise has always paled when compared to the consumer space, or to Apple's iOS. Applications like RealPresence can change that, and expand the choices made when it's time to buy equipment. Jump past the break to see the mentioned video, and read the press release.

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