2 days ago

LastPass update moves to remove PC dependency entirely


The folks at LastPass are pushing a big update to Android devices today, with long-term plans to make sure your smartphone or tablet can be standalone LastPass systems with all of the same features as the PC version of the service.

Password managers are one of those things that you either rely on entirely or just don't bother with. We live in a world where password rules can be more than a little crazy, and it seems like every other week there's a email sitting in our inboxes from a company announcing a security breach. It has never been more important for your personal security to be taken seriously, and unfortunately that includes having many different passwords for many different services. LastPass is one of several services that tries to make this easier on you by offering to generate secure passwords and storing those passwords in a way that can be securely accessed by you from just about anywhere.

We sat down recently with LastPass CEO Joe Siegrist to talk about the differences between the Android version of LastPass and the Desktop client, and what is being done to decrease the feature gap between the two.

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3 days ago

AC editors' apps of the week: Google Admin, MyRoll, Vivino Wine Scanner and more

Apps of the week

These are the apps we're loving this week

Apps — we all love them, and Google Play has a ton of them. Some are good, some are great, and some are mind-bogglingly terribad. Some are even Flappy. See what we're digging this week, and give them a try. There's a good chance you'll like at least a few, and apps need love, too. Think of the apps!

As always, be sure to tell us about any great apps we need to be using. The best part of our jobs is playing with apps — especially great ones.

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4 days ago

Why should you use Twitter?

Why Twitter hero image

This skeptic is beginning to like and use Twitter more, but why?

Let me start with a little confession: I've been a little bit of a skeptic when it comes to the "microblogging" platform Twitter. I think I just saw it as a social media platform much lamer than the likes of Facebook or Google+. After all, what can you do with a measly 140 characters, right?

I'm coming around, though, and I actually enjoy using it now. Let me share some of my reasoning with you.

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4 days ago

Best new Android apps and games of the week: Swing Copters, Fragment, and more!

Fragment for Android

We've got another week chock-full of excellent Android apps and games hitting the Google Play Store. Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen is back to test the outer limits of patience with his latest game, Swing Copters. The folks from Pixite have ported over their first photo app, and the results are really impressive.

We've dug up plenty more Android games and apps that have just been released, though. Dive in and get downloading!

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5 days ago

Top app, device and accessory sales for August 22, 2014


Looking for deals on apps, accessories, smartphones, and tablets? We've found a bunch of limited-time offers of which you may want to take advantage.

Give us a shout in the comments if you find any other sales floating around the web and we'll be sure to share 'em!

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6 days ago

Google Search on Android can now understand multiple spoken languages at once


Google has announced that its Search app on Android devices can now handle a number of different spoken languages at once, in an effort to help people who speak more than one language.

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6 days ago

Pebble scores a win with ESPN and the latest scores on your wrist


ESPN app for Pebble now brings the latest sports scores from your favorite teams to your wrist. Whenever a score is updated, your Pebble smartwatch will buzz and you'll see updates on your watch where the ESPN app will serve as a "wrist-top SportsCenter."

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6 days ago

Yahoo app now includes one-swipe access to news, magazines, and more


As Yahoo continues to refashion itself as a media and content portal, they're making even more improvements to their app — which now includes Yahoo's digital magazines. The magazines, which bring more long-form content to the Yahoo app then their previous news offerings, span the gamut of food, tech, beauty, movies, and health.

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6 days ago

Pac-Man Friends adds puzzles and tilt control to arcade classic


A new official Pac-Man game is now available on the Google Play Store called Pac-Man Friends. You'll find the familiar yellow chomping dude, ghosts, mazes and fruit here, but there's a lot that's new. Players use tilt controls to move Pac-Man around a range of puzzle stages.

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6 days ago

The Witcher Battle Arena kicks off closed beta for Android


A new MOBA game similar to Dota 2 and League of Legends is coming to Android called The Witcher Battle Arena, and sign-ups for the closed beta have just launched. The Witcher role-playing games previously followed a monster hunter named Geralt. You made all sorts of moral decisions while also getting some medieval ass-kicking in. The Witcher Battle Arena is all action and includes many familiar faces from the games and novels.

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