1 month ago

Pebble app gets updated with more stability fixes


The folks at Pebble have pushed out another bugfix for the Pebble 2.0 application. Along with general stability fixes, the issue with the never-ending loading screen has been addressed. As a user who was experiencing the stuck splash screen issue, I can confirm that it's gone on my phone. Hurrah! While still not as stable as the original version, Pebble 2.0 is starting to shape up. Let's hope the trend continues.

For the latest about the Pebble and all things smartwatch, be sure to check out our sister site SmartwatchFans!

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1 month ago

Apps of the Week: Sorcery!, Crazy Taxi, IMSA and more!

Apps of the Week

See the apps that made it onto our phones and tablets this weekend

Saturdays bring a lot of great things, but one of the best (at least for us) is the Apps of the Week column where we get to show off the apps that we're using every day. Each of the writers here at Android Central does their best to write a bit about a single app that's been on their phone or tablet in the last week, giving you the chance to see what we're all using.

The list is usually pretty varied, with a grouping of games, utility apps and a few off-the-wall choices now and then, but that's what you'll find if you look hard enough throughout the entire Play Store. Hit the break to see how this week's picks line up with the rest.

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1 month ago

Get a free upgrade to JuiceSSH Pro this weekend


Normally $6.89, the Pro upgrade is free until Tuesday 18th March 11:00 GMT

Juice SSH is the best SSH client for Android. It's a full color terminal and ssh client, and even the free version has support for extras like Mosh and external keyboards. Add in the great connection manager, and you have an incredible remote administration tool for Android. The Pro upgrade takes things to another level with port forwarding, AES-256 encryption backups and a code snippet library for those long commands you have to type out often. It's well worth the normal price of $7 or so, but this weekend it's free.

To celebrate 500,000 users, the folks behind Juice SSH are offering the Pro license key to anyone and everyone. Simply install the app through the Google Play Store link above, then head to their promotion page and submit your email address. You'll be rewarded with a lifetime Pro upgrade that's tied to your Gmail account, and good for an unlimited number of machines. If you're thinking that's awesome, you're right because it is.

If you need a tool like this, or are looking for a great local terminal, You need to jump on this.

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1 month ago

QuizUp updated with anti-cheat methods and bug fixes


Less cheating and better friend management are welcome changes

We already told you how to fix the endless notifications from QuizUp, and now the developers have started to address the next biggest issue — cheaters. Today's update now causes you to surrender if you try to open the notification bar, which apparently was used for a popular cheat method. Cached images are also removed on application start, which also could give some crafty cheater and advantage. The full changelog:

  • Automatic surrender when opening notification bar during match (to prevent cheating)
  • Removing cached question images on start
  • Playing on a WiFi through proxy working
  • Facebook friends immediately shown when linking with an email account
  • Level circle and questions now visible after async challenge game
  • Fixed a bug in level indicator value when accepting a challenge
  • Names in friend feed now clickable
  • Small bug fixes and ui improvements

All welcome changes to a great game, keeping it fun. Grab it at the Google Play Store link above.

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1 month ago

Google Wallet tap and pay support ending for phones not running KitKat in April

Tap and do nothing.

Feature to be removed from device not running Android 4.4 or higher on April 14, 2014

Google Wallet's tap and pay feature is soon to become a KitKat only affair. According to a message sent out to users with the feature enabled, but running a lower version of Android, the new, different technology used means older versions will not be able to support it, and support for the old method is being dropped.

We wanted to let you know about an update to Google Wallet that might change the way you use the app. Right now it looks like you’re using tap and pay with a device running an Android version older than 4.4 KitKat. On the newest version of Android, tap and pay works with different technology for an improved experience. As a result, starting on A​p​r​i​l 1​4, 2​0​1​4, tap and pay will no longer work for devices with older Android versions.

Tap and pay will be available for most devices running Android 4.4 KitKat. If you are able to upgrade to KitKat now, you can check if your device supports tap and pay. Supported devices will display a tile in your "My Wallet" screen that tells you to set up tap and pay. For devices that are not eligible for Android 4.4 KitKat or don’t support tap and pay, you can still use the Google Wallet app to store all of your loyalty cards and offers, send money to your friends, view your orders, and use the Google Wallet Card to make purchases.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for continuing to be a loyal Wallet user.

If you have any questions, please visit our Help Center. Sincerely, The Google Wallet Team

With KitKat, Google changed from using a secure element — a combination of hardware and firmware in your phone to keep tap and pay payments secure — to a host-based card emulation system. This allows the Wallet app and the CPU on your phone or tablet to provide security through software instead of using a hardware component. HCE services are methods that only KitKat can support, and the old secure element method is no longer supported, so the feature is now KitKat (or higher) only.

We know that few people actually use Google Wallet's tap and pay feature, but chances are this will affect more than a few of us. We're the early adopters who enjoy features like tap and pay. Hopefully, the last few current flagships still on JellyBean (Hi LG! Hi Sony!) will get updated soon.

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1 month ago

Google Search adds traffic incidents, more languages for voice and Cricket


OK Google hotword now enabled for French and German

A quick heads up that a new Google Search update is pushing out through the Play Store that brings a few welcome new features for folks on Android 4.1 and above. One of the bigger ones is that the "OK Google" hotword for voice search is now enabled for folks speaking French and German.

We also now get traffic incident alerts for our routes in Google Now, as well as support for Cricket – presumably in a similar format to how Google Now handles other sports. Perfect to keep up with the impending T20 World Cup. Snag the latest version at the Play Store link up top.

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1 month ago

Exclusive first look at Sega's Crazy Taxi City Rush


In 1999, Sega released a fast-paced driving game called Crazy Taxi in arcades and on their Sega Dreamcast console. The combination of driving passengers to their destinations, wild and humorous gameplay, and licensed punk music helped Crazy Taxi find a permanent parking spot in many gamers’ hearts. Two sequels followed, not to mention a successful Android port of the original game.

Sensing that Crazy Taxi has even more life on mobile, SEGA has just announced a new mobile-exclusive sequel called Crazy Taxi: City Rush. The new game will have everything fans loved about the original, plus a new touch-friendly control scheme and lots of fresh content. We met with SEGA to play an early build of City Rush and came away highly impressed. See our exclusive gameplay footage and interview after the break!

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1 month ago

Best Quick and Easy Games for your Android Phone


Looking for a fast fix with your Android games for your phone? Look no further

Playing games while on the move can be tricky. You're dealing with the relatively small screen of a smartphone and short amounts of free time. Meanwhile many games focus on longer play sessions and small, detailed controls. For tablet play that's fine, but we're rounding up bite-sized, finger-friendly fun available on Android that's best suited for smartphones.

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1 month ago

How to follow the 2014 Formula 1 season on Android

Android Formula 1 apps

Follow every lap of the 2014 Formula 1 World Championship on your Android device

The 2014 Formula 1 season is officially here! It may seem like only yesterday we were watching the 2013 Brazilian GP wrap up the season, but a new one is upon us. Rule changes galore, drivers switching teams, it's all shaping up to be one fantastic season and you can follow it all on your Android phone or tablet.

As much as we might want to be glued to our TV's watching every last minute, it just doesn't happen. But, with a smartphone in our pockets or a tablet in our bags we need never be too far away from the action. It's a shame many apps depend on where in the world you are, but head on past the break for just a few of the apps out there to help you keep up with your favorite motorsport!

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1 month ago

Facebook update brings pictures in comments, new photo editing privileges


Group administrators get new control over pinned and reported posts as well

Folks on the stable release of Facebook are picking up some much-needed app improvements that have been in play on the Facebook beta channel for some time. The updates this time around mostly have to do with photos and photo management, starting off with the ability to post photos in comments on other posts. Further, you can now delete and edit your own photo albums, untag yourself from photos and upload multiple photos at once to a group. Group administrators have new options for pinning and unpinning posts, as well as managing pending and reported posts.

Hit the Play Store link at the top of this post to grab your latest update, we're sure more than a few folks will appreciate the new controls and features over photos.

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