2 months ago

HERE Maps for Android updated to support Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch


The Samsung Gear S2 may not be available yet, but some Android apps are already adding support for the upcoming smartwatch. HERE Maps has updated the Android version of its mapping app to support the Gear S2.

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2 months ago

OxygenOS 2.1 brings manual camera mode, Exchange support and more


OxygenOS, the operating system which OnePlus built for its phones, will be getting a few new features in the coming days. The update, which begins rolling out to a small percentage of users now, will be OxygenOS 2.1 and it brings a manual mode to the camera and more. OnePlus hopes to start a broader rollout on Tuesday, September 22, but that is dependent on how the initial push goes.

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2 months ago

AC editors' apps of the week: Voxer, Huedini, Untappd and more


Our weekly app picks

It's Appday Sunday and that means we're back with more of our favorites to share. Every week we bring a handful of great apps to the table and share them with everyone. Sometimes they are new apps, sometimes old standards, but every time they are apps we love to use.

Give these a look and then take a minute to tell us all about the apps you are using and love so we can give them a try. We all find some of our favorites right in the comments on these posts!

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2 months ago

DMetronome on Android Wear makes it a breeze to keep time


Anyone who has ever spent much time playing an instrument, or who had to suffer through piano lessons as a child, probably remembers what a metronome is. While you might still be playing that piano, the need for a physical metronome has passed with the times. Now instead of lugging one out, you can just download DMetrnome for Android Wear.

DMetronome for Android Wear was the first — but is no longer the only metronome on the Google Play Store. This app works fantastically, and aims to fill all your metronome needs. You can adjust the beats per minute with a slider, or by tapping the arrows on the left and right of your screen, going anywhere from 1 to 200 BPM. The default is a four count, but you can adjust it anywhere from 1 to 12.

This app is only available on your Android Wear device, and really doesn't have much by way of settings. You can turn the always-on setting on or off, as well as enabling a flash screen animation for the beats per minute. That's it though. That's a good thing too, because DMetronome already does an awesome job at what it does. It's a small, sweet, and simple app that is well designed and easy to use. Better yet it's definitely much, much lighter than hauling around a metronome or trying to find one in a practice hall. Your Smartwatch will actually buzz on each count, which makes it even easier to stay in time over the course of a piece.

DMetronome is currently free over at the Google Play store, and it's worth your time if you need to keep time. It works well on Android Wear, and gets you the features you need without the clutter that you don't. That means that you worry less about the timing, and have more time to spend on the music. After all, that's the point, right?

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2 months ago

Best apps for following the NFL 2015 football season


The 2015 NFL season is upon us, and you'll want to stay in the know. These football apps for Android keep tabs on scores for your favorite teams, drill down into detailed player stats, feature video clips, expert commentary, and often a little fantasy football on the side. If you're pumped about football starting up, take a look at our app picks.

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2 months ago

Coming soon: The Android Central App in Material Design!


We'll be the first to admit this has taken far longer than we would have liked, but it's finally happening. The Android Central App (erm, AC App for Android) — all the Mobile Nations Android apps, actually — is finally getting a Material Design refresh. That's all the news and reviews and opinions and podcasts and videos you've come to love in our current app, but with a fresh coat of paint.

Actually, that's underselling it a bit.

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2 months ago

Bring! Shopping List for Android Wear makes it easier than ever to remember everything on your grocery list

Bring Shopping List

Grocery lists are something most of us use, if only to make sure you don't forget the important ingredients for dinner. Rather than digging out your phone to keep checking on that list, or trying to remember the scrap of paper you jotted everything down on, it might be time to check out Bring! Shopping List on Android Wear. This app lets you build multiple lists to handle your grocery needs, share those lists with friends, and easily check your lists.

Let's take a look.

Bring! smartwatch screenshots

The first thing you want to do is build a shopping list, which you do on your phone. Assembling the list is fairly self explanatory, as long as you know what you want to go shop for. Each list gets a personalized name if you don't like the defaults, along with a background image to help differentiate it. It's a small feature, but one that really makes it easy to grab the right list to look at later on.

Once you've named your list you can add people to it. This feature is especially fantastic if you're planning a party and have asked people to pitch in. You enter in the email address of whoever you want to participate in this list, and Bring! sends an invite to the list and the app. Once they have the app installed, whoever you invite can see and edit the list same as you. You can even set notifications to let you know when someone has edited that list.

Bring Shopping List smartphone screenshot

To add items to your list, you have two basic choices. You can search for specific ingredients and add them that way, or by scrolling through the various categories that Bring has provided for you. Both methods are quite effective, and each ingredient that you add to your list comes with an illustration of the ingredient on a small card.

From your watch, Bring! Shopping List is fantastic. Upon opening the app you can choose between any of your shopping lists to pull up. Once it's open you'll see a small red screen, with the ingredient illustrated in white. Swiping left or right lets you see everything on your list easily, and in a pinch. One of the few pitfalls with the app is that they don't have specific brands, which can be a problem if you're shopping on someone else's behalf and don't know if they prefer something specific.

Bring ingredients

As far as shopping list apps go Bring! Shopping List is definitely one that you should be checking out. It's available on Google Play Store now for the low, low, price of free. With multiple lists, Android Wear support, and the ability to share lists with friends, this is one app you shouldn't ignore — at least not if you're responsible for the grocery shopping anyway.

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2 months ago

Looking at gestures on the Moto X Pure Edition


There's more to a Moto X than tapping and pushing buttons.

Gesture controls on phones are not a new thing, but they also aren't always a good thing. Motorola is one of the few smartphone manufacturers to have made gesture controls useful across the entire phone, and the Moto X Pure Edition is no exception. Like its predecessors, there's a handful of incredibly useful gestures you can use to help with basic day to day tasks.

Here's how to enjoy the gestures baked into the Moto X Pure Edition.

In more ways than one, everything starts with Moto Display. This feature replaces the stock Android Ambient Display, though if you prefer Google's way of doing things you can enable that instead of Motorola's offering. It appears when you reach for your phone, or when your phone detects movement when it is not in your pocket. For three seconds, you get a glimpse at what is happening on your phone right now. If there are notifications waiting for you, you'll see icons from the apps delivering those notifications, and if you press your finger to those icons, you'll get a brief look at the contents of that message.

Moto Display is on by default, but can be customized to either conceal information unless it is unlocked or offer all of the information your phone typically delivers to the notification panel.

If you want to quickly access the camera on your Moto X Pure edition, all you need to do is twist the phone in your hand as though you are holding a screwdriver. This double twist motion will launch the camera from anywhere in the phone UI, as well as when the display is completely off. You'll feel a long vibration to confirm the camera is being launched, making it possible to start the gesture as the phone leaves your pocket and have access to the camera by the time you've raised the phone to eye level.

Once you have the camera app launched, you can repeat the double twist gesture to switch from the rear camera to the front camera.

Just about every Android phone now includes a quick way to access the flash on your camera and use it as a flashlight, but the Moto X line is one of the only groups of phones out there that lets you activate that flashlight mode by making a chopping gesture with your phone. As though your Moto X Pure edition were some kind of carrot-dicing super thing, make a chopping motion with your phone twice to activate the flash. You can use that same double chop maneuver to turn the flash off.

If you have the display on your phone on when you are making this gesture, you'll see a notification pop up that lets you turn off the flashlight from the notification tray, without swiping all the way to quick settings.

Finally, Motorola includes a discrete commands mode that has to be enabled in the Moto app. When you activate this mode, you are able to hold your phone to your ear instead of saying your Moto Voice activation command in order to get started. When you raise your Moto X Pure Edition to your ear, you hear a significantly quieter version of the command tone you normally hear, allowing you to speak your command in a discrete tone instead of calling out to your phone. The response you get from Moto Voice or Google Now is also quiet enough that only you can hear, though if you pull the phone away from your ear the audio will jump back to speaker mode.

And that's it! The Moto X Pure edition, like all of the Moto X before it, does a great job offering basic gestures anyone can integrate into their day to day lives.

Moto X Style (Pure Edition)

Motorola Best Buy Amazon

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2 months ago

Android Pay app now available to download from Google Play


The Android Pay app is now available from Google Play as its own download, meaning no longer do you have to wait for your Wallet app to update for it. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that support has expanded beyond the US, as the Android Pay app will still only work for US users.

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2 months ago

Google reportedly bringing 'What's on,' suggested apps and more to Chromecast app


According to a new report, the Chromecast may not be the only thing Google is revamping. Earlier it was reported that Google is working on a new Chromecast hardware which will bring several new features, and now it has been revealed that the company may be bringing new functionality to the companion app as well.

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2 months ago

Google Play Music now keeps the tunes flowing over Google Cast with gapless playback


Google Play Music has snagged a pretty cool update that overhauls the way the app works with Chromecast. In this latest version, you'll now get gapless playback when casting music via Google Cast and your music will keep on pumping even if your phone gets disconnected.

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2 months ago

Get a whole new view of the world with ISS onLive using Chromecast


Science and technology have come a long way from the world we were born into. For many of us space has always been a huge part of scientific progress. The International Space Station is a marvel of advancement, and now you can see the world the way that it does. ISS onLive is a live feed of the ISS's orbit around the Earth. This app which, has fantastic Chromecast support lets you see what the ISS sees in realtime, along with giving you a map of it's trajectory.

The main screen for ISS onLive is split horizontally. On top is the map with the trajectory of the Space Station. The bottom of the screen is the video feed that allows you to see the Earth like the ISS does. Three icons in the upper right hand corner will let you set an alarm for the next time the ISS passes over your location, along with rating the app, or opening it in the Google Play Store.

Opening up the options in the upper left corner, gives you some choices as to what you see — and how you see it. You can open the map up to see the whole thing, eliminating the video feed. You can also switch between a high-definition feed of the map and video, or a lower resolution feed of the same thing. The big difference between the two is the clarity of video, but both of them tend to lose signal on and off.

The settings have quite a few things you might want to check out. You can choose to keep your screen on without it timing out, only showing video if you are connected to wi-fi, showing night and day regions layer on the map.

If it's really the video being shot from the ISS that you're concerned about, then you're in luck. By double tapping the video from the main page will expand it to fill your screen. While it looks kind of cool on the screen of your phone, it can be absolutely breath taking when it's casted up onto your television screen.

Anybody who has been a fan of space, or who wants to get some real perspective should definitely take a few minutes to check out ISS on Live. Even better, this app is absolutely free which means there isn't any real drawback to checking it out. Enjoy the view, it's fantastic and something everybody should see for themselves.

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2 months ago

What's the difference between Android Pay and the new Google Wallet?

Android Pay and Google Wallet

Google is giving mobile payments a second go with Android Pay, and that's somewhat confusing to anyone who used Google Wallet.

Times are changing, and as we shift away from "traditional" in-store purchasing with physical cards to a variety of new systems, there's plenty of competition for your business. Dozens of companies want your in-store and online payments flowing through it instead of a competitor, and while Google was early to the game in pushing NFC-based in-store payments it has had to basically blow up what it built and retry in 2015 with Android Pay.

Google Wallet never really took off in a way that Google wanted, but still to this day has lots of users for some of its features. Even though people may not be using Wallet to pay every time they walk into a convenience store or use a vending machine, they're using the app for money transfers and still have payment info stored for online payments.

So rather than continue down the path of using one app for everything, Google is splitting up the mobile payment and money management into two apps — Android Pay, and a new Google Wallet. Pay is for in-store and eventually online transactions, while the new Google Wallet will handle person-to-person money transfers and the use of the physical (but digitally managed) Google Wallet Card. Sound a little confusing? Well, we're here to clear it all up.

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2 months ago

G Data Secure Chat is the newest way to encrypt your texts


In a world where everything is about security, one of the least secure areas on our devices is our text messages.

G Data, an internet security company based out of Germany, is releasing its own SMS client that hopes to bring the highest level of security to your private messages with its app, Secure Chat. This new application wants to keep your messages private from any outsiders who might try to gain access to them using end-to-end encryption.

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2 months ago

MyFord Mobile for Android Wear lets you start select cars from your wrist


Ford has updated its MyFord mobile app with support for theap Android Wear. The apps are geared towards owners of Ford's electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, specifically the Ford C-MAX Energi, Ford Focus Electric and Ford Fusion Energi. The smartwatch apps allow owners of these vehicles to check the range and charge status of their car's battery life and remaining range, for instance.

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