1 month ago

Expedia makes finding local activities and booking car rentals much easier in latest update


Expedia has updated its Android app today with new sections for booking local activities and ground transport.

In today's Expedia for Android update, the popular trip-planning service has added the ability to browse and book tickets to shows, themeparks, and tours, as well as secure transport from the airport to a hotel through the new "Activities" and "Cars" sections.

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1 month ago

Verizon will pre-load Lyft on some of its Android phones, offer discount to drivers


Verizon Wireless will pre-load the Lyft app on some of its Android smartphones in a new partnership with the car-sharing company.

Verizon Wireless announced today a new agreement with Lyft, the car-sharing company, that will not only see the Lyft app pre-loaded on some Verizon Android smartphones but will also give Lyft drivers discounts on Verizon's devices.

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1 month ago

Spotify rumored to enter the video business, holding press event on May 20


The popular music streaming service Spotify could be planning an expansion into original video content, as the company announces a press event on May 20.

The report comes from the Wall Street Journal, claiming that Spotify's video service will be available to subscribers and non-subscribers.

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1 month ago

Flickr has made it easier to upload, organize, and edit your photos


Yahoo has updated Flickr, both for Android and on the web, adding auto-uploads for all photos and videos on your device, a new timeline view, and more.

Flickr can now automatically upload all of the photos and videos you've taken on your device.

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2 months ago

Nexus 9 owners, your Android 5.1 OTA is rolling out now


No more waiting — Google says that an Android 5.1 OTA is on its way to Nexus 9s.

After what felt like an expert-level troll sending out an Android 5.0.2 OTA to Nexus 9s on May 5, the official Nexus social media accounts have stated that a full-on Android 5.1 OTA is headed to the tablet.

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2 months ago

Cyanogen and Truecaller are partnering to build a new dialer app

Cyanogen Dialer

There's a new dialer app on the way for Cyanogen OS users, thanks to a partnership with Truecaller.

Smartphones have, for the most part, taken our ability to communicate and improved it dramatically. There are more ways to reach out to the rest of the world than ever before, and whether you're into text only, face to face video, or good old fashioned audio calls you can reach out with relatively little effort. There's one small piece of voice communication that has taken a backseat in this new generation of communication, due largely to carrier efforts to monetize the technology and users deciding they could live without it. Caller ID as a service has changed quite a bit from the days of the little LCD display next to your home phone, and the folks at Cyanogen have decided to work with one of the more impressive companies keeping this service alive today to implement an integrated solution in their next dialer app.

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2 months ago

The Android Central App is back in action, starting with a new update today!

Android Central app

A quick update, folks, on the state of the official Android Central app: We are still here!

We've taken a little bit of time away to break in a new developer, which is why we've been a little absent for the past few months. But we're happy to report that we're once again back in the development process. And that starts today with a new update that fixes a longstanding crash that would occur when you'd open a story from somewhere else (a Twitter link, Facebook, etc.) and then head straight into the comments. We've also tweaked a couple things visually.

But more important is that, yes, we're hard at work on completely new, Material Design-inspired version of the app. All the stories you know and love and news you've come to expect. All the discussion from our more than 2 million members in the forums. Videos. Podcasts. Contests. None of that's going anywhere.

So thanks again for your patience, and for all your feedback. And thanks for making our app what it is, and what it's going to become. Stay tuned!

Download the Android Central app!

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2 months ago

HTC Lock Screen gains Lollipop-style notifications and more, Sense Home gets improvements


Updates are available for both HTC Sense Home and HTC Lock Screen through Google Play, bringing some new functionality and other improvements.

HTC has pushed out updates for HTC Lock Screen and HTC Sense Home to Google Play. The updates not only fix some bugs, and enhance the performance, but also add new features as well. Recently we saw HTC rebrand Blinkfeed to Sense Home, and this update just brings some improvements.

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2 months ago

Inside Firefox for Android

Firefox for Android

Mozilla's version of an open browser is one of your better options on Android, especially if you are into flexibility and choice.

While there's a certain appeal to having structured simplicity in a web browser — something that "just works" and doesn't have option and settings coming at you from every direction — the tradeoff is almost always the sacrifice of choice. You do things the way the app says, with little in the way of options or flexibility. The folks at Mozilla have been opposed to this method of software development for as long as most folks can remember, and their Firefox browser exists as an open, flexible, and powerful way to enjoy browsing the web.

Like many other popular desktop browsers, Firefox has a mobile counterpart. Firefox for Android exists to bring the same standards and principles that guide the desktop version on to Android, and while standards and principles are cool it turns out this is also a great mobile browser. Lets take a look.

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2 months ago

No, Project Fi will not destroy your Google Voice account

Project Fi

Google's MVNO project relies heavily on the same technology that makes Google Voice work, but you're not losing anything by using Fi.

News that Google was finally pushing Project Fi invites to a handful of people led to a whole lot of users asking those lucky enough to get in on the action what the experience was like. In doing so, a screenshot appeared that suggested using Project Fi meant destroying your Google Voice account. The dialogue box from the screenshot explains you can either bring your Google Voice number over to Project Fi, or you can use a different number with a caveat explaining your current Voice number will be released if you go with a different number.

If all you know about Project Fi and Google Voice comes from that one screenshot, there'd be plenty of reason to be concerned. Fortunately, after a quick chat with the folks at Google, we know things aren't nearly as dire as they seem.

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2 months ago

Games in Motion enhances exercise with the addition of missions on your wrist


Google is attempting to make working out a little better by adding some fun to the exercise.

Games in Motion is the latest set of sample code from Google that gives developers an idea of how to integrate additional Android Wear functionality to make working out a little better. Knowing that it can be hard to keep motivated on runs, Google is hoping that being able to complete missions while running will make it better.

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2 months ago

Inside Google Chrome for Android

Chrome for Android

It comes pre-loaded with just about everything Android nowadays, and with good reason.

Google has been changing the very nature of the web browser for a long time now. There are a lot of features we take for granted, both on mobile and desktop browsers, that exist because of Google Chrome. While the desktop version of Chrome is busy trying to be an entire platform that extends well beyond what we consider a web browser, Chrome for Android is a continued effort towards Google's vision for the modern web.

For some, that means a whole lot of unnecessary features that either need to be disabled immediately or is cause for choosing another browser. For other, it's the next step in how our mobile devices interact with the web. Let's take a look, and you can decide which kind of person you are.

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2 months ago

Inside Opera and Opera Mini


Whether it's more important that your browser get you where you're going as fast as possible or using as little data as possible, Opera has you covered.

Most people have used a version of the Opera browser without even realizing it. The company has been responsible for embedded, white-label browsers in hundreds of devices, and Opera has had that business sewn up for years because they are so good at building products that run on next to nothing when compared to the powerhouse smartphones and tablets so many of us rely on nowadays. With that in mind, there's a reasonable chance a company that can squeeze every drop of performance from a Nintendo DSi could make an amazing browser for the average Android device.

In point of fact, they make two. Opera and Opera Mini look and work similarly, but the underlying software targets two very different types of users.

Let's take a look.

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2 months ago

WeMo app update will bring IFTTT recipe support for connected LED bulbs


Belkin has announced an update to its WeMo app that brings IFTTT recipe support to its connected LED lightbulbs.

In the coming update, WeMo LED lightbulb users will be able to create IFTTT recipes for a wide variety of situations, such as turning the lights on when a user pulls into their driveway, or flashing the lights when you receive a tweet (yes, that's a thing).

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2 months ago

MyFitnessPal adds premium subscription option for $9.99 per month


Popular calorie-tracking app MyFitnessPal has launched a premium version of its service that brings an ad-free experience along with some added features.

MyFitnessPal Premium runs $9.99 per month, or $49.99 a year, and removes advertisements, adds premium content such as original recipes and meal plans, and lets subscribers jump ahead in line for customer support.

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