1 month ago

Evernote picks up new widgets to make capturing your thoughts even easier


Evernote has received a sizable update, bumping it up to version 7.2. Included in the update are a number of new widgets to make capturing your thoughts and notes easier right from the home screen. While Evernote has always had a widget, these new widget options expand upon the functionality, and make things even easier.

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1 month ago

Galaxy Note 5, S6 edge+ owners can get a free wallet case or wireless charger for adding card to Samsung Pay


Samsung's latest promotion scores Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ owners a new case or wireless charger for simply adding a new card to Samsung Pay. The new promotion, which is only good for a limited time, scores you your choice of accessory for simply adding a supported card to the app.

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1 month ago

Google is offering trip for four to Mexico City for new James Bond movie premiere to one lucky Android Pay user


Google is running a new promotion in an effort to push its Android Pay payment system. To enter, all you need to do is use Android Pay to tap and pay. Each day that you use Android Pay earns you an entry, and you can earn up to 18 entries during the contest period.

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1 month ago

New Samsung Pay ad focuses on just how easy it is to use


A new Samsung Pay ad shows you just how easy it is to use the service in everyday situations. One of the big advantages to Samsung Pay is its use of both NFC and MST, allowing it to be used without business owners having to upgrade anything on their terminals.

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1 month ago

Samsung Pay now open to all supported devices in the U.S. — check out all of our coverage!


After a quick month in an invite-only beta program, Samsung Pay is now available for everyone in the U.S. with a supported device. That means you'll need to have a Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+ or Note 5 to take advantage of the new mobile payment system.

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1 month ago

AC editors' apps of the week: Hill Climb Racing, Khan Academy and more


Our weekly app picks

Appday Sunday is one of our favorite parts of the week, because it means we can share something from our phone that makes us happy in one way or another. Sometimes it's a game one of us can't stop playing, other times it's an old app rediscovered due to to a new feature. Whatever the reason, each of us offers up something cool each week for you to consider checking out.

Here's what we've got for you this week!

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Jen Karner — Hill Climb Racing

I'm a sucker when it comes to fun and silly games I can play on my phone. Hill Climb Racing is actually one of my favorites. You play as a driver in one of several vehicles, and your goal is to climb hills. It sounds easy and it is, right up until it isn't. You have to gauge your gas, especially when you're dealing with ridiculously steep hills. There are over a dozen levels, and vehicles available, and each vehicle can be upgraded to make it more effective. During each level you'll earn coins, and those coins allow you to unlock new levels, and vehicles, along with upgrading your current ride.

Hill Climb Racing is a fun physics based game, and I shudder to think of how much time I've spent with it at this point. I've never 'beat' a single level, and the upgrades or changes in vehicle make each level more challenging as you go. While you can spend real money to buy coins for your upgrades, I've never needed to. Grinding through a level a few times will give you plenty of coins to purchase what you'll need. As far as physics based games go, this is one of my favorites — and it's absolutely free.

Download: Hill Climb Racing (Free)

Jared DiPane — Mopar Drag N Brag

I'm not a huge gamer, and when I do find something that strikes me it's usually something I can pick up and put down, without having to really put much thought into it. I don't want to have to hit a save point, or worry about needing to stop and my progress disappears. Mopar Drag N Race is a drag racing game, that is quite simple.

You warm up the tires on the way to the start line, then you try to react as quick as possible when the light turns green, and keep your car in your lane. There isn't much to it, but it is filling the void of my 10 minutes of downtime here and there. Like most car games, you earn money, buy mods, and things get harder as you go along. Give it a shot, and let us know what you think.

Download: Mopar Drag N Brag (Free)

Andrew Martonik — Samsung Level

If you're using any of Samsung's Level Bluetooth audio products, you'll want to have the simple Samsung Level app installed. While it isn't required — you can can just use any of these accessories as regular Bluetooth devices — you get lots of extra features from the app.

You can use the Samsung Level app to manage connections between multiple Level devices, as well as determine how notifications come into the headphones when in use. You can set the headphones to read your notifications, vibrate (when available) and select only essential apps (calls, texts, alarms) to come through. You also get notifications when the headphones are connected or disconnected, and a battery status indicator.

A final feature is a neat one — with headphones connected, you'll get a permanent notification with up to four of your favorite media apps to launch quickly. It'll disappear once your headphones disconnect.

Download: Samsung Level (Free)

Alex Dobie — Star Music Tag Editor

If you juggle between streaming music and good old-fashioned MP3s, chances are you've encountered the need to change your files' ID3 tags — the metadata that holds album and track names, genres, album art and more. It's easy enough to do this on a PC or Mac, but that involves plugging in, transferring over files and other headaches. Star Music Tag Editor is lets you do all this directly from your phone. You can easily find files by location, album or even time, and change things to match the rest of your library. Best of all, it's free, though there is an option to remove ads through an in-app purchase.

Download: Star Music Tag Editor (Free)

Russell Holly — Khan Academy

Every day is a school day for me. I never stop learning something. Surrounded by all of the other AC editors all the time, that's not surprising, but beyond the daily dose of Android there's always something new to be learned. It's one of the big reasons I've always enjoyed Khan Academy. It's something simple my kids and I can use together, and the sheer volume of segments you can pull from makes it an impressive resource for anyone. On my phone, however, it means I can read while waiting in line for something instead of getting sucked in to yet another game.

Download: Khan Academy (Free)

Richard Devine — Weather Timeline

Weather apps are plentiful and I'm the first to admit I'm a kind of addict. I've tried so many and never once stuck with any of them for very long. Weather Timeline night finally be the one to put a stop to all that.

The data comes from either Forecast.io or a selection of other sources, and it's one of the nicest looking weather apps I've seen. It's a fully Material Design look and feel, displaying all the important data in a clear, concise timeline. As if that's not enough it also has an Android Wear watch face to tell you the time along with your full weather information.

Download: Weather Timeline ($.99)

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2 months ago

The GameOn Watch Face for Android Wear is all about distractions


When it comes to watch faces on Android Wear there really is something out there for everyone. If you constantly rely on games to fill the time, checking out the GameOn Watch Face is probably a good idea. This analog faces launches directly into a simple but addictive game guaranteed to take up your extra time.

Let's take a look.

The GameOn Watch Face is interesting and a bit different than most of the offerings you'll find on the Google Play Store. That's because it's a game and a watch face, in a single app. There aren't any options here, nothing to tweak or prod. It's a simple face with a fun game built in that's great when you want to waste a few minutes.

The watch face is analog, with two white hands to tell time. There aren't any numerals or indicators around the sides of the screen here. Instead you get a background of rolling purple mountains, and green grass with a small animated goat who sort of roams back and forth. At the top of the screen you'll see your game high score in white.

To play the game, all you need to do is tap the screen and the watch hands will fade away. Your only control is a single tap which, will make your goat jump from the top to the bottom of the screen. This game is a side scroller, your goal is to avoid the obstacles on your screen by jumping between the ceiling and floor. Carrots and pumpkins give you in game boosts, while running into fences or being eaten by giant lions, will end your turn. It's a super simple premise, and honestly the simplicity is what makes it fun.

If you're looking for something fun and not too serious, then you should definitely be checking out the GameOn Watch Face. It's available now for the awesome price of free, which means there's no loss if you try it out and aren't a fan. It's a fun and simple watch face, and that's what makes it great. Let us know in the comments below if you're a fan!

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2 months ago

Given the choice, should I use Android Pay or Samsung Pay?

Android Pay and Samsung Pay

If you have the choice, which mobile payment setup should you go with?

We've given you a comprehensive look at the differences between Android Pay and Samsung Pay, but that doesn't necessarily answer the question of which you should use. Though both mobile payment solutions do many of the same basic things, there are several factors influencing which one you go with in the end. We're going to help you decide.

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2 months ago

Telling time is a colorful affair with the Primary Colors watch face on Android Wear


There are Watch faces on Android Wear that stand out as something seriously unique. Some of them require a healthy relationship with binary, while others rely on simple glance memorization to help you get the time. Among the ranks of the latter is Primary Colors Watch Face, and it really does stand out. With a colorful twist on how to tell time, it's also got a few customization features to make sure it displays to your satisfaction.

Let's take a look.

Primary Colors is a default black background with bright cones of color that appear where 12, 3, 6, and 9 would usually appear. The colors that appear within the cones can't be adjusted, but different colors dominate at different periods of the day or when you switch between the 12 and 24 hour mode. There really isn't much to see here, and you can tell that it's a specific design choice. It works well too, telling time using colors without anything else displayed on your smartwatch screen. It's a fantastic watch face for anyone who enjoys something with a futuristic flair, without being weighed down in customization options.

You do get access to a few features that can adjust the ways things look by using your smartphone. There aren't many options, and all of them retain the clean and minimal look that helps to define this watch face. You can change the background, switch between 12 or 24 hour mode, and give a digital readout of the time. There is also a toggle switch to turn a demo mode on and off, which helps to show you how the colors on your smartwatch tell the time.

Reading the time using just the intended method of the colored cones is mostly something you have to teach yourself to do at a glance. Out of the box it can be a bit pesky. Each cone counts as an hour and will slowly fill with color to show the passing of time. This is not ideal to begin with since there are only 4 cones, which can make it difficult to tell what time it is later in the evening. The color that fills them helps to denote what time it is, both by how full the cone is and the color which is linked to a particular hour. It's not particularly efficient, or easy to read. You can view the demo mode on your smartwatch which will show the various colors and passage of time at an advanced rate, to give you a visual example. Overall the colors aren't a great way to tell the time, and we'd suggest enabling the digital time readout at first.

If you've been looking for something futuristic, and different for your watch face, then make sure you check out the Primary Colors watch face. It's available now for free on the Google Play Store and might be worth your time. It's not necessarily going to be a great choice for everyone, but if you're in the market for something really different, this could be it. Are you a fan of the Primary Color watch face, or do you prefer something more traditional when you check your smartwatch?

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2 months ago

What's the difference between Android Pay and Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay and Android Pay

Google and Samsung both want to handle your mobile payments, and each has its benefits.

Well this is all pretty confusing, isn't it? If you have a Samsung phone in the U.S. chances are you have two new apps on your phone — Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. Well, you have an Android phone from Samsung so we suppose that makes sense, but while these apps both aim to do the same thing — handle your mobile payments — they aren't actually related in any way. On the other side of things if you don't have a Samsung phone but you're starting to see plenty of advertising for Samsung Pay, you may be confused as to why you can't have it.

We're here to clarify the situation, explain the differences between these two payment platforms and help you choose which one to use and care about.

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2 months ago

Google Keep makes its way to the iPhone and iPad


Google released its Keep note-taking app for iPhone and iPad today, adding yet another Google app to the company's slate of cross-platform offerings.

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2 months ago

Netflix and Twitch make their way to Samsung Gear VR


Samsung's Gear VR is about to get some more media streaming options, as both Twitch and Netflix will be making their way to the headset. Following the announcement of an all-new Gear VR headset, it was announced that both Netflix and Twitch will be making their way to the Gear VR store this afternoon.

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2 months ago

Truedialer is adding a busy dot, letting you know when other users are around


The team behind Truedialer have been trying to change the way we look at the one app most people don't really think about, and so far the results have been impressive. Truedialer replaces the outdated notion of a Caller ID with realtime information about interactions with spam numbers, relevant information for callers while the call is coming in, and a slick interface for replacing the dialer that came with your phone.

Today the Truedialer folks are leveraging their huge userbase to roll out a new live busy signal feature, making it so you know another Truedialer user is available before you place the call.

The new update to the Truedialer app keeps an eye on your current status, which you'll see reflected as a green dot when you're completely available. If your calendar has an event where you've indicated you don't want to be disturbed, or you've got No Interruptions enabled on your phone, that status light will be red. This status light can be seen by other Truedialer users with your number, so when they go to call you that indicator will appear next to your name as a clear warning you aren't around.

If you need to reach someone as soon as they are available, Truedialer has a button for that.

If you need to reach someone as soon as they are available, Truedialer has a button for that. You can now ask to be notified when someone's notification light goes from red to green, letting you know they are ready to receive calls.

If you're already a Truedialer user, expect this update to start rolling out today. After having used the app for a couple of days now, the new features work exactly as advertised. The only thing missing is some kind of filter, a way to make it so you appear available to a select group of friends and family when you aren't available to everyone else, but it's not as though the feature stops calls from coming in so it's not a huge need out of the box. If you've been looking for more out of your dialer or contacts manager, Truedialer is worth a closer look.

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2 months ago

Samsung Pay app updated with interface improvements, new screen-off activation mode


Samsung has just sent out an update to its Samsung Pay app (to version 1.3.1716) for those currently using the service in beta, adding a few useful interface improvements. Notably, the app has received some visual polish, which lines up well with its expansion out of beta in less than a week on September 28.

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2 months ago

Facebook users on Android will soon see 360-degree videos in their News Feed


Facebook is adding support for 360-degree videos in its News Feed. The feature is rolling out first for web-based users along with the Facebook Android app, with iOS support due "in the coming months."

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