comScore just took the wraps off its data for the first quarter of 2012, and it confirms what we’ve been seeing over the past few months: in the U.S., Samsung and Android are the manufacturer and mobile OS to beat. Samsung maintains its lead with 26% of the total mobile headset market share, up from 25.3% in Q4 2011. That 0.7 of a percentage point might have been taken directly from LG, who at 19.3% of the market share is down from 20% last year. Rounding out the top five are Apple, Motorola, and HTC at 14%, 12.8%, and 6% respectively, with only Apple seeing a gain from last quarter. This is the first time in a few quarters that HTC appears in the data, as Q1 marks its surpassing RIM in total market share. It should be noted that comScore measures all mobile handsets, including "dumb" phones.

On the OS side, not much has changed in terms of ranking. Android has gained 3.7 percentage points, up to 51% of total smartphone market share. iOS gained too, up to 30.7%, with RIM, Microsoft, and Symbian at 12.3%, 3.9%, and 1.4% respectively. This quarter marks yet another loss for the Blackberry manufacturer, down 3.7 points from Q4 2011.

As for usage, 74.3% of U.S. smartphone owners sent text messages on their devices, while 50% downloaded apps and 49.3% browsed the web. Social networking is used by 36.1% of total users, while games and music are used by 32.6% and 25.3% respectively. A full breakdown of all the data can be found at the source.

Source: comScore


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comScore's Q1 2012 data shows that Samsung and Android are still sitting pretty


Just bumped up the #'s for HTC a bit with my pre-order of the One X. Got it through Radio Shack for $49.99 as an upgrade to the primary line on a Family Plan. Woot!!


Whoa, Apple surging? Only Samsung and Apple making any overall headway.

Things will be different when the figures include the HTC One figures and the Samsung GIII figures next quarter.

Those manufacturer numbers are misleading in that both Apple and Samsung's growth is coming from dumbphone upgraders, but while Samsung is already an enormous manufacturer of dumbphones, and therefore is converting many of its current customers (and not changing it's overall marketshare in the process) Apple doesn't have a dumbphone business, so every new iPhone is a net win for Apple. And upgrades are a net-win for Sammy, too, as smartphones carry a much higher margin than dumbphones.

Doesn't Samsung make most or at least part of the components in the iPhone? It's kind of a Samsung win all around.

There was so much conflicting information during the last week or two or earnings reporting. And the fact that it was capped by that MONSTER Apple earnings number set the tenor of much of the discussion that followed. Android is still winning. Don't worry.

You are exactly right.
Apple selling their phones so high priced compared to their cost of production that they are getting filthy rich from all the fanboys lining up to over pay for mediocre technology. And who takes it in the shorts? The carriers.

But more to the point, there is a steady patter of Apple press releases re-written to look like news. Anytime a good android article is posted by any news site, 3 or 4 Apple ones will follow indicating doom and gloom by apple.

Just look at Google News for a few days and you can see this trend.

I'm convinced Apple has put its whole advertising budget into planting press stories by lapdog reporters. Then they AstroTurf the hell out of those story links to game the google news selection engine.

I assume that the LG, Samsung, and Motorola numbers are significantly helped by their large share of the dumbphone market, so it's impressive for HTC to have broken into the top 5 with a portfolio of only smartphones.

When Apple claims number one iOS, I assume they are including iPod numbers as well as iPods are also on iOS? What am I missing? Why do I hear Apple is number one, is it just marketing? Just curious. Need logical ammo for my pro Android arguments.

They probably do include iPods and iPads, which is fair because as far as a revenue stream, they probably actually make more on iPod apps/music after sales of the devices.

I agree it is fair within the overall OS numbers, just not specific smartphone arguments.

I am not anti Apple, just prefer Android. I get tired of hearing the incredible vs garbage comparison arguments.