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It's not all doom and gloom in the Android world. Comscore just released its findings for the three months ending in May, and they are as follows:

  • Samsung's is the top overall mobile manufacturer at 25.7 percent. LG's second at 19.1 percent. That's counting smartphones and non-smartphones, however. Apple's third at 15 percent (the largest gainer with a 1.5 percentage point increase over February), followed by Motorola (which has more than a few non-smartphones) at 12 percent, and HTC at 6.1 percent.
  • Google's still well in the lead for total smartphone subscribers, at 50.9 percent. Apple's second at 31.9 percent, and it again was the highest gainer at 1.7 percentage points. (Android grew about half that.) BlackBerry fell 2 percentage points to 11.4 percent, and Microsoft's Windows Phone showed just 0.1 percentage points of growth, to 4 percent even.

We'll be looking for Android's numbers to take a pretty big bump maybe not in the June findings, but certainly July, as the Galaxy S III is finally hitting stores.

Source: Comscore


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Comscore: Samsung top mobile manufacturer, Android top platform


My thoughts exactly. Wthell?!? Their phones are constantly bashed by customers AND cell phone store employees! Unless these phones are given away as incentive offers at the time of contract signings, this makes no sense.

Top does not mean best so let's not get too carried away, doesn't matter to me if Android had 98% or 20% market share

"best" will always be an opinion so we can only draw factual data from numbers. in this case more people bought Android than any other platform. decipher however you please.

Actually market share DOES matter to you, even if you don't believe it does.

Market share determines where the big money for research and development goes.

Most people don't realize what a total tour de force the arrival of Android was. When a totally new system arrives out of nowhere to unseat the big players in 4 years flat, it is a major accomplishment, and not something that can be done without big money backing. You are not likely to see that again in your lifetime.

It REALLY should matter.

Take a look at all the apps you like to use. I guarantee it if Android were 20% or less a lot of those would never have made it to Android. You think Instagram would be on devices at 20% You think EA would develop games? Would your favorite retailer have an app? Would there be a twitter client worth a damn?

As a consumer, I think the best possible split would be something like Android/iPhone/MS 34/33/33 (giving the edge to Android because I like it more). This would keep everyone on their toes, no one is dominating the entire market, and app developers and hardware accessory manufacturers have to pay attention to everyone.

If any platform had a stranglehold over everyone else, it would be a very sad place for a consumer to be.

These numbers are not representative of NYC that's for sure. Take any sample of a subway car, its 80% Apple all the way. Not that it matters, but quite interesting how demographics can change city to city.

I agree with all the apple users in NYC, from what I have seen at least. God I love walking into a room full of apple slaves with my galaxy note lol. Good times. Android ftw.