comscore index shows big Android growth

The Comscore results for May 2010 are in, and it comes as no surprise that Android is still skyrocketing towards the top spot in US smartphone market share.  While ALL other platforms show a loss, Android comes in with another big jump of 4 percentage points and now has reached a double digit share of 13 percent, just a hair shy of Microsoft's 13.4 percent and poised to take the third spot overall. 

The chart speaks for itself -- Android grows while the others fall.  The biggest drop was from the Microsoft camp (down 1.9 points), followed by Apple with a 1 point drop.  A few months ago we asked if Android's rise was a fluke based on the sales of the Droid, and I think we can safely say no, we have that friggin' movement we hoped for on our hands.  And before anyone starts shouting "iPhone 4 wasn't out, yada yada", remember that users upgrading from one phone to another on the same platform do not contribute to growth -- this is all new users we're seeing.  I'm sure our Google overlords are pleased, and so am I.  [Comscore]


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Comscore for May 2010 in -- Android gains 4 points, hits double digits


First off you're right. 77% of iPhone buyers in those launch figures are upgrades and don't count towards market share. But then so what.....let them say it. These numbers technically don't even count the Incredible since its not available. Nor do they count the coming Droid X and all of the Galaxy S phones. Does it even count the Evo?

Fact is more people are buying Android devices now. Any dev or company still ignoring Android are foolish at this point. I think these numbers are going to pull in even more apps now. The rate is undeniable. By the end of the year Android may very well have a bigger share than iPhone.

It may be a bigger market than the iPhone, but that still doesn't mean that developers that ignore it are fools.

Maybe I should have been more clear. I mean those that still think its not going anywhere and not worth developing for.

I'm with AMWMEDIA; that's the first thing I looked at.... Did the losses from the non-Android platforms equal the gains for Google/Android? The answer is a resounding YES!

Kudos to Google.

I, for one, do believe the launch of the Droid phone is what propelled Android forward. It has the one thing Linux has been missing: marketing. Google, itself, has been low-key about Android, but Verizon gave it a shot in the arm. Now, people know about Android, and the market for the devices will gain momentum, as the iPhone still clings to a mediocre network that's overpriced for the quality of the network itself.

I think RIM's days are numbered. The main reason it still clings onto so much marketshare is because of business use. With the onslaught of Droids, that should diminish quite considerably. Blackberry simply isn't flexible enough to compete.

It would be interesting to see the numbers for Rim separated into business and non-business users. Non-business user figures might have dropped even more.

RIMs going to be losing a lot more percentage points this quarter as people end their 2 year agreements with the Storm 1 and get the Droid X

The interesting thing here is not that Android is growing, but that it is starting to grow at Apple's expense.

Android has been growing fast all along, but Apple has always been moving up as well, with both platforms growing a Nokia/Rim expense.

This is the first time Android has been shown to be making an impact on Apple.

Admittedly these figures are Pre iPhone4 launch, but that also means they are Pre Android announcements of the last 4-5 weeks, and the current iPhone disasters.

People will look back in future years and identify this as the tipping point.

This is awesome news. To add to the pain for Apple, the recent departure of iPhone 3gs means that people are looking for new, innovative alternatives. Simply because iPhone 4 is already behind on launch date (except for screen resolution), June numbers are likely to be even more dramatic. Even more so, the numbers will fall more exponentially for Apple. When people stop using iPhone 3gs, they are likely not to continue to iPhone 4, which is worse than Evo or X. With better Android phones out every month and Apple's inevitable lag for hardware upgrades, there's no way out of the hole.

Android has more support for more phone hardware companies. This means greater speed in innovation in hardware and with Google's already speedy firmware innovation, it only means a lot better phones than Apple can dish out.