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Research firm comScore has just released its quarterly U.S. smartphone market share numbers, and as expected Android is leading the charge. Comparing Q4 2012 numbers to those of Q3, Android saw a 0.9 percentage point increase in share to 53.4-percent of the total smartphone market. Apple held down the second place spot at 36.3-percent, up 2.0 percentage points. BlackBerry and Windows Phone held down third and fourth, both declining in their share of the market.

Breaking down the numbers from a manufacturer perspective, Apple is still in the lead with the aforementioned 36.3-percent, with Samsung in second at 21-percent, which is up 2.3 percentage points. The next three round out to HTC at 10.2-percent, Motorola at 9.1-percent and LG at 7.1-percent. Both HTC and Motorola lost market share in the quarter.

If you haven't yet speculated about which smartphone OEM will come out on top in 2013, be sure to let us know what you're thinking in this week's sidebar poll. You may have a better idea of which to vote for now after seeing these numbers. Stick around after the break to see chart breakdowns of the top spots in both categories.

Source: comScore

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comScore: Android market share in US increases slightly in Q4 to 53.4-percent


Great to see Android marketshare in a comfortable lead.

Interesting to see that both Apple and Samsung marketshare has increased...should make 2013 a good year for a competitive shootout, with Samsung coming out on top.

No sympathy for microsoft. Windows phone 8 is dire and deserves to flop badly (as it's doing).

You would have to be a totally clueless numpty to buy Any microsoft hardware given their abysmal training to record.

I'm still sick of seeing allllllllll these damn IPhones everywhere I go.
There's so many out there, it's like a cult!!!

Worse... as in higher market share for Apple? Even if a vast majority of T-Mobile subscribers all of a sudden started using the iPhone (well over 2 million currently are already), it wouldn't drastically sway the numbers. T-Mobile doesn't have that huge of a customer base.

One of the things driving I phones sales is the the built in ipod. So if you had an ipod before it only makes sense to dump it for an all in one device. Ipod sales are down and iphones are up. I would like to see what effect the Z10 will have for BlackBerry when ever it comes to the US.

Samsung will be number 1 again with the GS4 and Note 3.Just you wait. Not sure Why Apple is ahead of Samsung when they have better phones and just a better company than Apple.

Americans are morons. In every other country in the world Apple is way down the list and the worldwide numbers Apple is about 13%. America is full of fat idiots who watch really bad TV and like really crappy things. BTW I am also American. I know not all Americans are like this but a huge majority really are disgusting idiots.

Reading Comprehension Fail. It takes 3 manufacturers to be 10% larger. And when you think about it, Android manufacturers in essence compete against each other. There are not many consumers that if it weren't for (HTC, LG, Moto) would only then not choose android and would choose iOS. While it could be said that Samsung is the exception there. Last Point, marketing budgets make these phones and that's why the galaxy is incredibly successful, without money it's ignorant to think 5 companies could equal one Apple or Samsung.