Google Now already provides a ton of voice-activated functionality like sending messages or initiating calls, but a new app called Commandr aims to take that one step further. With it, you can toggle Wi-Fi, GPS, the camera LED light, and just about anything else you want through Tasker integration. This is done by turning Commandr into your default note-taking application, so when you initiate with "Ok Google" like usual and you say "note to self", you're actually issuing a command to Commandr.

Strictly speaking, the commands available natively are through Google Voice Search; Google Now just extends search to predictive results and cards based on your usage, and Commandr should work fine with Google Now disabled. Though Commandr's solution is a bit roundabout, and it can be tedious saying "note to self" every time you want to do something hands-free, of the options available this is the most painless. Plus, it's timely since the doors have recently been flung open to offer "Ok Google" triggers on every screen.

I've played around a little with this sort of stuff and it's possible to issue custom Google Now commands without doing a "note to self" beforehand, but you need root access, then get the Xposed framework with the Google Search API module installed, then install Tasker, then AutoVoice, then start programming in your commands. There's a run-down here if you're feeling adventurous.

If you'd rather not trudge through all that, hit up the Commandr app above and let us know what you think.


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Commandr app adds even more device control to Google Now


It'd be great if this was correct! Unfortunately it's not.

Did the same thing with me and not only have I "trained" Google now, I have an English accent. It just doesn't differentiate that well.

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Plus, none of this has anything to do with Google Now, it is Google Search/Voice Commands. I have Google Now turned off and just tested it.

Same thing happened to me. I did the training and I sound nothing like the guy in the video.... More like Rilo from the Cleveland Show. I thought it was hilarious.

I am using a new program called "Utter". It is an elegant solution. Highly recommended. Cooperates well with Google Now. Greatly expands touchless control.
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True. Better to call it beta than new, I suppose. (Lots of programs seem to be in permanent beta though, don't they?)
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>"Google Now already provides a ton of voice-activated functionality like sending messages or initiating calls,"

But you can do that with Google voice Search (including "note to self") with Google Now turned off... "Now" is not required (nor even wanted, for some of us). So are we talking about Google voice search or Google Now? They are not the same thing...

Google Now improves on it to an extent tho, doesn't it index your contacts for more precise matching or is that option part of the standard search options?

It seems to be a common confusion- that it is Google Now that provides the service when it seems it isn't. Unfortunately, all it takes is a few articles like this one to cement the confusion. Honestly, I don't know the correct terminology for it, but shouldn't you change the title and body from "Google Now" to "Google Voice Commands" or something?

That is not Google Now, it is Google Voice Search/Commands. I have Google Now turned off and just tested it.

Maybe its just me, but talking to my phone feels awkward, especially when the phone doesn't get it on the first try. Saying something, even once, takes longer than the usual 2 or so taps to do all this stuff anyway. Voice command stuff really only comes in handy for me for not so common multi step stuff, like, "dial best buy in cherry creek Colorado". But turning on a flashlight, or having tasker do something is much easier in my opinion with swipepad or swapps.

I just grabbed Commandr and set it up on a note pro (in case device used is an issue) and unless I speak, and to me, over pronounce each word perfectly it doesn't take. I can't remember if I did the Google voice training on this machine, do you folks think that is why it balks Sometimes?

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