Comcast Android app

Update: Not so much. The app's been pushed to January.

This morning we showed you the first shots of the Android version of Comcasts's Xfinity app, but we didn't have a date for when it may be released. Judging by the pic you see here, it might be as soon as Friday. And the breakdown of features includes:

  • E-mail inbox
  • Voicemail
  • Universal Address book
  • TV listings/guide
  • On Demand
  • myDVR Manager
  • Videos on demand

You know how these app releases go -- we'll see it when we see it.  But it looks like we may see it this week. Submitted via the Android Central App.


Reader comments

Comcast's Android app coming Friday?


Does On Demand include current TV shows that happen to be airing at that time? How do these features compare to the iPhone version. Anything missing?

I hope it's not a POS like most Comcast stuff. Voicemail, DVR manager and On Demand to the phone? That all sounds worthwhile, and may be enough for me to not cut the phone off. LOL.

Can't wait to control my dvr through my phone. So I can delete shows I've watched at other people's house.