Coffee date with Google's Eric Schmidt will cost a pretty penny, but it's all for a good cause

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt is offering to give 30 minutes of his time in New York City to the highest bidder via an online auction where the proceeds will go to charity.

The effort is being handled by the CharityBuzz website, which also facilitated a similar auction earlier this year for Apple CEO Tim Cook that ultimately raised over $330,000. The money for this new auction that someone will pay to take up half an hour of Schmidt's time will go towards the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, which helps supports young artists.

There's still 15 days to go before the auction ends but so far the effort's top bid is "just" $8,000. That's much lower than the $50,000 estimate of the worth of Schmidt's time shown on the site. The winning bid will actually allow two people to visit with one of the top executives at Google so perhaps you and a friend could combine resources in order to get the top bid.

If you could managed to get enough money to win this auction, what do you think you would talk about with Schmidt during your 30 minute chat with him?

Source: CharityBuzz


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Coffee date with Google's Eric Schmidt will cost a pretty penny, but it's all going to a good cause


I thought Schmidt was replaced by Page as CEO. What does he still do at Google?

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That was when the Moto X wasn't released yet, I can assure you he 100% is not using a Motorola device anymore.

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I'd spend the 30 minutes repeating "Start the Android Silver program" over and over and over and over until he agreed to support it.And if there was any time left I would ask him to discuss his favorite interest with me (try it even with someone you know, the insight into the individual can be amazing and interesting).

1) Stop removing useful features from apps people have been using forever
2) Not everything has to be changed just for change's sake
3) Why can't I choose the artist's picture on the artist page of Google All Access?
4) Stop being evil by breaking apps

Well I hope he will pay for the coffee. I'd just want to know exactly what I could do to land a role in working for Google, what are they looking to do with future products, can I get a free Nexus 8, and ask that they keep the price very low for the Nexus 6.

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