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There is absolutely no doubt that Google Music is a fantastic service to have, if slightly limiting at times. The music stored in your cloud locker is only ever available to the official Google Music app which is frustrating for some. Oh for a world where Poweramp or Winamp could access all that music. Well that world is now, and Cloud Music Sniper can bring your music to your chosen music app. 

The previous incarnation was known as Google Music Sniper, but was suspended due to its name. The new version requires no root, and works by 'sniping' your offline synced music content and storing it in a new directory. This directory is then available to your alternative music player. The music is actually available to be taken off your device and used on your desktop computer. To the user it is as simple as firing up the app and following some on screen instructions. 

Cloud Music Sniper is still in the early stages, and the developers are known for constantly updating their apps, so there should be plenty more to come. If this sounds like something for you, it'll run you for $1.99/£1.26 in the Android Market. Download links can be found after the break. 

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Cloud Music Sniper brings your Google Music library to any music player


It costs $2 for a program that copies music from one directory to another? Thanks but I'll pass.

(For those wondering, go to /sdcard/Android/data/

True enough, but the files are numbers instead of the real name. I guess the value here is that it matches these files with their real name so you can make sense of them instead of 193.mp3, 113.mp3, etc.

I really wish Google would open up an API for gmusic so that developers could build some rockin apps. I sorely need a library management app that gives more features than currently available.

" is actually available to be taken off your device and used on your desktop computer."

This should be the FIRST requirement for any music player.

My issue is the converse... the 800+ mp3's I've copied to my G-Nex are automatically scrambled into "album art" sequences by Google Music, with half of the files being dropped into an "unknown artist" category, eg Mozart and Ella Fitzgerald.

I'm all about sorting and creating playlists. The Goog-app is totally focused on selling me music. Bah!

I really do wish I could could access Gmusic via Poweramp, but for Streaming as well.
So beyond the name is Google likely to take issue with what they are doing? Do I still need to pin my music via the official app? (I guess I assume that's so)

ummmm, thats not worth $1.26.
I can do that on my own, the idea is NOT to have to store music on my device. This just replicates the need for gmusic to being with.


I thought this app would recognize the Cache folder (with real song names instead of numbers) and NOT have to copy and paste the songs to a different folder.