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App is free, but $4.99 license removes ads and limit on video length

AllCast, the no-root, cast-all-the-things app from ClockworkMod developer Koushik Dutta, has finally made its way into Google Play. The gist is that with the app you'll be able to stream your local pics and video to a number of devices, including Roku, Apple TV, the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Samsung and Panasonic TVs, Google TV and other DNLA-enabled devices.

Chromecast, still locked down by Google, isn't yet supported.

There's a $4.99 premium unlock key that removes ads and splashscreens — as well as the limit on video length.

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I wonder how large the dump-truck full of cash Google would need to pull up to Koushes house to get him to just come work for Google.

eahinrichsen says:

I'm not sure how much more they'd get out of him than they do now, for free.

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troyboytn says:

Ummm yeah, I don't think they need him at Google, if they didn't already have superior minds working there, he would already be in Google's employement.

ConTejas says:

Yeah, that's some sound logic there buddy...

Ever stop to think that just maybe he makes WAY more than Google is willing to offer him and does whatever he likes whenever he likes to do it? I'm a huge fan of Google inside and outside of Android, but you're a fool if you think they have all the "superior minds" lol.

brendilon says:

If Google wanted him, I seriously doubt money would be an issue. The likelihood that he makes "WAY more" than Google could offer is simply absurd. The value for him of maintaining his personal flexibility is likely much more of a factor.
Not to mention the earlier poster who pointed out that Google is seeing the benefit of his work without paying a single cent for it.

wsmather says:

I THINK (trust) that TroyBoyTN was being sarcastic.

briankurtz79 says:

Why won't it work with a ps3? Am I doing something wrong?

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sftsang says:

If you follow Koush on G+, he said they already tried earlier on this year (it was a lunch meeting) to offer him a job, but he turned them down.

jpr says:

After seeing the extremely low quality of his work in this app, no one would want him if he paid them to work there. Yes, I know his history but this app is really sloppy, shoddy, unexcusably low quality. He's lucky he's got his own company to work for - anyone else would have fired him for this.

brendilon says:

Also worth mentioning he has halfway developed other apps in the past and then essentially abandoned them. And $5 for this app is frankly a ripoff.

baul0010 says:

Will it eventually work with chromecast?

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cigar3tte says:

You couldn't even read an article that short?

vader88 says:

His question isn't answered in the article. Although it is answered at the source: "Chromecast support coming someday. I hope."

mwara244 says:

Google said in another article , when releasing ten more apps supported by chromecast a week or so ago, that they plan on supporting a lot more apps in 2014. They would like the end goal, it sounded, to have their whole play store to be available for chromecast. It still seems they are polishing and working on it as they go along.

I haven't bought the chromecast yet, because it won't mirror my phone, and I doubt you'll ever play games on it because of the time delay to the screen. I've been thinking of getting the all share cast dongle instead, but it's twice the price but at least I can watch videos from the internet on it, and FREE tv shows like cw, nbc, cbs, abc and so on, because google wants you paying $2 a show from them which is probably why they are limiting the chromecast. I think that's also why they won't integrate flash into chrome for android too like the desktop, because phones could handle it with 1.2 ghz and 1 gb of ram like my gnex did. Now the average new phones has 2.3 and 2 gb rom equivalent to desktops.

udazavlanje says:


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troyboytn says:

Chromecast will have the same functionality for free in the coming months without the need this or any app.

rvandroid says:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but won't you need an app on your device to interact with Chromecast once it becomes compatible?

troyboytn says:

You are correct. Google is working closely with all device manufacturers (phone, streaming boxes, and TV) to include native Chromecast streaming in future devices as well as implementation such as an app etc, into current and older devices. The Android Chromecast app will soon be upgraded to be able to stream "any" media from and Android device as well, rendering this app useless for Chromecast users.

ConTejas says:

Please tell me you have a source link for this?

ScottJ says:

glazedfaith says:

Sure enough. Right there in plain English.

A895 says:

That website on mobile is quite gay.

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Anonne says:


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kjhud says:

My phone already does this? I got excited thinking it was something with the chrome cast and other apps

mattopotamus says:

wait....could I finally stream my android device to apple tv?

nhat says:

Yup it works. Tested it on my friend's AppleTV earlier today.

Taz89 says:

Would have been nice if you could stream YouTube videos to your dlna TV. Other apps do this but would have been nice if all cast could do it all.

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Suntan says:

Does this support the older Roku boxes or just the most recent?

Is their a Roku channel that is needed?


TonyHoyle says:

I never got it to work with my LT.. Just doesn't see it. Roku tends to not do anything unless you run an app though (can't even bring it out of screensaver mode without hitting the remote) so it's probably a streaming app I'm missing/not available in this country.

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TheDu9du says:

all i'm really hoping is that in the near future, Dropbox and Box get Chromecast support. That's all. RealPlayer has it already, but Realplayer sucks, and i don't wanna spend more time moving my stuff from one cloud to the other.

brendilon says:

You can play Dropbox content through Avia. It works quite well.

knahrvorn says:

Raspbmc on Raspberry Pi, anyone? Any experience?

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LB LB says:

What is the video limit, and how come it has this while the beta version didn't ?

rudyy50 says:

Tried this using my Roku 3, and while it showed still images fine, it will not play any videos. It just shows a narrow, vertical still-image swath of the video for 60 seconds but it doesn't play video or audio.
Too bad, a lot of his apps are nice, and I've bought several; not this one.

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rudyy50 says:

Apparently I was selecting the wrong video files to cast. I don't know how or why, but it works fine now, and now I'll buy it.

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cliffg#AC says:

Why local pics and video but not audio?

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SlappyMcgee says:

So this app lets you do what I could already do with my SGS3? Oh its just the Samsung Allshare Cast App.

edk49 says:

Contrary to popular (your) belief, there are more than just Samsung devices out here in the real world.

sentinelred says:

So basically you download or purchase the app and hope that Google eventually frees up Chromecast? Has Google said anything about their plans to release the APIs?

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bmidd says:

Works perfectly on SN2. Pairs right up with all 3 of my Samsung TV's, plays 60 seconds of HD video. Will spend the $4.99 for the key.

jpr says:

This app is horrible. Can't believe he would even put this out. It doesn't play any video at all on my Samsung Smart TV and the picture gallery is a jumbled mess. It's like a six year made it. I already have other free apps that do everything this is supposed to do and does it well and also play music and connect to my media server and other things. This app is a huge FAIL!

Twonky Beam lets you send local content and UPnP content to your DLNA device for free.

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DataHawg says:

Anyone tried streaming to a Samsung blu ray player?

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wsmather says:

Anyone yet tried it with their Panasonic Smart TV?

wsmather says:

Just tried it on my Panasonic smart TV, and it works beautifully! What is unexpected and most welcome, is that it works out-of-the-box for "TV Portal". That by itself is fantastic! Thanks, Koush.

wsmather says:

And it also works with VideoMix.

gotzaDroid says:

Not worth it until it'll cast to chromecast. My LG smart TV and my N5 already support miracast, so no need for this. Once chromecast is supported, I'll give them 10 bucks for it.

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