Samsung Nexus S

The Nexus S has arrived on Cincinnati Bell, according to the regional carrier’s website. Customers can grab Samsung’s pure-Google device for $150 on a two year contract or for $300 without commitment, though either way you’ll have to send in those pesky mail-in rebates. Keep in mind that this Nexus S is the 3G model and therefore will not support the carrier’s “4G” bands. Regardless, a phone as solid as this on a regional carrier is certainly worth getting excited about. Hit the source link for CB’s purchase page.

Source: Cincinnati Bell; Thanks, Josh!

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radgatt says:

Nice offering for a regional carrier...

zorrillaj says:

Will this work on AT&T? For $300 without contract it's not a bad deal. Given the bands it has, it seems like it would do 3G on AT&T.

mjneid says:

Cincinnati Bell and T-Mobile share the same HSPA Bands.

zorrillaj says:

So it would work on T-Mobile 3g but not on AT&T?

mjneid says:


I live in Cincinnati, and actually use C-Bell as my DSL carrier. And i know people using the HTC G2 on cincinnati bell's network.

ajandroid says:

I believe it would only do Edge network. Yuck=P

jdm4u says:

Wow their no contract price is cheaper than t-mobile version. hmmm...

mjneid says:

keep in mind you will have SIM unlock it.

ajandroid says:

My wife has been using her Nexus S on Cincinnati Bell just about since they came out. I brought my Nexus 1 over at the same time and it's worked great. My only fear is how the next Nexus handset is going to be handled with all the uncertainty of the T-Mobile situation (since they use the same as Cincinnati Bell). I hope they still release one for those bands that my N1 and NS use, but that seems a long shot at this point...

uansari1 says:

So is this the i9020T or the i9023?! I want to know if it's the SLCD or SAMOLED. Amazing price, considering I just bought a used one off XDA for $290. :-/

Edit: Description says SAMOLED...

mrjlwilliams says:

Nexus S is the best Android phone I ever owned.

mgsfoxhound2 says:

90% of all galaxy s phones are the best, most of them have the SGX 540 GPU in them ( which is the best GPU on the market)