There are seven days in a week. No so coincidentally, we've got seven brand-new Chromecasts just sitting here, waiting for good homes. And we also have the Netflix three-month-free discount codes that go with them.

So, yeah. Let's give 'em away. One a day, actually, starting now. This one's open to anyone and everyone. Just leave a comment on this post through midnight Pacific time tonight. We'll pick a winner first thing Monday morning and contact 'em by e-mail.

And while you're at it, be sure to swing by our Chromecast forums, and be on the lookout for our full take on Chromecast in the next couple days.

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harle83 says:

Phil, you spoil us with your kindness. Thank you.

elementur says:

Chromecast please

slicknj232 says:

I would love to get one!

Kevin Hicks says:

I wanted one but they're sold out everywhere :-(

blackstar329 says:

You guys are the best!!!

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Pick me!!!!

SeaMonster says:

I won't whine about USB power ...

Ho12nyGuy says:

Yes, please. Thanks

Roses are red, violets are blue, Chromecast looks awesome, and so are you

robrirk says:


rpmm70 says:

It would be awesome to win this.

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Sonkway says:


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apalapala says:

I would like to win, Android Central. Thanks!

rlb says:

Pick me.

Raedahn says:

yes yes please!

Oxagarh says:

my tv will be happy!

lovince says:

I wonder how well (or not) Chromecast will work where I am (China)...

Bigtop305 says:

Fantastic giveaway, thank you!

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gstorrs says:

I would love to win. Pick me please.

l00natic71 says:

Yes, please!

Seanski#AC says:

YES PLEASE! I have one already on order, but i'd love to have a second! This is a must-have.

dunner87 says:

Cast me!

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schifty67 says:

I'm in!

UTSkiBum says:

This looks really cool. Count me in.

norpan says:

I would love having a Chromecast

jwbekens says:

Need to try Chromecast.

alchemitt says:

Yes please

vor says:

Castaway!! I'm about to cut-the-cord!!!

Gunparade says:


Mendy358 says:

I could definitely use a chromecast.....


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Ann Stofflet says:

Pick me, please :-)

Ben0rr says:

Sounds good to me

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brothabinary says:

Can't Wait!

sydeshow says:

Can't believe I almost missed this article before going to bed. Thank you so much AC!

shampisang says:

Would love to get my hands on this

HexiJosh says:

Hat thrown

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shampisang says:

Would love to get my hands on this

thefly56 says:

Been all over metro Detroit this weekend looking for a little Chromecast love. No dice. Count me in!

I want one.

ShadowAdama says:

I want one!

Heeeey, baby.

megiddo101 says:

I'd like one too!

Gordo1603 says:


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northwood says:

I really need it! :)

Bikram72 says:

Thanks for the giveaway

nathan513 says:

I'm in!

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tostler says:

Great contest! Count me in.

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amquinonez says:

I'd love one of these.

Darth Enzo says:

Android Central Chromecast Giveaway Day 1 post.


zhendema says:

I'm in! Thanks!

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etho201 says:

Would love to see how it compares to my Roku!

gabegom says:

I love everything Google, and winning this chromecast would be out of this world!! Thanks AC!!

jesses.girl says:

I'd love to win one!

Joined just for the chance.

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dainteg says:

Ill take one

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mtbusiness says:

Count me in!

stark1159 says:

You guys are the best seriously,no other place has the best news and best everything! I would give it the best home a soft pillow to rest it's head at night, warm meals, and cold water. It will have the best home ever! Thank you

trlrider77 says:

Count me in please.

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I'll donate $35 to a charity of AC's choice if I win.

cliffy223 says:

This is a great giveaway and when devs start using the sdk who knows how great of a value these will be.

Ereck Ladd says:

Can't wait to get my hands on Google's new Chromecast! And glad I don't have to browse through over 6000 comments, somebody's a trooper if they do...

Ereck Ladd says:


ChromeJob says:

Okie doke, I'll try anything Google puts out once....

Splattered for your amusement... via the AC App

jacksjack says:

give me one now!

I want one!

sherylm says:

This would be cool to have! :)

Robert Arias says:

Please pick me. I have five kids and this would actually impressed the teens in my house.
Good luck to everyone !

radiusmax says:

Gotta have me some Chromecast.

dorongr says:

so many contests, so little luck - maybe this time it'll change..

jordanfine says:

This device looks sweet! I'd take one of those of your hands~

jordanfine says:


rupam95 says:

Count me in. Would go great with my nexus 4 device!

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Dan Katz says:

Would love to have one, now that it's rooted i hope we will be able to run all things on it and not only designated apps.

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Chromecast me please! :-)

Legellan says:

please pick me!

Kenny L says:

in to win :)

sannyo says:

I would like to get one too :)

ebarr727 says:

I asked at BestBye, "Do you have any Chromecasts?" Answer, "Yes, we carry them, but we are out of stock." So, Phil, you're my other option for now. I thank you in advance.

seraphinya says:

Sounds useful!

leodagamer says:

I been thinking on getting an apple tv but this is better because is cheaper but if I can get it free it will be awesome

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richardpandy says:

So ready for this since Best Buy is OOS and won't be getting them anytime soon at the local locations.

I'd love to win a new Chromecast!

lokeyhd says:

I would love to see how this compares to my Roku

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Mike Miles says:

I want to win!

Medic97 says:

Wow a lot of ppl want this one

bxrider117 says:

I hope I'm a lucky winner.

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salt4502 says:

Would love to take one for a test run!

trocker says:

foolishly hoping...

maxrebo says:

Maybe I would get one here before my local Best Buy would get more in stock!

JSSidhu says:

I missed the Netflix promotion

colecoyates says:

Here I go for the win!

kenbarnum says:

I would love one!

Please Phil, can I win something?

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Tony Abdo says:

It will be cool to test one out, thank you for the possibility of owning one!

yLev says:

Bedroom tv, ftw.

obidos says:

This looks awesome!

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Pick me!

jlewsader says:

Sure... I'll take one :)

movieguy00 says:

Chromecast me!

Jan Antons says:

I'm in tooo. Nice o have!!!!!!

jackoceanz says:

you guys are awesome!!!

Alroy21 says:

me me me... i wanna stream some Anime :P

harisha says:

Planning to switch from iOS to andriod. If I win then this would be the first step :)

Dzung Nguyen says:

I heart android central

bellbk says:

I'll take one, then I'll probably buy another!

Pick me, thanks

olupet2 says:

Chromecast for me please...

aanavy says:

Come, cast my day...

Tenchi227 says:

Chromecasts away!

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franky_402 says:

I'd love a Chomekey! :) but really it looks slick

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physphil says:

I'd love one, thanks!

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msoc14 says:

this looks soo cool!!

CrzyP says:

I'm new to Android. Welcome me with a chromecast device please!

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kilo720 says:

I hope it not too late to win


I would love one. Keep it up guys!!!!

I sure could use one.

Josue_9719 says:

I could use one of those ;)

gca says:

Went to Best Buy to try to pick up one of these Chromecast devices but they were sold. That would be great if I can win one.

Quis89 says:

I'm in

I need one for my tour!

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David Empson says:

Random comment to win.

I'd like to try it!

raywalther says:

I'm in

jeremyds21 says:

The possibilities of these could be endless.

ronvon says:

No more do I wonder if AC will give away the latest and greatest tech, but how many will they give away...AC is very generous.

knahrvorn says:

Nice little thing, that Chromecast!

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Jim Klein says:

Ooo! Ooo! Pick me! Pick me!

gonk24 says:

I'm in. Chromecast would be a welcome addition to my humble A/V setup

chance6426 says:

Smokin hot and awesome!
Device that is!

freeztate says:

This is awesome. Wish to win.

goldwill says:

This would be really useful to have!

rlfisher says:

Android Central contests are the best.

gerard187 says:

Hello Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luis Flores2 says:

I want one!

DraconisV says:

Casting my hat for a chance.

jra716 says:

Please. Can I have one please. :)

Bias reduX says:

I Love You Guys!!

ilhe1s says:

Fingers Crossed!!

Roy_21 says:

Thank You!

scottryan says:

Nice tablet.

Alfred Moses says:

I'm in too.

djfoo000 says:

I want one!

count me in

pbolton says:

I am so In!!!

malikshuman says:

Hope I win!

ineedme says:

I'm in

Held off on buying one today. Maybe tomorrow is my lucky day to get one!

w.daniels says:

Would be outstanding to win one of these to share with the other Active Duty Airmen here.. Plus most are Apple fans and I just switched to Android/Samsung so it would be awesome to show them why they should switch!! Thank you for your time!!

MSgt Daniels

Eric Read says:

In for maybe getting a free Chromecast.

I'm hoping they get Plex support.

ash71ish says:

Bring those magical things at my place.

DroidWill says:

Yes Please. Thank you. =)

False_Aesop says:

Yep, I sure would like one of the them there things.

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VAVA Mk2 says:

Pick me!

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epidemik says:

Woo woo

Yes please!

Deke218 says:

Chromecast me!

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RichF27 says:

Fingers crossed that I might win of these babies!!!

Boogan1 says:

Thanks for a chance to win this great device!!

dcstuntman says:

I'd like one for our basement tv.


In before midnight! Whoo Hoo!

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nwaves says:

I'm in!

jmcotto says:

Word. This is what's up. I'm definitely feeling this giveaway.

orlyg1521 says:

So hoping to get one, pleeeeeeeeeease?!!?

JillB says:

Yay! Pick me please!

orlyg1521 says:

So hoping to get one, pleeeeeeeeeease?!!?

Me want food

May I have one too?

I'm in

co_dominic says:

Thank you!

This sounds awesome. I bought a Sony Google TV box for just this reason only to come away more than a little disappointed at not being able to do the things that this little $35 dongle can do. Thanks for the chance to win one!


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carmicp says:

This would be great Phil. Thanks! You da best! (And I can't find any locally.....)

sropedia says:

I'd like one please

Chinamin says:

Me me me!!!

blueback22 says:

Android and Google

jbern8 says:

Would be a nice way to start the week

enigmaisdead says:

Sign me up! :)

jvernwald says:

Yes please!!

Guess I'm too late to!

J sherm says:

Love the giveaways and forums.

avenue13 says:

It's an amazing device. Finally easy streaming to my NON smart lcd.

rickstone says:

Love these giveaways. Would love to have one of these!

mozzarella72 says:


dorumanda says:

It would be nice.

gmdphd says:

Hey. Chromecast is great.

ubaman says:

I feel like a winner....

yes sir!

jmburks42 says:

I waiting on the new Nexus 10 to come out before I spend but I'd love one of these to play with. I can't waite to see what apps come out for it. Might be an alternative to a ROKU.

ubaman says:

I feel like a winner. I feel like a winner. I am a winner.

LGiusti84 says:

I want one please!

DWilsonCA says:

Oh, goodness. This would be so amazing to win. I'm hoping I'm the lucky person.

Andre Jusuf says:

One for me!

Walad Kadri says:

I like anything android

mak008 says:

Send one my way

hergs7 says:

Woohoo! Chromecast!

Want so bad!!!

acesDSI says:

wow, thanks!

aca_041 says:


Kevin Stagg says:


koray00 says:

wait what!!!!!
You are giving chromeCAST!!????!!

I didnt know that I will be the lucky guy by seeing this page :D

wouldnt be happier to comment!!

I am up all night to get lucky :D

Matthew Hsu says:

Canada needs some Chromecast! Come on luck!

I want it!!!

hikermaniac says:

I'm in!

SaintSal says:

So will this finally be my lucky time?

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slapetyjack says:

Yes please!

kobe24b says:

count me in for a chance to make my tv an androidish smart tv!

I want to try it!

AdnanKarim says:

Mark me Inn...

khanar1 says:

One entry.

Down8 says:

Sounds awesome. Sign me up!

zcostilla says:


cajunrph says:

Count me in. My ex wife got the Apple TV in the divorce, among other things. So I'd put this to good use.

Looks like cool tech, I am interested!

In for the lucky draw!

ozz101 says:

I want one!!

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iJimaniac says:

Hmm, I wouldn't mind since I missed out on the buying rush! :P

fz553 says:


CrazySlot says:

Thank you!
As it is still not available in Europe, I'd love to have one.

kildroid says:


ayms99 says:

Androidcentral is writing Android history.

Good luck to mee!! 50 more minutes

SWon says:

I need one.

mrushie says:

Pick me for streaming TV, aka Chrome cast!

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rearden says:

I'd love to get use one. Looks neat.

Riblat11 says:


arutemauepon says:


theprateik says:

I want one....

theprateik says:

I really really want one....
I want my TV be SMART.

Teddism says:

1- Holy cow, a lot of people commented
2- I want to win so bad
3- Pick me
4- I'm in!


Gustavomo says:

I would appreciate one.

CaCHooKaMan says:

this would go great with my xbox one

bcdunkel says:

I am the one who would be the winner.

Steven Paul says:

I would love a chance to try this out.

Love one :-)

deviatomic says:

I really want to try this device out.

getaloupe says:

chromecast for moi.

Sobie01 says:

I would love to have one of these!

nopowers says:

Alright! I've already clered a dongle-sized space in my heart for this little sucker. Bring it on!

Aitrus72 says:


nemov says:

Just made it... seems like a cool little gadget.

cardfan65 says:

Loyal Android enthusiast in need of a Chromecast right here.

Dan Beet says:

Yes please. No idea when we will get this in the UK otherwise

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Crystalyne says:

Would love to have one! Thanks AC!!!

mxkite says:

Definitely want one

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thesmart1 says:

Miiiiine :D

GadgetGator says:

Got the spare HDMI and USB ports, got the tablet and phone devices, even got the Google Music subscription. Now all I need to tie that all together, is this!

free2b says:

Thanks for the contest!

gcwj says:

My birthday is Sunday, the 28th. What a Great Birthday present this would make! Please, please, please...!!!

harningt says:

This would be awesome. Hope I made the cut time wise.

tidu says:


salah123 says:

Give me

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abhisahara says:

I would love to have one plz :) Thanks AC for bringing this to us ! Cheers !

Oh boy how i would love this here... :-D (CHEEEEESE)

I agree, this does sound like a really awesome product.

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yes please.

editor619 says:

I've been eyeing this. Maybe I'll win :-)

MthII says:

If I win, I'll use my new chromecast to end world hunger... seriously

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Zetta Slow says:

It'd go great with my new Nexus 7 =D

Geffrey says:

Let's do this!

zoneplex says:


Black4S says:

Me me me please me!

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PR1DE says:

awesome! would love to win one! :)

kantoben says:

I would love one of these please.

teckkoon says:

This is great!

Sumcaps says:

I want to win!!!!

bha70 says:

I'm in

iAlan says:

chrome me one!

Major Tommy says:

Awe...some...ness!!! :D

adulel08 says:


I really want one of this!!!


Filenest says:

I would love on of those, can't get them where I live now, BG :( Thanks Phil, you run an awesome site.

Put me in

Asleep at the key board

How are you? You have very informative hints tips and Great Giveaways. So thank you for sharing yourselves of
Your Time and Talents.I would love to test drive this Awesome Hardware. Please pick me. Thank you.

Jono510 says:


talhamid says:

If you guys give me all 7, I will slap AC logos on 6 and drop them off an airplane.

JuhaMaa says:

I'm in! and hopefully we can arrange shipment to Finland ;)

inthegalaxy says:

Am I too late?

patfactorx says:


mafu6 says:

How about a UK winner

reagan247 says:

Count me in! I hope I wake up to an email tomorrow saying I won!

steveg1979 says:

Amazing piece of kit, would just like Google to start selling them in the UK, unless I win one of course... :)

Ryan Oneill says:

Well I would love picked as we can't get them in UK yet unless we pay up to £100 on eBay

Benphp says:

Ohhhh I want it

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alopezfdez says:

bring it on!

shalimalli says:

Chromecast.. One for me please :)

Give me one of the casts pretty please.

ceepan says:

Can I have on please?

Posted via Android Central App

very nice !!!

eramos31 says:

Thanks for giving out the best prizes AC!

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kalabaso says:

I want one! Thanks!

david2tm says:

I'm leaving comment :) Cause I want this too

t_sudan says:


SarangP says:

Wow, Thanks Android Central :)

justSooty says:

Very nice of you =]


Zaffar Iqbal says:

Oh... Open Sesame... show me what you have got.....

jrimmy91 says:

I'm in

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meme gem says:


Posted via Android Central App

sgrb18 says:

Great product! Let me try it;-)