There are seven days in a week. No so coincidentally, we've got seven brand-new Chromecasts just sitting here, waiting for good homes. And we also have the Netflix three-month-free discount codes that go with them.

So, yeah. Let's give 'em away. One a day, actually, starting now. This one's open to anyone and everyone. Just leave a comment on this post through midnight Pacific time tonight. We'll pick a winner first thing Monday morning and contact 'em by e-mail.

And while you're at it, be sure to swing by our Chromecast forums, and be on the lookout for our full take on Chromecast in the next couple days.

There are 6702 comments

Me please!

extremenet says:

I'd like a Chromecast.

cheko says:

I want one,please!!! count me in.

rockdynamite says:


Nault2000 says:

Great product.

Need me a Netflix adapter!

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fabiosan says:


Pick me please! I've been dying to try the Chromecast

gregb777 says:

Is this thing on?


jarnold says:

Chromecast for me?

They're all sold out on Amazon. So send one my way... :)

jfs101 says:

Just doing my civil duty as a citizen of AC entering this contest.

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Cokerf1 says:

Please I would love to win

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swil720 says:


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Axelpez says:

Let me try one!

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Love you guys!

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svocke says:

So stoked to give this a try...

busa8 says:

Awesome Magical Google...yes please!

craigmason says:

I want one.

holangja1 says:

id love one

incog21 says:

I'll Take One Please.

OhioCalling says:

Count me in.

ryanapearl says:

This is amazing guys! Would totally love one for the house! Count me in!

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brand3241 says:

Looking forward to my new Chromecast!

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XxOnyxX says:

I'm tired of paying $155 a month for cable!

yungtris says:

I would like to have one please, thanks.

vg13 says:

Hit me with one !!!!!!

chrisdl says:

I'd love one! Thanks!

gary keels says:

It's Chromecastic!

jimjr03 says:

O hai there! :D

turbomach5 says:

Oooo wouldn't mind one of those!!!

s3c7i0ns3v3n says:

Ya know, it's stuff like this that I love about AC. Not only are there giveaways, there are giveaways with CURRENT fun stuff. Well done, and count me in on this one! :)

Wouldn't mind give one of these a run. Count me in.

I'm in. Thanks AC

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moosc says:

Omg this would a great thing for us truckers n hotel rooms

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rgomesf says:

Pick me :-)

dossamosas says:

Ooo-wee, baby, oooo-WEE!

Compusmurf says:

Sooo Awesome!

DrizzyGadget says:

I'm here for my comment.

Radicalnm says:

This is very cool.

Audrey Mahan says:

I would love to get this and start cutting the cord to cable tv. I am sick of the outrageous prices of cable. Thanks and congrats to whoever does get it if its not me.

I want it!

wtrankin says:

I would not hate to be chosen at all.

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racinmd says:

bring it on!

akts says:

Want one bad! Went to my local best buy and they only had 9 in and sold them the first 8 minutes of being open...

mfcradio says:

I'll take one please. Just place it in the mail.

wave43 says:

Count me in, for a Chromecast!

b0ricua says:

Would love to try this out, thanks!

sfay93 says:

Chromecast for me hopefully!

44Stretch says:

Yes please!!

DualSportDad says:

I'd like me a chromecast!

I want one. Thanks,

CPAEvan says:

I am in

hollerwt says:


Pwetty Pwease pick me. I'll wove you foweva :-) ♥

Count me in!

debsawyer says:

Give up the goodies.

stillers21 says:

Be nice to be able to use my Netflix up on the big screen. Seems like the functionality is only going to get better.

nuttsp says:

Yeah I want one too.

imrewind says:

Save one for me.

psyjohn says:

I would love to win this!

dgross92 says:

this thing is so cool!

kmichaeld says:

Can't wait for plex to work with chromecast!

guns4america says:

These things look sweet

Swing one this way.

shuter says:

Please select me!!!

Would be awesome to win!!

Iced2313 says:

I want! Thanks guys!

obewan625 says:

I'll be glad to take one off your Hands, No reason to let it just sit there. Thanks Chromecast

excavalon says:

I would love one of these

So you're telling me, that I have 7 days, of having a slim chance of winning this very sought-after device?


That rocks

Maybe this is my lucky day

naveeds786 says:

Too Kind!

Ben Doke says:

Wow, a lot of people want a dongle. I guess I do too.

I'm stuck all the way in the Caribbean I would love to win myself one

Breish says:

I'm in hope some day I actually win something :)

j_rod21 says:

Would love to have one of these

Thank you guys! I'm in

barqers says:

Wow, the fact that it's open to everyone makes it that much better to those not in the USA and DYING to try this. Can't wait to try one if I ever get my hands on it!

Dave Leyland says:

I'd be awful happy to win!

ToeNipples says:

No thanks

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Pedro2NR says:

Please let me win this one

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Sohmer says:

Would love one of these !

horizontica says:

Send me my chromecast please... thank you

Mr Mister says:

Id like to have one of these

Herms27 says:

Pick me!

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p4r4n01d says:

Don't care about Netflix (probably doesn't work down under anyway) but I'd love a Chomecast!

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Obi Wannabe says:

Such a giver.

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I want!

jkovacs says:

I'd like to have a look.

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Ellett says:

Cytometry, Chromecasr, whatever the name it's an incredible little gadget.

ccano8 says:

Count me in for this one

spivtron says:

I am in!

dnzbr says:

I really need one!

kesandrade says:

Hello from Brazil!

Pick me.

Ricanxd says:

Free stuff is great lol

pour2468 says:

i must have this handy device to complete my all-google life HAHA

rhodetpm says:

Yes please, this would help conserve the battery of my nexus

No_One776 says:

Free stuff is always welcome, especially when a college student on a limited budget...
Would make a great add-on to the apartment.

lb711 says:

A great start to a new week!

I'm in for sure.

BrandonHebda says:


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jnaught says:

I'd love one - thanks!

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lyingfromyou says:

Yes please! I would like to give it a run...!

senectus says:

Give an Aussie a go!

eon69nc says:

let me get in on this one too

Android Central running wild!

Ken_P says:

I missed out on the free Netflix, so this should make up for it nicely!

TnDimples says:

Would LOVE one!

I love these giveaways!

drunkonfame says:

I'm in (:

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Alex Kravets says:

Thank you!

rporterfield says:

Oh, shiny.

Ara Wagoner says:

These Chromecasts are amazing, I want to use one and help bring their trendy usefulness to my college campus and hopefully to my entire campus through featuring it at/on our student-run TV station. -Ara

JoeZone says:

In for the win!

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TallOne says:

Chromecast me please! And thanks!

dcorrea78 says:

Google FTW! The chromecast looks amazing!

JadK3 says:

Yes Please!

dplane says:

Adding my own little 0.02 in hopes of winning something my wife undoubtedly won't see the use for. ;)
The Netflix sub included with it however would actually score me brownie pts though em.

Thx AC

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ki11ak3nn says:

Sweet I'm in. Time to get rid of the old Roku box. Thanks AC!!

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BlkWolf03 says:

Count me in!

githop says:

welp, here goes nothing. Pick me!!

EVeal says:

Count me In

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Hook me up. love to have one

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mzanette says:

I love Phil.

gfsockmonkey says:

gimmie, gimmie!!

Ohhhh I'd love one!!

Theo4246 says:

Android central is the place to be with all these awesome give aways!

Bravolia says:

You guys rock! My wife and I would use the hell out of this! :)

broken925 says:

C'mon.. big money, big money, big money, no whammies!

mtwalther says:

You guys always have the best contests! Never fails! Send one my way :D

Tumu says:

I hope i win this !

Jaydroider says:

Yes please so the wife can't yell at me. At least not for this one.

mak52 says:

I'd love one. Thank you.

zackmack7 says:

Oh gawrsh! Pick me please. It would go perfect with new HD TV I bought my mom for her birthday! She's been an Android user since day 1!

kentl901 says:

Please pick me!

afguy74 says:

I think that Google has something really special here. Imagine the future capabilities. Could really use one to stream from my computer to my TV.

Go Chromecast!

redsandvb says:

just my entry

n8cs says:

Me want!

Mark Frrll says:

I'm in!

Mark Frrll says:

I'm in!

I want one!!! I just ordered a Nexus 4 to replace my iPhone 5!!

OneAn9ryN00b says:

Wow, out of 5400+ comments, Im guessing I have a better chance of getting hit by lightning, but heres to a chance

Living in Asia... would enjoy trying out some new tech at home!

ScottGeek says:

Looks to be an interesting gizmo.

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xyberx says:

Please pick me. Thanks.

hubie99 says:

Send one my way please :-)

Kvoth says:

Sweet, good luck all!

spanska_lag says:

I would really love one!

Kyprain says:

One of these days I hope to win

I'm in. Hope you pick me.

sitsambry says:

This would complete my total house radiowave center. i think my place has every frequency known to man running through it. but seriously would love to get one of these.

srazzak says:

I want to win

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Nick Kromer says:

ill take one for my basement!

jod1 says:

I'm the wiener.....Don't believe me just watch....

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edmon79 says:

SWEEEETTT.. i hope i get it

damian.grant says:

It would be great to have one.

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Aprilsas says:

I REALLY wanna win something on Android Central! Please! Pretty Please ;-)

predominate1 says:

I'm in

markculton says:

I would love one!

I'm in!

Hamp says:

Sweet! What a great prize for a contest! Love it. Good luck!

ienhz says:

Would love to have one since we can't get them in Canada...

denpra says:

you are so cool man..please send chromecast to my pocket because it's not available in my country. Buying it from Amazon is very expensive to deliver to Indonesia

Thanks mas bro.

walkingsad says:

I'd love one

omarjosephb says:


lloydoz says:

Count me in!

Just one more reason to love the great and powerful Google. I wonder what custom Roms/firmware mods will become available. Is this basically a tiny version of the Nexus Q?

Zgstrawn says:

How about helping out a poor college student with a love for all things google.

Sign me up please!

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Kamal Akhtar says:

This is my best chance to get one! Android central rocks!

jimrx7 says:

Thank you for all the awesome contests.

KennyMB says:


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gordo8631 says:

Must... Have... One...

zenpi314 says:

I can use a couple of these. Count me in.

fgcnbcv says:

i wanna win!!@!!@)#!@)(#)!

shackf16 says:

Really would love this. I need to win my family back from iDevices...

Fedway says:

I would love to try Chromecast and 3 months of Netflix. Very cool!

Nick Newkirk says:

I absolutely would love one of those!!!

bpiehel says:

Cheaper than cable.

I'd love to have one too :).

I would love a Chromecast!

mizhasi says:

Yes, I am the winner!!! Thank you Thank you!!! :D

lcastro85 says:

You are the best!!

andino says:

Ah I would love to get this

wabaynes says:

Huzzah again

Well all my hdmi plugs on my tv are full and on the hdmi hub I just bought somethings getting unplugged maybe it will be the cable box? Hmmm?

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Erievon says:

This sure would go really well with my new N7.

davidlt4 says:

Happy wife=happy life, just saying.

This is great

actualtecno says:

Great deal and an awesome device. Good luck all!

Ziegy says:

AC is the bestest!!

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garveygibbs says:

Count me in

lightofhonor says:

I'm in!

MarkSeven says:


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This would be awesome to win something. Especially made by Google

daluz says:

C´mon... A Chromecast and a new Nexus 7... You're too kind. Count me in.

PanzarAJ says:

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PanzarAJ says:

^Convert to english using binary to english translator.

foonz says:

one please

poproks says:

I'm in

Amarant016 says:

I want to chromecast Android Central! Make it happen! :-)

Great! My order from Amazon wont ship for a month!

dluxx06 says:


629Classic says:

Indeed, I would like one.

GaryBKK says:

Oh yes please

pquirk777 says:

Chromecast is one of the coolest things Google has come out with in a long time.

heystek says:


and Im in...Good luck all!!

jludwig57 says:

Comment. Comment.

Zay Carter says:

I need this

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wallabe718 says:

I would love to have one!

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kaiser10123 says:

In for one

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I'll take one off your hands!

paul0303 says:

lots of cool giveaways thank you guys now if I could just win one of them.

cardineujay says:

Yeah buddy!

ibcop says:

Cmon......I need a new toy!

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lyrictenor1 says:


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chang pak says:


Posted via Android Central App

I'll take one!

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dlh says:

Please enter me. Thanks for the chance to win!

cjonesdvm says:

Yes Please

papafrankm says:

Bought 5 samsungs for grandkids, would love to try something different.

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dekend says:

For the love of baby J... let me win :P

Jack Ortner says:

What a treat this would be!

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fishma2 says:

Thanks for the contest. Can't wait to get one.

WoodyR says:

You just read a boring comment on an awesome website.

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idontball says:

Let this be my first win:)

Discosis_AU says:

Well, this seems like a surefire way to get a ton of comments.

Like this one.


TheAspec says:

Nice -- thanks AC!

flagg902 says:

Thanks, guys. Would be great to score one of these. Not sure how else to do that in Canada.

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dallasfever says:

Would love to see what this does on regular 2013 LCD monitor, 72 inch LCD TV, and in the car with HDMI! Im going to pray tonight that i get an email!

I'll help you out by taking one of those off your hands!

kerosene26 says:


owennus says:

Free stuff? I'll take it!

rbernard80 says:

Yes, please.

mvader123 says:

Do want!

eprisencc says:

Please oh please, I want one.

miles4000 says:

Lets do it...

jfitts75 says:

In it to win it :D

MarcoPon says:

Fingers crossed!

indianajonny says:

Chrome to rule the world!

m71reid says:

I want!

bofadeese says:

I'm in for a chance to win one of these! Seems like an awesome piece to own!

xhunter187 says:

Oh Yeah! Chromecast!


MobiJew says:

puhlease pick me!!!

rchapman80 says:

I really want one.

NamelessStar says:

this was a pretty cool idea i could sure use one

srparr says:

Sweet! Seven chance to win! I only need one device so I'll donate back any others I win ...

slyugo says:

The Chromecast is amazing!

WhiskeyBob says:

Cast a Chrome into my inbox, please!

TomRubin says:

I'd love one of these!!

kalel114 says:

Sign me up!

Weslr999 says:

Posting like a Champ!

sailador says:

Please me!!!!! I need one badly!! Thank you

cardio64 says:

Actually wondering where I can buy one without waiting a couple weeks, so winning one would be great!

Jesse Travis says:

Throw it my way guys!!!!! Please Please Please! Thanks for all you guys do!

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spartoons says:

Pick me.... Keep it stiff

ammontj says:

Keeping fingers crossed

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fudlen says:

Can't wait to try one of these.

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Shootin4aces says:

Android Central.... you guys are too good to us!!! Thanks for all of your hard work!

amacnutt says:

I'll take one!

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jameshkd says:

Hopefully can get this. too late to order one online for the 3 month netflix promo

kashk5 says:

Thank you please!

Would be pretty sweet :D
Thanks AC, you guys rock!

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rexant says:

Already have my new nexus 7 now just need the other piece of the puzzle!

jmorse says:


matt0715 says:

Go chromecast!

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Bert336 says:

Googly goodness!

LostInStereo says:

Awesome. I'd love to win one.

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imneveral0ne says:

Please pick me! :-D

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marquitos14 says:

Here goes nothing!

Adam G1 says:

Thanks for all the articles. I enjoy the app too. Adam

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martyr2k6 says:

My best friend is a fellow android/google nut like myself, he got one and I am soooo jealous, as I won't be able to get one til tax time... if I can do it even then...

spepi says:

this would be awesome to have my 91 year old grandmother use. She has a regular TV and would really like to see new movies on netflix

drunkn says:

Chromecast; the dongle of the future, without unicorns.

jusuchin85 says:

This is a great giveaway! Would really love to have one to enhance the living room experience. Good luck to all!!!

IgorPunck says:


fig95 says:

Would love one!

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godsgeek says:

I need this! Need it, you hear?

PepperMan98 says:

Go ahead and send one to VA!

Google Me says:

You guys are awesome!

Consider me entered.

3turner says:

With everyone else....would love to have one,

aduran1700 says:

Yes please

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Chromecast, I am waiting for you!

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M.T.K. says:

I want one

As always, the best contests. Thanks, AC!

xxdunker says:

Sign me up. I would love to use this on my finally fixed TV

Jayw#CB says:

This would cause problems if I took it on my 10 year wedding anniversary. But it's a chance I'm willing to take.

jmoney13 says:

We love you Android Central!

tyguy829 says:

Thanks guys!

jslackhouse says:

Hook me up, yo.

ScotJeepBoy says:

Why, thank you very much! I'd love one.

aduran1700 says:

I'm in

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Google Me says:

You guys are awesome!