There are seven days in a week. No so coincidentally, we've got seven brand-new Chromecasts just sitting here, waiting for good homes. And we also have the Netflix three-month-free discount codes that go with them.

So, yeah. Let's give 'em away. One a day, actually, starting now. This one's open to anyone and everyone. Just leave a comment on this post through midnight Pacific time tonight. We'll pick a winner first thing Monday morning and contact 'em by e-mail.

And while you're at it, be sure to swing by our Chromecast forums, and be on the lookout for our full take on Chromecast in the next couple days.


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Chromecast-a-day: We're giving away 7 of Google's hottest product


Thanks for the contest. Good luck to everyone. Would love to win one. No availability here in Canada yet.

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Really like the one I have but would love to get one for my Mom's upcoming 60th. I have turned her into a fellow Android junkie, thanks mostly in part to the crew at Android Central!

I knew there was a reason that I didn't purchase one of these when they were first announced... It's because I'm going to win one of these 7. I can feel it in my Chromes. Thanks, Android Central, for another cool giveaway. Cheers.

always thought about buying an appletv, but since this came out, i will definitely would get this over an appletv. because its cross platform.

Would love one!! I have one lonely hdmi port left on my TV who is looking for some love :)

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The stuff you guys give away to us loyal followers is just amazing! This Is such a simple, awesome piece of tech! Always count on Google to come up with rockin' useful gadgets like this!

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I'm leaving my messages here,!!!!!
How are you guys doing??
Always enjoy the up-to-date news about anything and everything Android that you guys posted!
I would really like to test out Chromecast on my TV along with my soon to pick up new Nexus 7!!
Hope AndroidCentral can support me when I release my app as much as I support AndroidCentral.

I've been through so many of these kinds of devices. Even had the Apple tv and it was the worst. Couldn't stand it. I wanted to order one asap but living in Canada is not available yet. If we people up north qualify, I'd love to win one!

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You guys are awesome! I can't find a Chromecast anywhere in the State! Even if I don't win, I appreciate all the stuff you do for all of us!

Chromecast has a lot of potential. I'm eager to see what content providers do with it. I'm looking forward to having my Google Play Music streamed over my AV system.

The Chromecast has the highest concentration of awesomeness of any Set-top box in the market. is not a set-top box. Hmmm... Still, I WANT ONE!

Hook me up, looking forward to trying one of these new gadgets out!

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Wow.... I want One....
Just for more Info....
I am looking some Major Improvement that will be applied on next Generation Chromecast
1. They will support all wi-fi Network.. a/b/g/n/ac and 5GHz also...
2. We will might have lot's off app support at end of this year...
3. If chromecast get goes crazy then after 2 or 3 year you might seen some TV Company may have that in-build in TV...

I'm actually thinking of ordering. Pick me so I can use the cash on something else. :-)

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Chromecast out of stock everywhere you turn, you are about to give up in despair. Yet fear hear the welcome refrain as he soars through the sky... Here I come to save the day! Mighty Lloyd is on the way! AC to the rescue once again.

I'd try it out. I was just looking in to this earlier today and after deciding against it and going onto another tangent, I found this!

I'd try it out. I was just looking in to this earlier today and after deciding against it and going onto another tangent, I found this!

I really want to get a chromecast, it's pretty much what I've been wanting for my tv.

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Very curious about the modding potential...but it's still awesome on its own. Great giveaway, Phil! Goodluck all.