There are seven days in a week. No so coincidentally, we've got seven brand-new Chromecasts just sitting here, waiting for good homes. And we also have the Netflix three-month-free discount codes that go with them.

So, yeah. Let's give 'em away. One a day, actually, starting now. This one's open to anyone and everyone. Just leave a comment on this post through midnight Pacific time tonight. We'll pick a winner first thing Monday morning and contact 'em by e-mail.

And while you're at it, be sure to swing by our Chromecast forums, and be on the lookout for our full take on Chromecast in the next couple days.

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TechZOnline says:

You spoil us, thank you :D

toddersv says:

I'm in

cwchase says:


Madhav A says:

I'm in.

NO. Just No... I'm in :P

ChrisNee1988 says:

This would be awesome

medsboss says:

I agree

shaze21 says:


mlourie says:

Maybe this will work.

morrisdl says:

Looks like I'm in too...

crni83 says:

me too,Would be really nice to have one

digsy13 says:

Yes please.

Pick me

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Metrosity says:

UK users, I'd like one please :)

Im in.

scoutconnor says:


davidbonatz says: you guys know how awesome you are? Would be jumping off my 367 square foot apartment walls if i won this.Thank you!

benhmadison says:

Would love one!

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dougdula says:

PICK ME PHIL!!!! :)... No really... pick me.

jayala319 says:

NNooo! o. Me'

dankar1981 says:

I would love to get my hands on one!

Pick me, plz! OH YEAH!

I'm in

Meleagru says:

Me too

beryleo says:


Strommer says:


alucky0 says:

Super-duper in

Flat Earth says:

I'm happily in!


Sounak Roy says:

Me Tooo...

Kennyl98 says:

Count me in, I'd love to win one of these. Just when I was about to piss away $100 on an Apple TV

Pakkman12 says:


Count me in!

Paul Keeping says:

Yup, I would sell my apple TV if I won this! Love it!

jayrutjr says:

Can I get one of those ? Thanks in advance! !!

Sudo says:

you should sell that apple tv and buy this anyway

Paul Keeping says:

Yup, I would sell my apple TV if I won this! Love it!

elftree777 says:



Barry Morgan says:

No pick me!

Would love one. Missing this in Canada

macbuddha1 says:

Pick me!

Marko L says:

Would have bought

or ME! please please please

pgatour says:

I want one too!!!

Mista_J says:

Thanks for the chance to win one of these!

vasfo says:

Yes! Thanks Android Central, I'd really love to have one of these !

Yes Please!

rookiegenius says:

I'd love to have one :)

JohnsCreekRB says:

Thanks for the chance to win!

jmcclung says:

I'm in. Thanks!

bobng says:

Can't wait to get mine! Thanks Android Central.

liem.le says:

I want this.

vnangia says:

Very true. Thanks!

ffastffrank says:

Maybe winning one of these would help me convince the wife to Cut-the-Cable. Just got to find a way for her to watch Judge Judy. What do you think?

scottee says:

Goooooo Chromecast!

appmy says:

Thanks. Mine is ordered until late August.

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qskillzwfu25 says:

I'm ready to do some serious casting my friends....hook a brother up!

pitchersduel says:

pick me...come onnn do it

tsipka says:

I'd like another plz.

Jax Omen says:

yay giveaways!

Yes please!!

JonasBH says:

I would love one

odkwheat says:

Thanks AC! Appreciate the hard work you guys put into the site!

This is nice...

Michaeldk says:

yay new gadgets :)

gpf2ez says:

Your give-a-ways rock!

mayimbe27 says:

Hope its me

mayimbe27 says:

Hope is me

anoiel1220 says:

i want one amazon has yet to ship mine.

DanRa says:

pick me :) thanks

wlinder says:

really would love to win one of these

Dude1134 says:


DanRa says:

I'm in as well.

galatians51 says:

Yay!Dreamin' of streamin'...

I want one of these. Greetings from Honduras.

Getting HD content from previous devices to my HD TV has not been a pleasant experience ...

sawu says:


thisisnocrap says:

gimme gimme gimme

johnsweets says:

Sounds great

MrShmuck says:

Hooray! Thank you very much!

Ivan Fleming says:

Yes please!

You guys are the best. Always giving away the best swag

Woopty woop :-)

tyronewilson says:

I'm in.

snoapa says:

You guys rock!

redboyhun says:

Oh it's great, I'm in!:)

dlafica says:

Had a Google TV back when ...... hope this is better.
Count me in ..... thanks for the contest ...

Pick me!

irmcwhit says:

getting ready to get rid of direct tv this would be wonderful.

irmcwhit says:

getting ready to get rid of direct tv this would be wonderful.

Last Ride says:

I'm in.

Jorge Rangel says:

you guys are my favorite people!

jpetrarca says:


uadan says:

I think this product will revolutionize while simplifying the streaming world.

Seeker5211 says:

I'm waiting

Makerender says:

Why yes I would love a Chromecast. Thank You Androidcentral!

Dam Ian says:

Surely one should come across the sea to Ireland

Kilrah_il says:

Pick me!

Kilrah_il says:

Pick me!

PICK ME because I'm the best Android Central Fans!

teckstyle says:


bog3nator says:

Woot! Let's do this!

Tom Stone says:


Sounds good!

I'm in!

Prince_Basil says:

Let me win one hopefully!!! Pick me!!!!

fredbob3 says:

I'd like one.

treno says:

Christmas in July? This would make a sweet stocking stuffer!

zloglasni says:

I'll give you 30$ for it :)

Dr. S says:

Pick me!

David Doyle says:

Please a me to the drawing :-)

syk919 says:

thanks android central!!!!!

jtowndawg says:

Want one so badly.

Melven says:

Thanks, I am in.

magesh_magi1 says:

I'm in already . bring on the the random generator poker machine which points my ID for winner :p

I want this so bad.

scottysurfs says:

I would very much like one please I'll have it

Nice one Android Central.

Neelakantam says:

I I would like to get one.

500words says:

Would love one. All sold out in southern and central NJ since Thursday.

rmbl says:

I would love one!

sgp77 says:

Pick me!

Wow! My TV would love one of these!

I'm completely on board!!!

Indeed. Especially as not on sale over here yet...

meyerweb says:

This is only one of the reasons AC is the best Android site in the world.

It will be mine. Oh, yes — It will be mine.

Jim Harnois says:

My TV would love this! !

JeppeJ says:

Great site, great price!

shriniarole says:


Emiskowi says:

The Chromecast is going to be awesome!

hlmyers says:

I agree!


Ken Traub says:

How about spoiling me.

Blaskey says:

Sounds like a great deal. Sign me up

IM in

lwa391 says:

Would love to win this.

Lukasmith says:

Great give away :)

Gauravk88 says:

I am in too...

Randy Torok says:

Who wouldn't want one!

Epedemic says:

Ooh, i'd love one, espc. since it'll take a while before it's officially availible in this end of the world

rybgood says:

Commenting! Ready to be a 'cast away' with Ginger!

Aaron Beihl says:

Uh yes plz. Count me in.

manpaka says:

If I win this, I'll sideload the Android Chromecast app and see how it works in Europe... No Netflix, that's for sure.

alexsweeta says:


Angturil says:


kbp08tls says:

I'm in!

jayrutjr says:

I never win

I'm in.

Agreed. Can't wait to win one ;)

asussex says:

I'd love one!

phatboy29m says:

Yes please!

raultab91 says:

Android heaven

AJ2013 says:

Thanks. I'm in.

MassiveDRS says:

Sign me up for one, it would be great to win something for a change .

kcrazylegs says:

Can't wait!

spaceosc says:

wooooo In!

Zarrin says:

I do believe I would like to acquire a Chromecast device, my good sir.

grafx1 says:

Another one would be kool.

Zam says:

Want want. Thank thank.

directmatrix says:

Yes please! Mostly because I want to give it to my Mom. The Chromecast would alleviate hours of tech support on my part!

Chacloo says:

Excellent, Im in.

zsekevin says:

Thank You

urabus says:

But we like to be spoiled

izitme says:

A new Chromecast would be awesome! Thanks Android Central!!!

Thanks Android Central.


taco40 says:

Yes, this sounds intriguing.

trido#AC says:


kasb58 says:

Cool gadget

sebriskin says:

Yes! I want one!

Paul Waite1 says:

That would be awesome!

Glenn Deles says:

I want one

johnnycake8 says:

Sign me up

FletchMan says:

Woooo! Yes, please!

Contramalgra says:

I'm in, too. This looks cool.

this website is so amazing!! Best place for all news on android and they have the bst give aways. never won anything from AC but its always fun to enter and hope for the best!

I am definitely in!

Tom Staggs says:

Pick me

Tony Julius says:

Is this how you enter

rajachawat says:

one for me

I'd also like to be in....

Speedy3 says:

It looks as if it will or can have real promise.

Old_Scot says:

This is really great. Thanks.

Old_Scot says:

This is really great. Thanks.

ghrubi says:


Make my day!

pnune says:

I'd love to win one of these raffles one of these days.

You are awesome. Win or not I think this is a great thing your doing?

gojomoso says:

I love these contests... Now time to win one :)

Incrediboy says:

as far as I'm concerned keep on supported us

skylarlegend says:


Thanks AndroidCentral! :D

Jason Edokpa says:

Ohh. Pick me. I wanna win a Chromecast

I'm in!!!!

frozensun090 says:

Here's my 7 in 6000 chance

Me please

I'm in

cStyle says:

Would love one!

praqseven says:

Thanks you so much I would definitely like one please.

jamal_adam says:

I'm in. I'd love to win this.

Simon Huang says:

I'm in too. Please pick me.

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Peter Em says:

1 to central Europe please.

Jake Howe says:

I'm in

Rickjumps says:

It's better to be seen than viewed.

bmandrews7 says:

What TechZOnline siad and yes I would like one

DennyE says:

Chromecast would be a great addition to my family of Nexus. Thank you.

sam p1 says:

Give me something to do while i heal up

jazzeuph says:

Apple Schmapple, I'll take a Chromecast anyday

rinkeedink says:

Please pick me, I never win!

cowboys2000 says:

Great information and giveaways. Love AC!!


l81tlons says:

I'm in, hope I win

would love one

mfrichtl says:

I feel like I'm at a football game trying to get the cheerleader to hit me with the t-shirt cannon.

samba says:

Me 2 please

Thanks for the contest guys!

John Thiers says:

I"m in

Lilbuj says:

Looks like some nice features. Thanks for the chance.


rattatosk says:

Me too ! Me too !
Woot woot !


Makad says:

I need one, my families happiness depends on it.

Channan says:

I shouldn't post so soon because it's always someone in the middle but here goes anyway. :/

gerald410 says:

1st? and I'll take one!

Samson1433 says:

Please pick me

This is pretty cool.

mordekhaimov says:

awesome, ill take one if u give it to me, saves me $35

NovusPX3 says:

Awesome. I'd love one.

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davidank says:

Yes Yes I'd love one please android central.

jcpetrs says:

Puh puh puh please

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dr.jello says:

Oh snap, another awesome give away.

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jayochs says:

yay! I wanted to get one badly, but now it looks like they're back ordered. would go well with my brandy new nexus 7!

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Dom West says:

I would like one!

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baronofbeer says:

Pick me! Pick me!

hartwichr says:

Ah...the product that lost 2/3 of its value when they dropped the Netflix subscription. :-) Can I have one too?

Yes, please. Giveaways are the best!

snowmancomic says:

I would love one

iCurtisG says:

I'll take one!

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zzantar says:

Android can only get better.

lzy23 says:

This would be amazing!

I want 3

rswain64 says:

Tried to pick one up at local Besybuy. But it's OOS. Pick me!

I'd like one, since I'm in the UK and have no way of officially getting one.

Snowman81 says:

Awesome! Thanks guys and good luck to everyone!

mintvilla says:

I hope i win, since there not available in the UK yet......

A895 says:

Can I get one please? I would really appreciate it.

Posted via Droid RAZR M on the Android Central App

grumpy104 says:

Good luck everyone

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betaXmachina says:

I'd love to have one.

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gramamoose says:

This is awesome!!!

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Crez980 says:

Looks like a slick little device.

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shaiwon says:

I've been looking for this at BB with no luck. Would be awesome to win one!

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Eion says:

Thanks for the chance to receive one!

luis06fer says:

Im in

qlu3 says:

Pretty awesome idea :)

30014 says:

I would love to receive some of that generosity android central is known for.

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oxidax says:

um yes please!

I hope I win, since I have never won anything online before. Thanks!

Boundzero says:

aa boy can dream can't he

sirheck says:

These things are a steal.

Escobarretje says:

Will I win this one?

mahler9 says:

Thanks, please choose me. :)

morami says:

me me me !!!!

Pipusz says:

Giveaway after giveaway after giveaway. Thanks for the opportunities.

raymoore says:

You guys spoil us with all these giveaways.

ljredeye says:

Pass one to me, Phil. :)

Jal253 says:

One for me?

planoman says:

I would love it! Thanks!

putertech says:

Count me in, have never won anything but it wont stop me from trying :-)

Dan0384 says:

Super psyched about this thing. Can't wait till it gets more apps.

Long1 says:

Would love to have one!!

Madhan Sai says:


Chromecast.. Sounds great.. Love to have one :)

kaeruil says:

This offs one contest I hope to get lucky enough to win.

kaeruil says:

Wow, I really need to check what I swipe before postin but glad it wasn't anything horrible. offs=is

Roy Burger says:

Yeah would be nice

Namonaihito says:

Is this one international?

SeaLyon2 says:

My plasma display loves 1

AHWagner says:

I'd like to try one out!

Giveaways are great and i would love a chromecast.

Eli McCoppin says:

Hey that would be the finishing touch to my collection! Hope I get lucky!!!!

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cwill0303 says:

Would be great to win one of these and see what its all about! Thanks for the chance!

cgardnervt says:

I'd put one to good use! :D

mjselvig says:

Well it most certainly wouldn't hurt.

ld6772 says:

Great idea for a giveaway; I'd love one.

mfwagner says:

Android Central does always take care of us.. with products and info..
Thank you.

cdemot02 says:

bb cancelled my me ac...

vividhC says:

I am in India, and I would probably get a chromecast after much pain. Give me one!!

NoICon says:

Winner winner chicken dinner!

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thx84 says:

Just saw that they found an exploit on the Chromecast. I really look forward to see what they can do with it. So I need one... thank you ;)

dacp283 says:

Excellent another shot at cool gear :)

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robdual23 says:

i <3 it! i want one!

reme rocker says:

pick me !! :D

BB_Bmore says:

Count me in.

Posted From my HTC One running PlayBook 3.0 via Android Central App

ollieb123 says:

Oh boy! This would be a fun new toy!

Hockeypuck55 says:

This would be great.

Woop woop you rock!

Flopp says:

One for me, please!

Mdmar says:

Would really like to try one out B-)

heylewis says:

I hope it's me