Chromebook Pixel

The Chromebook Pixel is real, and really expensive. It's been rumored for a few weeks, and just yesterday we heard from the WSJ and one of their people close to the matter about a touchscreen Chromebook, but Google took all doubt away a few minutes ago and put the Pixel up for sale at Google Play.

It starts at a whopping $1300 for the Wifi only model, and in April we will see an LTE enabled model for $1450. This is a far cry from the affordable computer we usually think of when we think about the Chromebooks of old. So, what do you get for your 1300 dollars?

  • 12.85-inch, 400 nit display at 2560 x 1700 resolution (239 PPI)
  • Gorilla Glass multi-touch screen
  • 32 GB storage
  • Backlit Chrome keyboard
  • HD Webcam
  • 2 x USB 2.0 ports
  • Mini display port
  • 2-in-1 card reader supporting: SD, MMC
  • Intel Core i5 Processor (Dual Core 1.8GHz)
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • 4 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 59 Wh battery

Sounds like quite the piece of gear, but are people going to spend $1300 on it? We're not so sure about that. Tell us what you think in the comments. Hit the break for the official product video.

Source: Google Chrome blog


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The Chromebook Pixel is official, and available at Google Play for $1300


Gotcha, should have thought about it being the mobile version of the i5. Why don't they call these things mi5?? Well guess that might get confused with a movie. As for the price... that's a bit high for the hardware. Sure, it looks great... dare I say it better than a Mac. But I don't think the majority of the market is ready to pay that kind of price for a ChromeOS device.

It's a nice piece of hardware. High resolution gorilla glass touchscreen, SSD, and not too shabby CPU and decent RAM. It's not too expensive for the hardware.

Weather people are willing to pay that much for an Operating System that is essentially just a Browser is something we will have to see, but if I needed a new laptop this would be a great option, especially since I'm certain it won't be more than a week before Ubuntu is running on it.

Exactly my thought.

For that price I can get a whole computer, not something totally dependent on the web.

Basically, it depends on the chip. Most i5's are dualcore with hyperthreading, with a few low ones probably just being dual core. Hyperthreading its a tech intel has such that the machine has "double" the cores, however the extra cores are virtual. So a Dual core with hyperthreading has 2 physical cores and 2 logical cores. I would imagine there might be a few high end that are quad..

Same here. I was like "oooh and ahhing" in my mind, up until I saw the pricetag. I thought one part of the whole Chromebook idea was to have something affordable?

Specs seem pretty good, but the storage space and pricetag leave me saying "whaaaa?!"

Yeah not for that price. I could see it being more agreeable in the $750 range. I might as well go get a touchscreen laptop for the price.

This is better than a lot of ultrabooks in terms of hardware specs. You can pay less for an ultrabook, and get less. Same goes for chromebooks.

Fair enough. I actually want one. After looking at the product page, it only makes sense to buy the LTE model. 64GB of storage, 1 terabyte of cloud storage free for 3 years, 12 free Gogo in-flight Wifi passes, and 100mb of LTE free for 2 years. That's a lot of perks with the purchase of a laptop. When you think about it, they probably are charging a lot less for the actual laptop.

I currently own a love my Samsung Chromebook 5 550 and you are right when you break it down. You are practically getting one for free...the 1tb storage would cost $1800 alone with Gogo at $150 minimum. But you can also buy, five new Samsungs or six Acer's. I would sell my current one for this if it was even have the price which is still pretty steep.

SSD isn't that big a deal. Take that away and replace it with a high performance drive and there are plenty of Ubuntu machines for under $1000.

A Vizio Thin n Light 14 inch ultrabook with 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD is selling for almost half the price at $700.

The key word here being Vizio. The average consumer would probably pay more for Google over Vizio, a relatively unknown company in the world of computing.

Yea, I'm not so sure about that -- when I think of Google products, I think of inexpensive. If I'm going to pay over $1400 for laptop, it sure as hell better run Adobe CS6 & my racing simulator (rFactor 2). The Pixel can do neither.

well, usually you get more memory, storage, and a lower price with an ultrabook, not to mention all the more stuff that can be done on an ultrabook...

What? The hardware is a midrange ultrabook (except for the screen, but thats it..).. there are upper end ultrabooks with 8x the storage of the Chromebook Pixel and i7 processors (which cost the OEM about $100 more just to buy from intel)

Yeah, I don't think so. My $199.00 Acer Chromebook is just fine. I could get an awesome Windows machine for that price, even a MacBook if I wanted to. I'm a big proponent of the Chromebook, but at this price for a browser based OS is just a novelty.

I agree 100%. I love my chromebook for quick/easy web tasks and such, but the software isn't there to justify that price even though the hardware looks great. Also, i don't think the software is really set up for a touch screen interface. Maybe they've got another update coming soon that will make it worth while, but not yet.

It is a high end laptop. The OS isn't "web-based" but many of of the apps require the internet. There are plenty of apps with offline mode as well.

An i5 laptop with 8GB, the highest resolution screen on the market, a 32GB SDD, and 1TB of cloud storage... sounds like the price is about right to me. As someone mentions below, you are too caught up on associating Chromebook with cheap.

Then, why don't you get one lol. I thought $800 would be a great selling price. Is $800 too cheap for something like this?

No such thing as too cheap, but Google would be taking a loss on a product that it doesn't need to. As many have pointed out, just the cost of 1TB of cloud storage for 3 years is more then the Pixel costs.

I tried to edit my comment before you replied lol. I probably should have read the product page before commenting in the first place. Sorry, for calling you dense. This is a great deal, especially if you're able to make good use of the included "goodies."

I just don't see the point of these Chromebooks. I can buy Nexus 7/10 with a bluetooth keyboard and get the same performance if not better for 1/3 the price. The fact that it requires and internet connection to work is insane, or does it have some sort of offline mode?

There are some things you can do offline (Gmail, Docs and stuff like that). It's more for the person that spends all their time in a browser, but also wants a traditional laptop. Maybe they like the attached keyboard, or bigger screen.

Well, after thinking some more... What if they combine Android and Chrome OS and that's what this is running? Then it wouldn't be too bad.

I don't think it would be to hard. With the specs any other linux distro should work great. I could see installing Ubuntu or Mint on this thing.

Yeah, no. I like it, the specs are great and it looks amazing. But for that price? No way. You can get a top of the line Ultrabook for that price. Heck, you could get an extremely portable Ultrabook (11.6" with touchscreen) AND a larger Ultrabook (13 - 15.6") for that price.

I'm sure there's a market for this, but not at that price point.

Whoa. It also comes with 1 terabyte of cloud storage:

"Pixel also comes with one terabyte of Google Drive cloud storage, free for 3 years, so you can store all your stuff online and access it from anywhere on any device."

The cloud storage alone, if you use the whole terabyte all three years, is worth roughly $3000. So they're probably trying to subsidize a lot of that in the price of the computer as well.

They throw out a number like that because they know the VAST majority of users won't come close to sniffing their storage limit with that. So they can throw out a number like that to be nothing more than a marketing talking point and it doesn't cost them much....especially when you factor in how much a GB of storage costs them.

And that's exactly something to be very wary of - if you intend to use this thing for more than 3 years, it will cost you a serious chunk of money to maintain that storage. Sure, in 3 years, prices for cloud storage will likely come down, but you'll still be left paying for *any* storage with this thing.

Sorry, for this price, it should have AMPLE local storage - 500gb to 1tb hard drive or a 256 ssd minimum, or include that cloud storage for something like 6 to 8 years - well beyond the useful life of the device.

It's insane to charge a serious premium for the device and then have to pay for a bandaid in the form of cloud storage down the line. I can't fathom what companies are thinking these days when it comes to storage. I just bought a high-end 256 gig ssd for $160. Absolutely zero reason that, for $1300, this thing can't include more than 32 gigs.

I just priced out ultrabooks for a friend, and with the exception the screen resolution, you can get every bit an equivalent to this for barely more than 1/2 the price.

Yeah. And then after 3 years you need a full time job just to find out where you can store all of that data so that you don't end up paying 1,000/year for it. These stupid limited time storage options are a joke.

After the three years, you can keep your files in the storage for as long as you want. You just can't add to that storage space unless you pay. So, if you fill up the entire terabyte of storage in three years, then you can keep all of your stuff there indefinitely.

Are you sure? I sure hope this is true, but want to make sure I won't have my information spontaneously deleted. Do you have a link confirming this?!msg/chromebook-central/7NNrIir2xAU/TXm...

At both links, the same question is addressed. After the free period, whatever files you have stored are still accessible. However, you have to purchase more storage if you wish to add to what you have. These links both mention the promo that came with the Acer and Samsung Chromebooks; however, I'd imagine that the same principle would apply to this promotion.

Hardware for the price is good, but the reaction online pretty much shows you what people think of ChromeOS (belongs on cheap computers and nothing more).

Not really, Google sold the chromebook as everyones computer. Ala The low price points. 1300$ isnt everyones pricepoint.
And honestly the thing is ugly, it looks like an old thinkpad just thinner, No thanks.

One thing I would like to know that I did not see in the article... if you get the LTE version do you get free LTE connectivity for life with unlimited data? That would certainly be a selling point...

According to the product page you get 100 mb/month for 2 years from Verizon included. Not bad but 100 mb is awfully small!

I'm not stepping into Macbook Air range for a Chromebook. $500 or so I probably would have considered it. Drop the touch input and cut the price imo.

It sounds like a wonderful piece of kit... by why price it in line with the Macbook? The pricing of the Nexus products have turned me into an Android convert but I am also a Mac user and to be honest if I wanted a notebook to compliment my iMac, I would probably go for a Macbook.
The jump in price from the £230 Samsung Chromebook to the Pixel is too great.

Something big is coming for Google I/O regarding chrome android, I just feel it. There are too many coincidences.

Giving what they said about he design, using as few lines and screws as possible... I'm thinking the battery would not be removable but later information would need to confirm that.

Ummm... NO.

Not only have they lost view of the mission, but now they'll have their first official FLOP.

I am pretty sure their first "FLOP" was the Nexus Q. Where I was originally really excited about both products, the cost for the functionality is just absurd.

Do you think you will pick one up Jerry? I really like it but yes it is pricey. I will heavily debate it though. Though my better half might murder me for bringing home another gadget.

So, what's the advantage of using this over a Nexus 5 with chrome on it and a bluetooth keyboard (besides the fact that the pixel is aesthetically 1000x better)?

You get extensions, but many are replaceable by apps. You get ports it that's your thing (but if you need local ports that bad, is a chromebook for you?) That's all I can think of.

A terabyte of cloud storage for three years is nice. But, let's be honest; the mainstream consumer will purchase a Macbook or a Windows Ultrabook before they pay $1300 for a web browser. I bought the Acer Chromebook because it is an absolute steal for $200. I refuse to pay an extra $1100 for a touchscreen lol

True, but I wonder how many people even have more than a few GB's to put up there anyway. I guess if the storage is important to you though, 3 years of 1TB costs $1800, so the pixel+3 years is actually cheaper.

This is why I want a Google designed phone. This thing is beautiful! But the specs aren't all that and the price is insane. That screen is amazing though, even if the verge said the touchscreen wasn't very responsive.

This just gives me hope that one day we will see a true "Google Phone" with an amazing design. All they have to do is get the specs and price right (which they could do)

Looks good and will get lots of front page attentions since it's a Google product. Mission accomplished.

Ahahahaha! That price is truly ridiculous. Spend that much and get a properly specced laptop that you can do actual things on. Shit that'll get you a half decent gaming laptop. Google is smoking some hardcore crack and I want some.

Ah come on Google really? $1300! You don't even have to pay to license the OS like an ultrabook.... Honestly I hope they come out with a lower end model. I have a CR-48 and I love it but it's getting dated. I want another Chromebook as I like what they are but there's no way in heck i'm making the jump from $free to $1300 lol. This isn't Windows 8 we don't need a freakin touch screen. I still do not trust cloud storage for anything other than my Xbox saves, so get rid of that too. Chrome OS is great but it is very limited as well which is why they have historically been much cheaper than full fledged laptops. Ditch the fancy bells and whistles keep the looks and cut the price in half AT LEAST! So disappointed right now.....

No, more like a Nexus 4, a Nexus 7, a Nexus 10, and a Samsung Chromebook. And 2 bluetooth keyboards for the 7 and 10.

Are they NUTS!? and I thought those ultrabooks with windows 8 were expensive, this just took the front seat.

in all seriousness though, the productivity of windows 8 vs the chrome os, c'mon google you cant be serious and want this OS to thrive do you??

32 GB of storage?? oh hell nawww lol

The 1 TB of storage is AWESOME for the 10 people who need that and don't already have an external hard drive. I just don't see the point of marketing something like that to less than 1% of the people that actually need it. If I have a terabyte worth of data to store, I already have a few places that it's stored. Cloud storage is a great idea but it's so expensive for what it is. And now they toss it in like it justifies an insane price of this device. Keep the device pure and let me decide if and when I need and want the storage. I can buy that myself if I need it.

Well I hope there is a market for it. I thought paying $500 for the Samsung Chromebook was stupid but this IMO is way worse. I will stick with my HP notebook that I picked up for less than $400 that came with Windows 8. In all sincerity, I hope this turns out well for them.

what kind of Macbook can you get for $1300?

I recently bought a Widows 8 Ultrabook and I love it.
Unfortunately, Windows 8 is driving me crazy(just like
on my desktop PC), so I ended up returning it.

Is it just me or is Windows 8 a really stupid OS?

While I dislike Apple products, I think I'm going to give
Macbooks a look. :(

MacBook Air. Cost less and works GREAT. Love my Note 2, hate the iPhone, but the MacBook Air rocks. And its a real computer.

I don't really understand why people are up and arms about this its an extremely well built product and you don't have to buy it. I personally own the acer one and I love it. I would never buy this chromebook and i think its just meant to show the premium side. The biggest thing for me that NOONE has pointed out yet is that this is the first device that I know of that google has actually made. It isn't made (or atleast branded) by another company like samsung or lg or asus. Can you imagine if they put this level of craftmanship to a true google made nexus device?! That has me extremely excited!

People are insulted that they would even introduce this sort of price.

Theres no way Google is making this themselves, unless they have built manufacturing facilities recently. Even Dell and HP and such contract the actually manufacturing to other companies.

The Nexus devices are that way probably because they were mainly designed by the OEM and Google simply tweaked some of the looks and specs. My Nexus 7 even says "MEMO" under its name, which shows its almost entirely Asus designed.

Google is NOT making this computer. They designed it by themselves but they are having a 3rd party actually manufacture it.

I will stick to my Prototype Chromebook and my Samsung Chromebook. For this cost, I will buy a FULL-BLOWN laptop.

Exactly. Why pay $1300 for something that isn't a full fledged desktop OS? At least with Windows or OSX you can do more than run Chrome web apps.

I have a feeling Google I/O will introduce features and software for this device that will make the cost of it more palatable to many.

Battery life still isn't as good as on my Samsung Series 5 Chromebook. Seems that no one wants to continue the awesome battery life that Chromebooks had two years ago.

agreed. I always felt that was one of its biggest strengths. Especially surprised that the ARM version doesn't have better battery life

Google, the success you had with Nexus7 pricing was amazing! why would you want a drop a 1300$$$ product on us when there are ultra books in $700 range.
Cman... u can do better than that...

Even though I currently have a Chromebook and absolutely love the thing. And although I dislike Windows 8 and wouldn't buy one of those devises for myself, I couldn't justify recommending buying this over one.

Theres absolutely no reason for anyone to buy this really. For $1300 you can get a $1000 ultrabook with an i5 and 1080p resolution (Asus Zenbook prime), and also a Chromebook for $300. The price is just too high.

Okay I take it back, if you were planning on purchasing 3 years of 1TB cloud storage, then yes you should buy this. For the rest of us who are fine using our hard drives, its a complete rip off

Why such an obscure resolution? I'd understand 16:10 but 3:2? Not really a complaint as the extra 100 vertical pixels are nice but it just seems odd.

Now that I think about it, this device will actually legitimize it if I end up buying a $1000 ultrabook.. I'll just think, hell this is $300 cheaper than a Chromebook already!

The price doesn't make sense. How do you go from $250 to $1300? The jump is ridiculous along with the price.

Is Google now forgoing the low cost devices? Will the next Nexus phone be $700?

This is way more machine than Chrome OS needs. Unless Google has plans to somehow merge Chrome OS and Android in some way similar to what MS is trying to do with Windows 8/RT.

Read this on another site:

"The price is a little high, but they are throwing in one terabyte of Google Drive storage, free for 3 years. Normal cost of Google Drive at that limit is $50 a month or $1800 over 3 years. It's basically a free laptop if you want that much cloud storage."

So maybe they'll soon end the cloud storage promotion and the price will drop...One can only hope...

I'll have a real comment if I stop laughing.

Edit: I thought I got to be in the Explorers Club for that price

If the 64gb model with LTE was $1,300, came with the free drive storage FOR LIFE and free LTE from Verizon FOR LIFE, I would jump on it in an instant. Just make sure that remote desktop works and I would be happy. But the time restrictions on the storage and connection make it a no go.

MacBook Air.
I'll just ruin the Chrome browser on it.

It's got all the specs of a good Ultrabook and I'm sure the display is killer.
You are paying for that touchscreen display.

Way overpriced.
So what if they give you 1TB cloud storage? With the Wi-Fi model, you're always trying to find a connection. With the LTE model, you're always banging up against data caps.

If data caps were not an issue, I would be more interested in this (or any other use for cloud storage). But, as it stands, the carriers have us locked into the dark ages because of stupid meaningless data caps.

Are you kidding me? How often do you do all of the following at once:

Use your laptop
Use 32GB of files in one session
Not have Wi-Fi

Normally, you would rarely use your laptop when not connected to Wi-Fi, and even then, can't you just fit your files for offline use in the provided 32 gigs of storage?

For me, Google just justified the price for the Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB... I would get that before getting this.

Compare to the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga (i5, 128 GB SSD) for $1149:
Yoga has a slightly larger (13.3-inch), less dense (1600x900 @138 ppi) multi-touch display, more SSD storage (128 GB - +$75*), more RAM (8 GB - +$25), and a proprietary OS (Windows 8 - +$100).

Ignoring the display and cloud storage, the Chromebook Pixel should cost around $950. Are you telling me that the difference in display and 1 TB of server space at Google (who has tons of it) for 3 years cost $350? For $50 more, you could buy a whole Nexus 10, which has an even denser display! If you ask me, they could have given it a 1920x1200 (176 ppi) display and 100 GB of Drive storage for 2 years and probably brought the price down to $1000 or less.

Even then, I don't see how a Chromebook that expensive can sell very widely. I have a Nexus 7. I could see myself possibly buying a Nexus phone in the future, and I'd buy a Nexus 10 if I wanted a large tablet. I could see myself buying a Samsung Chromebook if I had an extra $250. However, as much as I love Google and Chrome OS, I can't see myself buying a Chromebook (or any laptop, actually) for more than $1000. This is a luxury laptop with an OS normally associated with much more affordable computers.

Sidenote: I don't see it on

*Price differences are approximate and based on Amazon search results

I have to imagine that Google has something else in mind other than this particular product being a commercial success. Given the failure of the Q, and their success with the Nexus 4 and 7 they clearly understand the price points of the market. Its either meant to be a 'halo' product, or some type of indication that android/chrome integration is on the way, or something. Because they will never sell enough of these at the price point to make a meaningful impact on the market.

Wow, at least it's the perfect name... PIXEL, that thing is one big square.
Seriously, I like Google but could the design team come up with something that looks like it was designed at least in this decade? Specs look decent but I'm not sure what type of market they are going to pick up with this.

Dunno what all the concern is about the's on the Play Store, so I'm sure they only have one available.

Google, looks great but no way in hell I'm paying 1300$ for a laptop without dedicated graphics (preferably Nvidia). The Intel HD 4000 is far better than it's predecessors but still not on par with Nvidia graphics chips 2-3 years old.....

Unless Google turns ChromeOS into something that can go toe-to-toe with the likes of Ubuntu, I'm not even going to consider touching it. Out infrastructure isn't even ready to make a full-fledged online OS viable. C'mon Google, please give us a REAL Google-flavored Linux, not a crippled version that the current ChromeOS is.

And Google is still wondering why they only sell 100,000 Chromebooks per annum? Get real. Macbook Pro over this Pixel any day of the year, and I'm not an Apple fanboy, I'm just not stupid enough to pay this kind of money for a device that is basically a glorified browser...

Just purchased a new Dell XPS 12 - 12.5" touchscreen, i7 processor, 8G ram, 128G hard drive. Converts to a tablet and has windows 8 OS...

Paid about what this Chromebook is listed at... Yeah, about $500 too high for sure.