Usability tweaks and behind-the-scenes improvements for nearly all Chromebooks

The Stable channel of Chrome OS is being updated today to version 29.0.1547.57 for all Chromebooks (except the Lenovo Thinkpad X131e) with several improvements. First up is a new "immersive mode", which hides some of the chrome (pardon the pun) around windows and provides a nearly full-screen experience. 

The app launcher has also received a few tweaks, letting you pin apps to the shelf from the launcher with a simple drag-and-drop. The app launcher search has learned a few new tricks as well — it will dynamically learn what you search for most regularly, prominently highlight apps and offer web store results if you don't have an app installed.

Some behind-the-scenes improvements like a move to kernel version 3.8, wallpaper sync across Chromebook devices, two finger history navigation and fixes for monitor scaling are all included in this update as well. Be on the lookout for the download on your own Chromebook today.

Source: Chrome Releases

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BlueSauce says:

It's about Chrome OS.

icebike says:

Why do we cover that here?

I wager less then 1/100th of one percent of AC readers give a ratsass about ChromeOS.

Srambo217 says:

Really dude? AC can't post a quick article about something else in the Google universe or what? Guess they better remove all that Chromecast content as well.

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still1 says:

I love these troll comments. It look stupid when they do it.

comraderudy says:

definitely. it seems like the guys who bitch about android the most are the most clueless. coincidence? prolly not.

Chrome is the best mobile browser!! Winning

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MetalMike901 says:

Oh nice update. Am about to buy a chromebook for someone and this sounds even better.

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jvolzer1 says:

you oughta make a chrome central or something like that with all this chrome news

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yodatom10 says:

as an exclusive user. im very excited about this new update

kinster02 says:

Got the update a few hours ago.

via my Note 2

Srambo217 says:

Hopefully they fixed the HDMI out issue with the newer Samsung Chromebook. Can't believe they managed to break a bullet-point selling feature and not address it for so long.

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Srambo217 says:

Indeed it is finally fixed!!!

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