Ever wish that you could easily follow all of your favorite celebrities on Twitter without having to clutter your time line and risk missing something from a friend? Celebrity Tweets by XIMAD was designed with these users in mind and is a one-stop shop for your daily dose of randomness from celebrities. Once the application is launched it will take you to a very basic screen that allows you to select between favorites, people, trends or to make a search.

First-time users will enter the people tab to browse a list of over 300 celebrities and from here they are able to select various celebrities to become their favorites, which they can later easily access from the favorites tab on the main screen. Trends will allow you to easily view the top trending topics at that time on Twitter, and search will allow you to find a user without having to scroll through the list under people. If you enjoy following the life of some of these crazy celebrities, and prefer not to clutter your Twitter time line, this free application is certainly a must have for you!

If you have any feedback, or suggestions for the developer, be sure to leave them for XIMAD in their developer forum.


Reader comments

Celebrity Tweets app makes it easy to stalk your favorite celebrities


this is utterly disgusting. those who care so much about other peoples' lives that they're unlikely to ever even meet are wasting their time and the time of those around them..

Come on people... Let's face it, we all love reading about celebs, politicians and so on don't we..?!?!

So why wouldn't you just appreciate this app and the way it connects you with your favourite celebs.

I personally find this app really useful and helpful cause I do like to know what's going on in fashion, music and cinema world and thanks to this app I can do exactly that. :)

Not only that but from what i hear some people, like rain wilson from the office, and shaq have some pretty damn hilarious twitters. I have a twitter account but never use it and i'm only following like 3 people, but once i get my new phone may enter the world of twitter.