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It's Friday and we're in a great mood this week, especially since the latest iteration of the Android Central App has surpassed 50,000 downloads in its first month of release, which is wildly exceeding our expectations!

As a way to say thanks, we're going to give away 20 Android Central T-shirts. Just leave a comment in this post, and we'll pick 20 winners at random. We'll leave comments open through 5 p.m. Sunday to make sure everybody gets a chance, and this one's open to everyone. (We'll post the winners here in this post after they've been chosen, and we'll contact them by e-mail as well.)

Thanks again, everybody! Check out the all-new Android Central app if you haven't already, and be sure to leave a review!


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Celebrating 50,000 downloads of the Android Central app with a T-shirt giveaway!



I downloaded the app ever since it was released on the Play Store and I've been loving it so far. The new update is great, especially the new dark theme. Keep it up. :D

Pls randomly pick me!!!!!!!!
I have the android central app even on my windows rt tablet.

Loving the new app and dark theme, keep up the good work fellas!

Posted via Android Central App

Would love the AC T-Shirt! Love the app as well, although not a fan of the dark theme, prefer the light theme.

I'm always in need of a clean t-shirt! And this is even better than the free T-shirt days at Kauffman stadium! 'cept of course, they also have buck night every now & then... :-)

I just joined the Android world a month ago with my new Samsung Galaxy S 4
after having been with Apple from day one....I love it so far and this app is very helpfull and informative. ..good luck to everyone!! Thanks :)

Posted via Android Central App

Android Central app is the best app since sliced bread! I don't know if sliced bread is an app!

Love this app. Thanks for the dark option. It goes with the theme of my phone. Thanks for all your hard work

Turp415 Posted via Android Central App

Love the news from the app. Great shirt to add to my vacation clothing! :)

Posted via Android Central App

I have a new Nexus 10 coming in the mail and I want this app on it. Give me my shirt! :)

Everyone's odd of winning just decreased with this comment...except my odds which went from zero to something!

One thing's for sure, there'll be a lot of disappointed no-shirt-getters. In any case, congrats on the milestone, its a great accomplishment. :-)

I spilled my juice on my shirt reading this. I need a new one!! Pick me!!

Posted via Android Central App

I'd love to be sporting an AC t-shirt while using the app to get my daily fix from my favorite website. Congrats!

Posted via Android Central App

Congratulations on your fantastic milestone. As a former iOS user I have to say this site has kept me on the Android path and away from the dreaded Apple!

Amazing app for the best Android news site on the planet. This app brings the whole site to my phone.

Like that the app allows me to pick and choose just the articles that interest me most instead of having to look at every one as I did previously with an RSS reader.

Posted via Android Central App

Android Central is the best place for android news on the net and I'd be proud to wear their T shirt

I am having login issues with this app. Sent several emails for help with no reply. Am I the only one have this problem?

Other than that, a great app for reading articles on the go.

Great app !! Keep up the good work guys :D

^ even I was having an issue while posting the above msg through the app .. It kept on asking me to log in even though I already was !

Hope it would be fixed soon :D

Otherwise superb app :D

I love the app! The first version was really good for a beta.

Posted via Android Central App

JUST left verizon with a brand new S4 and this T-Shirt would seriously go great with it. also ... first app installed... android central app. solid. thanks guys!

Absolutely love the app, I use it every day! I also love Android Central tshirts

Posted via Android Central App

One of the best Android sites and an amazing app. Keep up the good work!!!

Posted via Android Central App

Version 1 was good, version 2 is even better. Really digging the app and updates. Keep up the good work.

AC rocks - my go to app for all things android

Posted via Android Central App

Love the app. I am hooked on it now keep checking for updated articles thanks

Posted via Android Central App

Congrats in the success of the app! I would wear a shirt proudly.

Posted via Android Central App with the HTC One

You have replaced my BW widget on my home screen. I spent more time swiping over to see what's going on with Android Central than I did any other widget so I moved you up. Great App, great site, great information. Thanks and keep it up!

Posted via Android Central App

Yipee! Can't have too many t-shirts :D

Posted via Android Central App

I still prefer the web page over another app. Of course, i have an older phone with limited memory. . .

Android Central has filled the huge hole in my heart left by PreCentral and the world of WebOS. Android in general but Android Central in particular have made me quite happy to have switched over. Thank you! ! !

Awesome app. And I need a shirt since I'm sitting around in my boxers.

Posted via Android Central App

I hope its not over yet and thanks for the app and giveaways

Posted via Android Central App

The app is the most amazing app in the Play Store. Thanks for all the hard work. Please hand me a T-Shirt, by the way - I'd love one!

Loving the dark them for the new app. Keep it up..... Oh yeah, need a t shirt too.

Posted via Android Central App

I would love to show my Android/AC pride to the world :)

Sent from the good ol' AC app 1.2!

Posted via Android Central App

Just been listening to your podcasts to get me through work. And now installed the app. Great giveaway. :)

Posted via Android Central App

Dark theme is perfect. Well done app without all the bloat. I seriously don't know why most apps are even over a single Meg.

I am especially happy about the dark theme added to the app. Thanks!

Free clothes are nice, too.

Xxxl please!

"If Mick wants his clothes back...He can climb down there and get 'em his bloody self"

This is one of the best apps out there, great work to help make it this Awesome :D

Posted via Android Central App

I'd love this t-shirt to show all my iPhone loving friends that I'm proud to be on Team Android

Awesome! Love the app, makes it easier to keep up with AC.

Posted via Android Central App

Want my free t-shirt please :-) Leaving this comment from the Android Central proves my dedication.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm using the app right now, and would like a T-Shirt to prove it!

Posted via Android Central App

The app is fantastic for staying up to on date on anything new that is android, and I would like a T-shirt.

Posted via Android Central App

I love the app... Almost as much as I'd love a T-shirt. Nobody wants to see me shirtless

Posted via Android Central App

Great app, reading your site and commenting more than I ever have.

Posted via Android Central App

I would love to have a t-shirt from you guys im always telling my friends about you guys and making them download the app and they emd up loving it.. it would be great and a honor to have your shirt to sbow the world about android plus I have alot of greens sneakers so it would be a plus to look cool and tech fashionable with a shirt ♡♡♥♥♡♡

Posted via Android Central App

Love the app, love the site, and would love and appreciate a tshirt much more than the previous 592 posters above me.

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