Year of the Horse collectible

Limited quantities go on sale Jan. 28

According to the Chinese Zodiac, this is the year of the Horse, and it seems fitting that for the upcoming Lunar New Year there's a special edition Android mini collectible available. As it regularly does, Dead Zebra, Inc. is releasing a limited run of the special "Year of the Horse" collectible for enthusiasts to pick up and proudly display.

If you're one to want these kinds of things, you'll have your chance on January 28th at 11am EST, and again that same day at 11pm EST. You can only purchase a maximum of two, as is often the case, and it's a good idea to have your account made and details all filled out before the sale as to order as quickly as possible.

Source: Dead Zebra

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Dat face

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net62957 says:

Hmmmmmm...........looks like voodoo DROID!

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pagger says:

These will be rare as rocking horse s#$t !

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Jax184 says:

I'm surprised AC hasn't released these as Christmas Ornaments... totally make me an android tree.

Ryan Oneill says:

Or you could buy from HypePulse now as they have stock

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kenyee says:

Bucked teeth? Really?? :-P

WadeWhiskey says:

The buck teeth thing is throwing me off lol still love the concept though

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alexlam24 says:

How much is it?

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neonworm says:

It looks kinda creepy...

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jrstark says:

How much is shipping?

Laura Knotek says:

This is really cool! I wonder if anyone who is an Android Central member will get one.

dratsablive says:

I just ordered two!

ACADM says:

Not available outside U.S.A.?

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