Carbon backup

From the developer behind the needs-no-introduction Rom Manager comes a new backup solution that not only syncs apps between devices -- it brings the app data long for the ride as well. Carbon (yes, it's called Carbon) uses Android's built-in backup feature and has several syncing options (or will at some point), but right now Google Drive's the way to go for cloud syncing. The gist is you can back up apps and app data from one device, and restore it on other. No muss, no fuss, mostly. But do remember that this is beta, so things are missing/wonky.

Carbon needs root access in this beta form (which will only work for a week, Koush says), but the finalized version should work on non-rooted devices, so long as they're running Android 4.0 and up. Hit the link below for more and to download the beta.

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Danrarbc says:

Hmmm, I can do this with Titanium already. But it can occasionally act weird. If this is more reliable using Android's own backup system I might switch - at least for app backup and syncing. Titanium still has other great uses.

kgeissler says:

I is this any different than Titanium Backup. TB backs up all my data to Dropbox, which I can download to any device. Maybe I am just missing the point of this app.

DWR_31 says:

Doesn't Titanium Backup need root access to backup your data? This app is saying the final version will work on non-rooted devices running 4.0+.
I think this will work great for those of us who have devices that we don't want to root.

codiusprime says:

Ding ding ding. We have a winner. Thanks for reading the article!

Titanium backup indeed requires root access.

318sugarhill says:

It takes a while for it to sink in. Although currently this requires root, the full release will not. I require root for 2 things. wireless tether and titanium backup. The back up feature not being available without root has been my biggest complaint of android. Even Blackberry can make a full backup for the common user. Iphone, simple backup with itunes. Why has it take a third party to develop this for Android???? And I'm glad Koush did. While I retain my unlimited, I will still root for tethering, but shared plans are slowing invading and will most likely kick my need for root for that in the future as well.

I have never rooted my wife's phone, and being the rezound the whole thing gets wiped with the unlock process, the release of a non root backup will allow me to finally root her phone without deleting everything on it.

Detonation says:

I've been using the app DataSync for this. Lets you sync app data between devices either over local Wifi or through dropbox and box. Works great for game progress.

MMcCraryNJ says:

lol Carbon lives!

Darrkman says:

Always happy with choices when it comes to backing up my phone.

Not so happy with the choice of name. The Carbon name = vaporware thats to those Twitter dudes. Hopefully this can overcome that stigma and clear the Carbon name. :-)

mech1164 says:

I was really hoping this was that OTHER CARBON. Oh well.

jsheehan223 says:

This...... This is good. I just wish I had a tablet to give this a test with.

KSmithInNY says:

Huh, wonder how long it will take until Carbonite backup's lawyers are knocking on the door.

If the US justice system somehow thinks people can want an iPhone but mistakenly purchase an Android device, I don't consider it a far stretch for consumers to confuse carbon backup and carbonite backup.

lightyear420 says:

I hope he enables dropbox soon....I got 50GB of storage there that I wouldn't mind using instead of Gdrive

bjb1959 says:

I already use Go Backup which does the exact same thing it appears. not sure what advantage this may have.

wraith404 says:

Being able to back up app data on 4.0+ devices WITHOUT ROOT.

Plus, I wouldn't give an app from GO root permission if they were the last developer on the planet.

kevron75 says:

Pretty good for a Beta release. My only complaints thus far is that there is no "select all" option and as you select apps individually it shows what apps are selected then eventually there is no room on the screen to select more apps. Other than that, it's a great start.

lightyear420 says:


I was only able to select 20 or so apps before I ran out of space and couldn't select any more

NoSpin says:

I love the icon, trololololololol

srkmagnus says:

I think a lot of people are missing the point. It's a backup solution which is accissible from multiple devices and files can be restored directly to the device without having to download the backup file and restoring it in app.

With titanium backup, you need to upload the file from another device in order to access it on the go...and if you forgot to backup a particular app then you will just have to wait or re-download from the Play Store with no data.

This is a great app that enhances features not provided by Titanium or My Backup...access to other devices on the go is the selling point for me. If Titanium or My Backup already provide this feature then please excuse me as I didn't know...

If youre not rooted this wont backup your data only the apps, just like go backup. If youre rooted it will just like go backup, its better than Titanium backup, you have to do apps one by one and install them with Titanium, this and go backup just do it by themselves. I havent used carbon though so i dont know if its like go backup, go backup its way better.

srkmagnus says:

Huh? You can batch backup/restore with titanium, so no need to do one by one. My point is that I can view apps on other devices and restore/backup on the go.

Also you can save your backups to dropbox with go backup so you can restore on any device too.

Mobius360 says:

Hope they get this working as their hoping on non rooted devices.

Saneless says:

I'm glad to see solutions pop up. I'm not glad that developers have to do this because Google hasn't done it themselves.

Android NEEDS to have something like this built-in if it wants people to have one less major thing to bitch about. The biggest issue is that the #1 first line of defense for every carrier is "Factory reset your phone" no matter what happens. If I have dead pixels, I'll need to reset. If my speaker is crackling, hard reset. If I can see pieces of the charging circuit fall out of the phone, they'd want me to reset first.

Having a quick backup would make millions of people's lives easier, I'm not sure why they don't do it. (and I'm Rooted, so I titanium the hell out of any phone for this very reason).