Carbon for Android

Developer, after months of silence: 'We're back ... we're listening'

You're going to meet the following sentences with a great deal of skepticism. And you should. For it's been the more than a year since we first heard that Carbon, an excellent Twitter app that originated on webOS and then made (briefly) it to Windows Phone, would be coming to Android. It's been six months or so since one release window came and went. Another passed by in September. And then, Carbon disappeared without a trace, leaving the odd (odd) blogger to tell tales of alpha testing late at night after many beers. So, you're right to be skeptical. We all should be.

Only today the developer, through the @CarbonAndroid Twitter account, tweeted the following:

No ETAs. No hints yet as to what, when and how we'll ever see Carbon for Android. Just "We're back!" Read through the Twitter stream. Read the replies to folks who were thinking what you're probably thinking now. Read the mea culpas. Is Carbon back? Will it stand a chance in a world in which Twitter itself is clamping down on third-party clients, and apps like Falcon Pro have achieved near universal approval? We'll see. But we're definitely keeping one eye open for it again.

Source: @CarbonAndroid; via Android Central Forums

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FD2 says:

I think the developer trolled people one too many times. Even if its free and does drop one day, I have lost all interest in anything he makes.

sensory says:

Trolled is accurate. I couldn't care less if they keep having setbacks and are forced to delay the release, but at least keep your potential userbase in the loop! This is the first I'm even hearing of the developer(s) dropping the project.

They tried to be more involved after I had a go at them on G+ but even that wasn't enough.

I'm happy with Falcon Pro, personally. I don't want anything to do with these devs and their selective openness.

Jezz_X says:

Honestly with all the delays I have zero confidence anymore that you would get bug fixes and updates in any timely manner once or is released anyway so why bother

MMcCraryNJ says:

With Falcon Pro out and the developer of that being so awesome, I see no reason for Carbon to be released anymore.

icebike says:

And that goes for 6 or 8 other Twitter apps on the market as well.

Seriously, the twitter space is so crowded, I can't understand why AC wastes their time running these stories. At least wait till its out and reviewed so cool new apps like Falcon don't go un-noticed.

Premium1 says:

They have been saying this for months. E developer seems to just be trolling everyone..

They already have everyone hating them and we have FalconPRO. Forget about it.

zero157h7 says:

I am not going to allow myself to get excited about it but if they ever release, I will download it. I don't care how great Falcon Pro is, that does not mean that someone else can't one up them. Heck, I went back to Plume after using Falcon because of the lack of the widget. You guys that are saying they should not bother must think that every new phone is pointless when we had such great phones before.

FD2 says:

Not at all. Clearly you have not been here since he started teasing it. Its been well over a year. Hard to believe in something that the developer has quit on several times.

Mobius360 says:

Falcon has a widget or am I not understanding you correctly? It's just a separate download.

You don't care about Falcon Pro, no one else cares about what you like. It goes both ways. Move along.

Thanks for the source credit Phil!

commonplace says:

I guess technically it's not vaporware, since it did see the light of day in some form or fashion, but still. Ridiculous. At least Chris Lacy came right out and told his users he was stopping development of Tweet Lanes, and gave his reasons why.

commonplace says:

I also think it's funny that another Carbon (the backup app) will be out before Carbon (the Twitter app) is out.

shingi_70 says:

Have Falcon Pro so I don't really care. Dude should have focused on the windows phone and windows 8 market.

I used Carbon all of the time on webOS. I use Twitter rarely on Android. I'll be perpetually waiting.

Timelessblur says:

Sorry this is just vaporware until something is released. The dev has one to many times cried wolf and delivered empty promises.

VDub2174 says:

I was excited for this at one point but lost interest. The only thing I'll believe is my eyes when I see it in the Play Store.

I want to use Falcon Pro, but until it supports multiple accounts, it is a no go for me. If this supports multiple Twitter accounts right out of the gate (assuming it is ever actually released) it could be better than Falcon Pro.

Just my opinion

vansmack says:

Mantei Teo's girlfriend is more real than this app.

Darkbandit says:


+ 9000

Besides the fact that this app had one too many stop and go's, the developer for this app (Dot1ne or whatever) is a complete ass. Always saying the app is around the corner. Saying over and over that he's gonna do it, but never does. Then he calls other ppl trolls for spreading rumors of it being cancelled. Well not obviously we see that it was scrapped.

Don't tell this guy that nobody cares though. FalconPRO FTW. The developer for this app is what I thought the dot1ne would be like. Fast, smooth client. Timely updates. If only they'd constantly communicate with users like the Boid team does.

XavierMatt says:

We don't need anyone but Falcon Pro!! This Carbon mess is obsolete before it even got started, no one likes the Devs.

It'll be too late for them unfortunately even if they finally DO actually release their software.

asd216 says:

I will download it because I like to try new things but, only if it's free. I won't spend one dollar on this app.

I bought falcon pro and love it. Has awesome features although I think the UI could have been done little nicer but none the less, it's still the best twitter client on android.

Dot1ne is a douche bag for how he handled the situation. I think he was worse than LeBron James when he bounced on the Cavs lol.

amateurhack says:

I would try carbon if it ever actually shows up. It was the best twitter app on webOS back when I still had a pre. I use tweetcaster pro now. It supports multiple accounts and and has a full feature set, probably fuller than what Carbon had. But Carbon was much more elegant and intuitive to use.

I'm not holding my breath though.

Release Date: 12/21/2014.