Punch Quest

8-bit glory at it's finest, Punch Quest is fast, furious and fun

Cheesy 8-bit graphics and sound, insane fast game play and super easy controls make Punch Quest my instant new favorite game on Android. It's an old-school side-scrolling arcade fighter, where you throw overhand punches and uppercuts to work your way through the dungeon filled with some pretty evil characters. There are power-ups, mini-bosses and plenty of pottery to break, and you even get to ride a dinosaur that shoots laser beams from its mouth.

Dinosaurs and freaking lasers!

There are in-app purchases if you want to play that way, but I'm zooming through the levels without using any. If you like a little gaming on your Android device, especially if you're a fan of pixel art and old-school titles, grab this one for a buck from Google Play. The game trailer is after the break so you can see just how much fun this one is.


Reader comments

Buying Punch Quest from Google Play is the best way to spend 99 cents ever


*Waiting for the idiot to complain about Jerry posting things he likes from Google/Android*

This game is a blast!

I'm sorry, but I must point out that in the last few words of the first paragraph, you say, "laser beams from it's mouth." This is incorrect punctuation, as the contraction would mean "laser beams from it is mouth" or "laser beams from it has mouth." The correct sentence would use the proper singular possessive and say, "laser beams from its mouth."

P.S. I'm kind of a 13 year old freak about English, so, uh, yeah.....

Sounds like you can stand toe-to-toe with anyone in a round of verbal fisticuffs! A pernicious ability, indeed...

Great game.

Stinkysock. I must point out your correct. I r not good at the grammar speak but you'rs is good. Your gonna to go nuts if you have a personal quest to correct everything that aren't bestest grammar.

I was watching this and all I could think in my head when seeing the "Punch Quest" was "Thank you for tuning in for the "" champion spotlight.Please subscribe to the Riot Games YouTube channel."

After watching the video, I can't think of a single reason why actually playing the game would be necessary.

Now I have this game on my iPad and android phone! Woot! I'm so excited to never having to stop punching things lol

That is the incorrect word that you used. Instead of it being a "waist" of 99 cents, it would be a waste of 99 cents.

Love this game. First played it on iOS and i have been waiting for it to come to Android ever since.
And it's also hilarious.