Red Nexus 5

That is, if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area

Google Play is offering overnight shipping for about $19 if you are looking to pull the trigger on a red Nexus 5 today, but if you happen to live in the San Francisco area you can have it delivered today for free. Google's up-and-coming delivery service, Google Shopping Express, is making its debut delivering items from Google Play today with the Nexus 5, and it's a pretty sweet system.

Primarily used for regular shopping items such as home essentials and food, Google Shopping Express acts as a middleman delivery service to pick up things you just don't want to leave the house for and deliver them to your door the same day. The service is currently operating at a very limited capacity — hence the geographical restriction — but to entice folks to take advantage it's free for the first six months if you sign up.

And that means you can pick up a red Nexus 5 (either 16 or 32GB) for the same price as Google Play, not pay any shipping costs and have it today rather than several days from now. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to get a few more people trying Google Shopping Express to us. You can order from on the web at the source link below, or from the Android app at the link above.

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Buy a red Nexus 5 and have it delivered today via Google Shopping Express


I want this phone so bad I can't stand it. But I'm trying not to spend $2000.00 this year on phones like I did last year. I have an addiction.

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I'm just waiting on the Yellow one to choose which is best for me.

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(ZeroLemon 7000mAh battery)

I wish I could spend that much on phones. I'm lucky if I spend $200 every 2 years on phones

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Google Shopping Express is fantastic. I have my monthly Target order coming tonight, but don't particularly like the Red version of the phone, so I'll wait.

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$5 per store delivery fee is absolutely worth it, especially when you're not allowed to tip. I won't have any problem continuing to use the service when it's no longer free at that rate.

My biggest suggestion to the program would be to allow multiple accounts, that way the Mrs and I can add items to one order without her having to log in to my account.

Didn't know they already had it priced. That sounds pretty good, but I'll probably use the service a lot less. Right now I'm totally taking advantage of its freeness and ordering between 1 and 3 items at a time as I need them. It would be hard to justify having a single stick of deodorant delivered for $5 when I run out. For a big order $5 is a no brainer though.

No offense, but I think that's the point of the fee...

Google is willing to subsidize your shopping if you're willing to reveal a lot about yourself. They are not willing to do so if you only reveal a little bit.

I don't care about revealing more of what I buy to them. If they delivered perishables I would use them for more than midweek refills of various items. As it is though, I still have to go to a grocery store at least once a week to get meat, produce, dairy, etc, and while I'm there I get most other things I need too, so Google Shopping always ends up being just a light use service for me.

Google Shopping Express has been an awesome experience thus far. I am really curious to see the finer details of the system as my 6 month free trial is set to expire at the end of March. I wish this shipping option was available on November 1st.

When your 6 month free trial expires, you will continue to get new 1 month free trials each month. They haven't started charging anyone for it yet, as far as I know.

See as how I am currently waiting on a nexus 5 that was supposed to arrive today but UPS instead left one of those annoying 'recipient wasn't present' notes I have to say that I hate anyone who benefits from this deal!

Jk. This is just one of many reasons why I wish I lived in San Francisco...

Thxz for the heads up and don't use the word niggles,you almost got cussed!! Sorry,I couldn't let that one pass.

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