BlueStacks, that nifty little Android app player bound for PCs everywhere, is out of its alpha stage and heading into beta "soon." BlueStacks will sync the apps on your smartphone or tablet and store them in its own cloud, where they will then be accessbile on your Windows Vista or 7-powered PC. BlueStacks is free and works so well that it earned itself CNET's coveted "Best of CES" title at this year's show. Hit the source link to sign up for the beta and be sure to sing out when you become one of the lucky chosen ones. 

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BlueStacks app player out of alpha, beta-bound "soon"


A Windows 8 tablet that runs every Windows app ever made + Blue Stacks which can run about 90% of all Android apps = The death of Android tablets. Why pay $400-$500 for an Andriod tab that gets *close* to a full experience when you can go for the Windows tab and have your mobile life and home life in one device? Powerful stuff they have going here.

Because windows SUCKS and is the biggest POS an IT TECH could ever imagine. Better off getting a Transformer Prime and RDP'ing to your desktop for Windows crap. I'd like to see a Windows tab (or any other) go for a week in between charges while it gets used for hours every day. Also, windows tabs are way more expensive, waste if $$$....

Windows 8 tabs are going to be using the same hardware as android tabs next year. Therefore the pricing will be the same. And seeing as how they will be using the same hardware the battery life on them is going to be almost identical. So really your argument has become invalid. Now if the OP said windows 7 tablet I would agree with you but he did not. Now one thing you need to do is some research before you start going off on a rant, because when you assume you make an ass out of yourself.

You are a dork. For one, the battery life of that MS-Windows tablet would be a small fraction of an actual Android tablet... or it would weigh twice as much.

And perhaps some of us don't describe a "full experience" as one that requires access to MS-Windows applications.

I have had it for about 5 months and there are only 2 or 3 apps that I use on my phone that can be used on my pc. They have about 20 total apps that will work or are already on their cloud service. Unless they get better at applying the apps to the cloud it is not worth the space on the phone or the resources it uses on my pc. It uses the widget bar in microsoft and we know how many people love the widget feature in windows.

really? ive used it for just as long and have been able to get a ton of apps running just fine with this app. are you sure your doing it right? check out forums for more information. there is alot of apps that work. i play online games with it all the time.

Its not difficult to do... select the apps on your phone that you want to use in the bluestacks app, click sync and done. I dont know how much easier or different it can be done. out of the 25 I have tried to sync only 4 work. I havent tried syncing since the last update because I was dissapointed with it so maybe I will give it another go.