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Just in time for the final shows of the season, the Blue Angels -- the U.S. Navy's Flight Demonstraion Squadron -- finally has its own official Android application.

First things first -- the Blue Angels app is $1.99, with proceeds going to the National Naval Aviation Museum Foundation. With that out of the way, the apps's a nice little portal into the Blue Angels, with show information (including maps), "news" (which is really just a Twitter feed) and then the meat of the matter. You get a roster and bios of the entire team (not just the pilots), info on the aircraft (including Fat Albert), and a list of all the manuevers the Blues (and, again, Fat Albert) do during a show. The maneuvers are the really slick part, with graphic showing the basic move. Video's just a touch away, however, and then you get a three-camera look at what it's like inside and outside the F/A-18. Very cool.

Our only real niggle here is that the app's a bit on the slow side, and be sure to not hit your phone's back button. But otherwise, it's a cool look into the Blues and the people who make them happen, and a nice way to support the Museum Foundation.

We've got screen shots, hands-on video and download links after the break.

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Blue Angels Android appBlue Angels Android app

Blue Angels Android appBlue Angels Android app

Blue Angels Android appBlue Angels Android app

Blue Angels Android appBlue Angels Android app

Blue Angels Android appBlue Angels Android app

Blue Angels Android app


Reader comments

Blue Angels app for Android


WOW!Thanks for posting this! I wish I had it last month when I saw them at MCAS Miramar. I'll download it now!

This is going to sound douchey, but I find it hard to pay for any app that is just a crappy port from iOS.

You need to go to the National Naval Museum of Avation and you would understand why supporting them is such a great thing. I would donate $2 just for touring the museum, even though they don't charge admission.

I remember going to the shows back when I lived in Pensacola, FL (PNS). The Blue Angels are still really awesome. They do shows at NFL games on occasion, as well as other events. They deserve more than just $2.00, so please do us all & yourself a favour and stop sounding douchey. Thank you

Being from Pensacola.......this is awesome. I've gone to at least 1 show a year all my life, and I plan on keeping that going. They are a blast to watch, are by far the best flight demonstration team, and are only 20 minutes away.

Is it a great app. No. Is it an exact port of the IOS app? yep. Will I be paying the buck 99? Absolutely. I live in Pensacola and enjoy going to the Museum of Naval Aviation. My kids have a great time there and we also enjoy going to the Blue's practice shows. I do what I can to support the museum and if buying this app will help I'll do so happily.
With all that said it really does seem like a pretty cool app and easily worth $1.99.

I spent a month in Pensacola this summer and saw their show at the beach during "Blues Week". I've seen them in Charleston as well. This app is well worth $2 if you're going to see a show, since it is way too loud to hear any announcements about what maneuvers they're doing.

I've also been to the Naval Aviation Museum and it is incredible. Two worth reasons to buy this app.

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How can I get on my Transformer?