Blockbuster has finally unleashed its Android application (see our hands-on) to the masses. Whether traveling, hanging out, or just in the mood to rent and watch a movie, the Blockbuster application will allow you to do so, right from your handset, and you also can purchase the movie. Also available built-in on the Droid X, the Blockbuster application also integrates with the Blockbuster On Demand service, so you are able to resume a movie you were watching from any other device with Blockbuster On Demand. There are no monthly fees associated with the application, just the rental and purchasing costs of the movies, which leads me to ask, why is this not already installed on your device? Hit the jump for the download information.

Update: The good folks at Blockbuster got in contact with us, and there's been a bit of a snafu.  The app wasn't supposed to be made available for all devices just yet.  The application gets optimized for each device by working with the OEM's and carriers, and we were assured that Blockbuster is in the process of getting the application optimized for other devices.  In the meantime, the app has been unpublished from the market and is once again only available for the Droid X.


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Blockbuster Application makes its way into the Android Market [updated]


I know two people that have one and they're both feeling buyer's remorse because the Motorola MotoBlur/NotBlur/KindaBlur UI drags ass, even with all the hardware that the Droid X packs. It's a shame too, because one of them is a new Android user and it's not making a great first impression. He's most likely going to return it and buy an iPhone 4, his opinion of Android forever stained. Thanks Motorola.

Yea that was my perception also. But since I put LauncherPro on there, that lag and drag is non existent. Homescreens and menu scroll transitions are smoooooooth. My only complaint is that the ability to resize some of the moto widgets isnt available while using LP. But still, that trade off is well worth it. The 3D scrolling in the app tray is always nice to watch. It the little things that matter. :)

If you pay for the Plus version, you do get support for Moto's widgets, although it's still glitchy from what I understand. At lwast resizing is there.

All the bloatware sucked in my opinion but more than that, out of the box the camera would shut off after it was open for a few sec, I did two factory resets and it finally worked. But then the WiFi went south, as did the volume of the phone (not that it was great to begin with). At the end of the first week with it I knew that I didn't want to hold on to it past the return date "hoping" 2.2 would give it some special ability to not be sub-par, baring some unforeseen uber-phone, I think I'll be going with the DinC!

blockbuster is still around? netflix needs to get cracking on a flash version. so i can watch all the crap i want for 9 bucks a month

Why haven't I downloaded it? Because as a company they suck. I want blockbuster to die a slow and painful death. Thanks to netflix I think they are :)

Thank you BlockBuster .... Google needs to get on thier shit with something NATIVE FOR video downloads / streaming. Word is that its coming in GingerBread...... but for now, time to check out BBUSTER APP!.... FOr those knocking it that havent tried it.. grow up

Seriously? You want them to die a painful death? Competition is always good. It's never good when one company has all the market.

Everybody's knocking the Blockbuster app, but at least it let's you watch new releases unlike Net flix. I have both and I have to say that until net flix starts letting you stream new releases I think Blockbuster is better. And Net Flix needs to get off the pot and hurry up with the Android app, If they are so superior then why does Blockbuster have app and Net Flix does'nt?

Blockbuster got a deal with the studios to keep new releases off NetFlix and Redbox for 28 days. The studios think by keeping the cheap outlets from renting them, people hungry for new stuff will rush to the store and buy it. Unfortunately, they're just encouraging more torrenting and further reducing sales. Morons.

guess it's not for android 1.5 because I don't see it on the market. Also, netflix would rule the world if it offered games oh yea and an android app. I keep blockbuster around just to rent games for home. Oh... i wish blockbuster stayed around. Nothing like a monopoly.

More competition better prices. The only answer to over priced junk. Come on netflix, let's get it together.

I won't be purchasing any movies, I'll be getting BluRay for those movies I want to keep in my library, but I may Rent one or two when I travel. I still haven't seen if they allow a month to view, and 24 hours after viewing starts, as iTunes does, but assuming they do, I'm OK with it.

I hope Blockbuster does survive, taking out competition is a consmer's best friend.

It did the same thing to me and I deleted it right away...Think I'll wait on a NetFlix version. Glad to know it wasn't just me.

Blockbuster with all the ways in which it offers movies is a much better solution imho. I mean the application is only one part but with on demand, kiosks and the new total access programs which offers unlimited movies (including blue-ray) and now GAMES! for one price and no late charges is hard to beat. Much better than Netflix or Redbox.

I used to be a member of the online Blockbuster program, but I switched after Netflix launched on the Xbox 360 and the Wii. Since Netflix will be on Android anyway, I see no reason to switch back, and being a former Blockbuster employee, I can tell you that the company is a sinking ship and this is just a last stand effort on their part.

I can activate on the device. It keeps force closing when I try. I am hopeful about this app. When I saw it on the HTC HD2, I was kinda jealous. I want a good app that I can download or stream movies. So, back to my issue, why is my EVO force closing?

very sly...never does it say i won't be able to watch rentals on my phone. i rented inglourious bastards with my evo but now i will have to watch it on my pc or tv b/c my evo is not a "compatable device" unless i did something wrong. the only two compatable devices are the droid x and the hd2. maybe AC should have mentioned this in their article, i don't think i missed it. besides if the app is in the market, i would think i would get full use of it. gotta say i'm kind of pissed. gonna get my 3.99 back and delete app till i can watch the movies on my evo..

I normally don't criticize apps publicly because as a software developer, I know how hard it can be to avoid bugs, especially when dealing with so many different target devices.

However, this app is so full of serious bugs that it's unusable for a large portion of users. I was unable to do anything without a force close on my EVO 4G. I couldn't sign in, couldn't activate, and even experienced a force close every single time I tried to view the help/FAQ section. From reading the Market comments section, it appears that this is a very common problem on a wide variety of phones. Truly pathetic!

Their QC process was woefully inadequate. It seems like they don't even have a free preview video for you to see how well it works on your phone. It is an absolute junk app. If Blockbuster developed this internally, they need to fire the managers that oversaw development and testing. If they contracted with a company to develop it, they should cancel the contracts and sue the developer for a full refund.

Seriously, it's the worst app I've tried on Android. I can deal with bugs, but this is just useless. Don't waste your time.

I agree with everyone else. BlockBuster will be closing. 18.00???? hmmm I pay 11 for netflix and that includes bluray access. I stream more then I receive movies. And when Netflix comes to android and you can watch your movies on your phone and it's included in the price...

well installed and activated fine. bought a movie, and it does show up in purchased movie cue. so i went to start the download to my evo 4g... not... got an error message: "No compatible profile available for download" figures! in my account information on line it shows my device as a Samsung. this sucks!!! dont download until fixed.

This is precisely why they should have a test video that you can try to see if it works on your phone. Now you're out $4 and stuck with something you can't use. Sorry to hear it.

i agree... im not really into bashing blockbuster to bad although i am fairly pissed... but i wish they could have gotten the bugs worked out prior to releasing the app to the market. they had to of known that evo 4g owners were probably the people that were gona jump all over this app today and therefore most certainly should have set up a device type of "evo 4g" for this app prior to release. doesn't make sense. i would like to use this app.

blockbuster says its Moto DX only. The movie I purchased won't download to the EVO. Does not state Droid X only. Blockbuster was cool about it tho,,n said they will refund my 3.99 in a few days.

so they are going to refund your money, cool... did they say they were going to fix the issue and make it available for the evo... because if they dont then why even make the app available in the market. what is there problem???

The cs rep said they hope to add device with future kno what that means, but we need some type of dedicated video store for the Evo, for Android in general. .

add devices in the future... seriously now... then why release the app to the market place today? well we no why... movie purchases "($$$)! kind of a slimy thing to do! make it right blockbuster ASAP... like immediately, or remove the app... immediately!

Blockbuster is horrible. They are trading at $0.17 while netflix is $118 LOL

They will go down forever.

people aren't dumb, well maybe a couple. $3.99 to rent a movie on your phone. Redbox is 1.00 for DVD and 1.50 for Bluray.

Just die already Blockbuster, or get the hint, lower your prices, shit.

i dont want blackbuster to fail... and im willing to pay $3.99 to watch a movie on my phone because im always on the move... but they never should have released this app until they had an evo 4g device setting. they made a few bucks tonight... put it to work and fix the app asap... like tomorrow! weekend overtime for the coders!

We know we can buy/rent a dvd or blu-ray, but i want to be able to watch movies on the evo while im on a flight or something. dont always want to have to pull out the ipad or the laptop. AN I agree with a few others in the people who want companies to fail dont understand the repercussions. we will see how much you like netflix when there is absolutley no competition to keep them honest. n dont get me wrong,,i love netflix also, but as consumers our loyalties should be to choice..and not any one brand....CHOICE IS GOOD FOR CONSUMERS!!!! Remember that!

Exactly. I just switched from Netflix to Blockbuster today actually.

The Blu-ray and game rentals included in the price were too good to pass up.

You know what gets me about alot of you on here. you dont THINK. first of all you keep comparing netflix to blockbuster. well lets see.

both NETFLIX and BLOCKBUSTER have movies by mail
both have streaming movies to download
both are priced roughly 16.99 a month for 2 out at a time plans.


with BLOCKBUSTER you can return your online movies to the store and get a FREE rental for each one you return to the store.

BLOCKBUSTER gets movies a whole 28 DAYS EARLIER than redbox or netflix!

BLOCKBUSTER has BLU RAY AND GAMES INCLUDED in their online plan at no additional charge!

so for those of you who think NETFLIX is magically gonna come out with their android app and only charge $9 a month for unlimited movies on the app your SADLY MISTAKEN. They would lose money with their online business and lose customers if they did that. they have to stay competitively priced. prices between netflix and blockbuster are the same. check out both websites. but the big difference is blockbuster has way more options. there is clearly no comparison when it comes to value between the two. but if you want to use netflix and wait 28 days for new movies and wait 2 days without a movie while your next one ships in the mail then go ahead! but stop posting on here and complaining!

Ummmm yeah I just wanted to watch the movie on my phone and they sure made it seem like I would be able to do just that. They could have made a clear list of compatible devices or not made it available on the market to those who can't properly use it. Us evo users want to watch media on our phones, that's what we thought we would be able to do. We can't. I don't see a problem with people pitching bout that and that seems to be the biggest complaint here

Obviously Netflix is very competitively priced, they've received tons of new members since providing instant streaming, regardless of it's content, and they've been destroying Blockbuster in the process. Blockbuster receives SOME movies earlier than Netflix and Redbox because those movie studios fear that the success of Netflix and Redbox is cutting into their DVD/Bluray sales. And since Blockbuster attempts to sell movies as well (at ridiculous prices), it's still in studios best interest to provide new movies at movie stores. But truth be told, Blockbuster's goin down. And once the stores start closing, the only perk they'll have is that exclusive 28 days on some movies (til the next time deals are made). In the meantime, Netflix will continue advancing their instant streaming services and will keep pulling in the rest of Blockbusters customers.

Blockbuster store rentals are too expensive, $5+ for a new rental for 1 night on Bluray, 2 nights DVD. And $8+ for a game rental. That's even more of a joke, when 90% of the games on the wall are 2 years old and are only worth $15 new.

ALSO, Netflix didn't charge for the ipad app.. why would they on android?? ... id say you're the one who needs to THINK..

again you speak of things you dont know. you say blockbuster sells movies at ridiculous prices? i just purchased 5 movies for $20 all newer titles last week. i think that is a great deal. second blockbuster will never go down. the studios will not allow it. if anything they will get bought out. the name will be kept and things will remain the same. now again you keep comparing netflix which offers way worse value compared to blockbuster online.

ALSO rentals ARE NOT $5 for one night. they are $5 for 5 days. which equates to a dollar a day. and bluray is price the same. and if you dont believe me call your local blockbuster and see for yourself. and you putting down the game prices is crazy. its 9 dollars for 5 days which comes out to $1.80 a night. this is fairly priced. Family video charges $2.50 for one night! so for five nights you would pay $12.50.

you are just jumping on the "blockbuster sucks" bandwagon cause your a follower. if you hate the app then that is one thing. but comparing them to netflix is ridiculous. so it is YOU again who needs to think.

who's the blind follower? your defense doesn't hold up, i said $5 for one night for NEW movies. YOU go check YOUR local blockbuster. I'm very aware of their services. I didn't say movies that have been stocked at blockbuster for >30 days (beyond that and they remove the "new" sticker from those movie cases) and rent them for $5 for 5 days. And those 5 for $20 movies are not NEW movies (1-2 weeks new). Please stop being so ignorant. And for your information, i've been a customer of both blockbuster online and netflix, (even at the same time), so I think I can share my opinion on the matter. Certainly not jumping on any bandwagons.. Blockbusters shares are worthless, and they've even been delisted on NYSE. It's not a bandwagon. But keep replying, please. We'd all love to hear more childish whining.

where are you getting your information?!? new releases are FIVE DOLLARS FOR FIVE DAYS not five dollars for one night. my neighbor works there so stop making stuff up. and anyone on here can call their local blockbuster and verify that. and you mention their stock? you wanna know why their stock hit so low? its cause they did the no late fees promotion and instead of people keeping their movies for an extra day or two they kept them 30 days late. people took advantage of the no late fee 's thing. so again keep jumping on the bandwagon if you want but stop making up lies. and I just bought the movie "kick ass" from there for $15.99 that is not an unreasonable price for a new dvd.

lol, you're still at it..? You must live in the middle of nowhere if those are your areas prices. It seems that each Blockbuster has the right to price the rentals however they feel its worth in their area. In my area, these are the prices they have set. I never needed to show them my card, that's how much I used to go there.. So I know the prices in my area.

And that promotion didn't bring down the whole company, lol.. please. It's their competition! That promotion was only for corporate stores. Franchised stores can set their prices and promotions however they like, and not many of those individual stores went w/that promotion. Why would i make up lies lol.. again, please try being a little less ignorant.

Blockbuster only started rentals by mail because of the success of Netflix. And they only started rentals via kiosk because of the success of RedBox. And they finally started streaming rentals to counter Netflix streaming movies.. They're NEVER ahead of the game! They're only trying to do whatever the others do just to survive. But it doesn't look like they'll be for much longer.

Blockbuster is notorious for losing movies in the mail, ridiculous business models that are blatantly trying to rip of the consumer. I'm sure netflix will charge per movie on the android app but the will not be charging ridiculous fees and horrible 24 hour licenses for $4!!

well just installed the app and forced closed every time i did anything so i deleted it and well no i dont have service it wont even give me a bar i have a x where the bars are i am pissed

Well that was a waste of force closes, rent prices are unbelievable, and they didnt even have Office Space!!!!! WTF??????!!!!!

I'm stuck with it since I have a Droid X, but I've yet to run it. I see that rentals are $3.99. Why bother with it when I can rent 4 movies for that price from Redbox?

There you go with the stupid red box comments again. redbox gets their movies 28 days later than blockbuster. so why would i wanna wait a whole month to watch a new release? second if red box had an app do you really think the downloads would be a dollar? some of you are so ignorant!

Nice try boys... but no go on this one! On the myTouch 3G Slide with 2.1 (and latest enhancement update) the App only shows the first row of movies but can't see the second row below the first row. And, you can't navigate or move the screen up or down to view additional rows... only side to side. So you see the very top of the pictures on the second row. Hope I am being clear enough on this... not sure how to explain it. Obviously this is a totally messed up App and should be taken out of the Market asap.

Sorry to see Blockbuster hit such lows... I suspect they will not be around much longer... much like Hollywood Movie Rentals. It would be nice to have a solid movie rental App for the Andriod platform. Hopefully Netflix or Google will do something about that.

No kiosk support...and force closing before you can sign in....put it back in the oven.

And to the person above, redox does have an app, plus an optimized website. Can't stick up for them on the 28 day thing though.

If blockbusters movies cost $5 for 5 days they still cost $5. Yes, it's 'a dollar a day', but you aren't actually paying $1 per day.

Redbox is a dollar a day, so after I watch it, I return the next day and pay $1, not $5.

See the flaw there?

yes and red box doesn't get most of the newer movies for 28 days after blockbuster. why would I wanna wait?? also red box has a HORRIBLE selection of movies. and in the near future they are not going to be allowed to carry R rated movies in their boxes due to issues with not being able to check id 's for people under 17. anyone can buy a visa gift card and use it at the red box. and you say there is a red box app? where? and I guarantee you the downloads will not be 1.00 that's for sure.

I can wait 28 days. If I couldn't wait, I would have gone to see the movie in the theater. And If I couldn't wait 28 days for the Video release, I would purchase the movie, not rent it.

After being repeatedly ripped off by Blockbuster illegally charging my credit cards, scratched disks, lack of good customer service, lack of quantity of high rental titles, & refusing to refund for bad service, I totally will never give Blockbuster another dollar of my business. I will gladly wait for the Netflix app.

This is a company whose bad service needs to die. In the era of Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, & other services, we honest to God do not need Blockbuster. I want this company to fold in the worst possible way & never come back. To hell with Blockbuster!

Alright, new releases with blue-ray, games included and in-store exchanges.
I'll take that over Netflix.

I'm a huge gamer and I can't games from Netflix.

Doesnt work with the EVO. Force Closes when you try to register. I had to use my computer to register. Now it Force Closes when i try to get more info on some movies.

Also, they make you DL the movie via WiFi, Guess what i dont have WiFi at home. I have a 4G device to get rid of the WiFi. This defeats the purpose of having 4G if you MAKE the software only work with WiFi.

yea,,,maybe that should have been a red flag it wasnt the official jus mad anxious to get movies on th Evo...

ok 2 things.

1) the app is not ready for prime time. blockbuster appologized and removed it from the market. It was accidentally released. Its not ment for any phone thats not a Droid X. Quit crying that it doesnt work.

2)Whats with all the blockbuster bashing? For 16 bux a month i get 3 movies at a time.. bluray and new releases included, then i trade them in at the store for 3 more FREE from the store.. which then automatically sends me the next 3 from my online Q at the same time.. 2 days later i get 3 more movies and do it all over again. Can netflix and redbox match that? No. If i rent 20 new movies in a month, thats less than a buck a movie for rental, and again thats including new releases and bluray. So whats with all the hate?

Blockbuster is not going away. Like many companies they are adjusting with the times. They are moving to a predominantly mail and soon a streaming service, and closing many of their stores that arent profitable. You dont want to see what netflix does to their pricing if they are only major person on the market. Competition = good, folks.

That said, I hope when this app does go live for real, that they dont expect to charge existing online customers 4 bux a movie... for a movie i can already get as part of my online Q and just burn to my phone anyways. 1 or 2 dollars max for the convenience of DL a NEW movie i can see.. but no more. Streaming a movie is much cheaper than an actual store or mailing out movies. If they overprice themselves they are gonna miss a great $$$ opportunity.

good example of a company being upfront. Bravo to Blockbuster!!!!
Anxiously awaiting the fixed version for the Evo...

Blockbuster just keeps messing up. Netflix has a less eccentric and more pleasing to the consumer type of business model. Blockbuster is obviously trying to rip off as much money as they can from a sinking ship. The app does NOT output to HDMI. You rent a movie for $3.99, you can only download it via WiFi which takes a while. After you download it, the license is only good for 24 hours upon the first time you hit play. It WILL cut out on you during the movie if your 24hour period has expired. It will ask you if you want to buy another 24hour license or purchase it for $17.99. Freaking ridiculous business model and I hope it comes crashing down. I just finished getting a refund for 2 movies I bought. It's a pity too cuz the quality and sound are great, just that blockbuster sucks in general on all fronts of their business and practices.

How do i remove this damn app from my phone? It just stays in my "Update Que" every time i go into the app market. Any suggestions? Evo3d user.