Bing for Android

Say what you want about Bing on Android -- and we've said plenty -- but it's always been a pretty visually stunning app, and darned useful, too. It was never the app itself we had a problem with -- it was a certain carrier (that might or might not start with a V) stripping out Google services on some top-shelf phones and replacing them with Bing.

But we digress. The standalone Bing app just got itself an update and is more beautiful than ever. The menus have been redone, bringing a bit of the Windows Phone 7 "Metro" user interface. All of the services remain -- they just look better.

Check out our quick walkthrough after the break.

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Coolaaron88 says:

Thanks for posting this quick review. Bing is a nice search engine and its social integration is pretty nice

Tekka says:

Lmao MS for trying to sway us with visions of Mango. Not happening M$.....

BING, it's everything BUT a search engine now.

jonyah says:

I was pissed after updating Bing. I use bing every day. For where I live, it has the most up to date traffic reporting and I drive a long way to/from work. I've had nothing but issues with this new version. First it didn't scale properly on my 3vo. Then it got to certain settings update areas that I could never get out of (without killing the app). Their map is more cartoonish now and I do not like it. I can't stand this whole metro look of theirs either. I wish I could have the previous version back.

My advice, DO NOT UPDATE BING, if you already have it installed.

JeffDenver says:

I hate Bing so much. Microsoft obnoxious attempts to force me to use it have forever soured me on it. I will hate Bing forever. I dont care if it craps pudding made of gold.

yibrushn says:

How do they try and force you?? It's there but you don't have to use it!

rserda says:

it's purdy... :P

MaryBeth#AC says:

Can you change the background image?

meh, I dont care. Google rules!

scoty024 says:

I prefer Bing for mobile image searches over browser based Google image searches. Always have, but it'a the only reason Bing was installed in the first place. Since the update I've uninstalled it because the image search is crap, no more scrolling thumbnails. Very disappointed with the update. Might look better, but the crippled the functionality of useful image searches.

mxcoope says:

What version is this update? I have version 1.02.530.20110404 but that is not the updated version.

Android fans can hate WP7 all they want but they must agree that WP7 right now is in the same position Android was before the Droid. Not many people used it or cared for it but when the Droid hit, Android flourished world wide and the Droid was made by Motorola of all companies. Nokia is a very well known company around the world for the superb hardware they make and when the Sea Ray with the power of the Mango update is released later this year with that 130 million dollar campaign (30 million more dollars than was spent on the Droid) it's going to be everywhere and Android is going to rely heavily on the Ice Cream update or Google will see long days ahead of itself.

Fumetsu says:

I disagree. WP7 is not in the same position Android was at the launch of the Droid. When the Droid launched, the iPhone was on only one carrier and Android was the only viable smart phone alternative if you didnt want to be on AT&T. It was a perfect storm of a good device, an iPhone alternative, AND an insane amount of marketing on the part of Verizon as they needed something to ship against the AT&T iPhone. Nokia/MS are not in the same position and while $130 million in marketing will get it some marketshare, it will likely not replicate what happened with the Droid launch on Verizon.

It should be noted that MS has already tried to market their existing phones and it has done little to gain traction against Android and iOS in the marketplace. Windows Mobile overall is still losing marketshare. There is little reason to think Nokia will have any further success considering they don't have very strong existing relationships in place with any of the big 4 carriers like HTC/Samsung/Motorola currently do (at least in the US market). I don't believe the majority of Symbian users arent just going to switch over to WP7 automatically and we are already seeing Nokia hemmoraghing users to Android and iOS.

I am not bashing WP7 as it is a nice looking OS. It isn't for me (I'm too heavily tied into Google Services and I dislike the lack of customization of the MetroUI), but I can see its appeal. I just dont think that the marketplace conditions are in place for it to have the same kind of traction/success that Android had with the launch of the Droid on Verizon and subsequently the EVO on Sprint (the first 4G phone). I think WP7 would be more likely to have success depending on how some of these patent lawsuits end.

ScottJ says:

Plus, Bing itself is a perfect example of how you can't buy a market with a marketing blitzkrieg. I still consider Bing the worst brand in recent memory, right behind UPS' Brown. What do both of these brands have in common? They both are attempts to take marketshare from a well-established and beloved brand: Google in the case of Bing and FedEx in the case of UPS. This rarely works. Adding to that is the fact that most people use Microsoft's desktop products begrudgingly because they often don't have a choice, not out of brand loyalty.

Tekka says:

You're not serious are you? Mango's not even close to that level. Nokia hasn't been relevant for some time now and a deal with MS is like a deal with Satan. Their arrogance is costing them millions it not billions of dollars by refusing Android and deciding to stick with WP7 only. Also MS market shares are a pitiful 9%, no one phone will change that.