Big Android BBQ 2014

The 2014 Big Android BBQ officially has a date: October 16-18. Taking place again at the Hurst Conference Center in Hurst, Texas (wedged between Dallas and Fort Worth), the Big Android BBQ brings together a few thousand Android nerds like yourself for a weekend of geeking out about Android. From talking about how we review devices to delving into the future of development, there's always a lot going on at the Big Android BBQ, and we expect 2014 will bring more of the same.

Oh. And there's actual BBQ too. Ticket pricing hasn't been announced yet, but we'd expect that's not far off at all.

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Big Android BBQ 2014 set for October 16-18


Based on historical data:

Chance of rain 80 percent on Oct 16.

Chance of rain 70 percent on Oct 17.

Chance of rain 20 percent on Oct 18.

Be prepared: No internet available, and 1000+ geeks in a 100,000 square foot area means that you won't be getting a good data connection either.

I think I'll skip this year. 2012 was a lot of fun. 2013... not so much.

If you're a dev, you'll likely have a blast. If you're an enthusiast, maybe not as much. I certainly didn't.

Just one geek's opinion.

Well, there's WiFi, but it's locked down to the people working there.

in 2012, there was a pretty good mix of content for both the devs and the enthusiasts. 2013 skewed heavily toward devs. They also took up the central ballroom with a coding challenge. All fine & well, except that it put all of the vendors out in the main hall, which was uncomfortable because the sun was then in their eyes all the time, and it was harder to see the screens of things.

In 2012, they had a good Sony and HTC presence. In 2013, they were there, but weren't speaking as much. XTC and rootzwiki didn't have as much going on in the talks either. It just seemed like most of the presentations trended toward coding and marketing, etc... where in 2012 there were more what's coming and take a look at this, and NFC tricks, etc...

Again, just my opinion. Take it for what it's worth.

I definitely agree. I signed up and I'm hoping there are vendors and enthusiast "stuff" like in 2012. If not this will be my last one. I like the community, upcoming info, love the vendors and new items to purchase. Samsung demo'd, HTC, Sony and many others. They even had speakers for non-developers.

At the 2012 I played with the Note 2 and couldn't hardly wait for the Verizon release. 2013, not so much, I saw the vendors fairly quickly and the speakers were geared to developers. I didn't stay long and only went one day. Very hopeful about this year.

Will there be anyone from the actual Android development team there?

If not, not interested.
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