We're getting reports that an app in Android Market called MemoryUp is destroying personal data, erasing contacts, and installing adware. The app, which was supposed to help optimize memory is instead responsible for wiping memory and spamming e-mail. It doesn't look good folks. We hate to see the Android Market become littered with problematic apps like this so hopefully Google can maintain some control over the app. In the meantime, make sure you guys STAY AWAY from the app MemoryUp!

Also, for the record, Android doesn't need a memory optimizer because Java eventually cleans up memory on its own.

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BEWARE: MemoryUp App in Android Market is Destroying Personal Data


Heh... this is why I don't install useless apps. And I think memory manager add-ons are pretty useless... http://inportb.com/2009/01/25/the-market-cache/