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We're assuming here that Best Buy has been getting nailed with Samsung Nexus S questions thus, the reason why they have decided to post up a pre sale FAQ section page on their website. The questions answered, mainly serve those wondering where to buy it, when they can buy it and how much it will ultimately cost them with or without upgrades available. All great things to cover but nothing really new in the end. [Best Buy via Tmo News]


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Best Buy posts frequently asked questions for upcoming Samsung Nexus S buyers


I think it wasn't smart to not include the expandable memory when considering that more techie than "normal" folks will be buying this phone. With that said, I'd buy one without giving it a second thought if this ever came to Sprint. I've always had a little phone envy for the nexus guys regarding how quick they get fixes, patches, and updates compared to the rest of us.

Average Joe doesn't know what UPDATE is. The market is already saturated with Galaxy S - the best selling globally Android phone. Nexus S is polished Galaxy S. No one will care for it unless Google or Samsung does massive ad campaign.

Agreed. Even CNET pretty much said the same thing. Will stick with my N1. Hopefully Google will return to HTC to rectify this disappointment.

No sd card like what was the idea behind that, but I can't wait to get my hands on one lol

"Agreed. Even CNET pretty much said the same thing. Will stick with my N1. Hopefully Google will return to HTC to rectify this disappointment."

Excuse me? Samsung makes very good hardware. I'd like to see any HTC device match the beauty of SAMOLED. The only thing Samsung needs to do is not make them out of plastic (which it has done with the Nexus S). Software may be Sammy's weakness but as we all know, that will be handled by GOOGLE.

The only reason I'm not sure if I'll get one is because I have a Vibrant with near similar specs.

"Samsung makes very good hardware."

Except for the GPS... I wonder if it will suck on the Nexus S (which is just a Galaxy S phone without a memory card slot).

Seems like a hardware problem to me when Samsung had to get the Nexus S re-certified because they changed the GPS antenna.

Even if it's not hardware, to the consumer, if the GPS doesn't work and Samsung can't seem to fix it, then it's just as bad as if it was a hardware issue.

Why would anyone buy the locked version of this phone for $529 when they can get the unlocked version for the same price. Its like purposely choosing the V6 when the V8 is the same price.

Although 16gb is pretty substantial and a lot more than my n1 it might pose a problem in the future. I expect games and apps in the future will be huge and require more, I have a feeling that I will be constantly deleting apps on this phone as well. I hope it has some sort of notification light or something to replace the trackball.