Android apps on sale

We're back for another week of Android fun, and that means more sales on apps, accessories and devices! We're rounding them up here today, so check back early and often for the best savings.

Today's app sales

Devices on sale

Accessories on sale

See anything we missed? Sing out in the comments! And as always, be sure to read the app permissions and check out user reviews before installing.

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Glyphosate says:

Rock Bandits - Adventure Time is the Amazon app of the day.

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amrovi2014 says:


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comraderudy says:

i always get excited when i see a sub $100 moto g. then realize it's not the gsm version. :( hehe

izzy67 says:

Wow moto g $49!!!

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bobo_bibi says:

Thanks for your news
I'm saving money to get it :(((