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After what looks like a rocky start, Samsung's Knox enterprise security service is going live in Canada by way of Bell Mobility. Right now Knox is limited to the Galaxy Note 3, but will be coming to the Galaxy S4 after a software update next month.

For those unfamiliar, Knox lets users bring in their own personal device to work, but also give IT administrators control and security over business data going through the device. Knox includes full support for file sharing e-mail, contacts, collaboration tools, and other CPN and mobile device management solutions.

Bell's claiming a worldwide first here, and it's certainly nothing to scoff at. The BYOD movement is something that's been shouldering BlackBerry out of its enterprise niche, but interestingly enough, Knox mimicks BlackBerry's Balance system in a lot of ways. 

In any case, though this is a relatively limited release (even for Canada), it's a good sign that Knox is finally ready to go after a lot of waffling. With any luck, businesses in the U.S. and elsewhere will have access to the service soon. Any Canadians wanting to get rolling with Knox can find more info at Bell's landing page


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Bell launches Samsung Knox service in Canada


Yep! this is very bad. Samsung is killing the Galaxy serie phones with this. Sneaking in a new locked bootloader on the Galaxy S4 I9505 half a year into the firmware update cycle. If you try to downgrade the phone after KNOX update you lose warenty. and Root with original kernel is a no go, with KNOX. That means you cant use AllShare Cast and Smartview, with new firmware and be rooted, And there is no way to downgrade to a firmware where all these things could be done. Shame on you Samsung!!!! Remember why you got so populer in the first place. (XDA)

Sure there are a lot of people on XDA that have Samsung devices, but that doesn't mean that most people with Samsung devices are on XDA.

So here's a stupid question: I have a Note 3 on Rogers and am using Knox on the device. How is this different from what Bell announced?

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I'm pretty sure I have the dumbest question, but is there anywhere I can find that Knox background that is featured in this post?