BBC Weather

Simple UI, Holo design language and ease of use make the BBC Weather app worth checking out

The BBC has released its BBC Weather application on Google Play -- and it's actually one of the better weather apps available for Android. The BBC Weather app keeps things simple, while paying attention to Google's application design guidelines. By default, the app shows you weather conditions wherever you are, based on telemetry from the UK's Met Office, and you can view more places by searching for them. A new-style slide-out menu bar allows you to view conditions everywhere you've searched, and individual entries are easy to re-order and delete.

The main view consists of several scrollable areas that let you change location and view forecasts for hours or even days ahead. UV and pollen levels, if relevant, are shown too, as are sunrise and sunset times, and wind speeds and directions. On the whole, the app is able to shown a great deal of information without becoming cluttered. There's also an attractive 4x2 widget that shows you current conditions and a four-day forecast, along with lock screen widget support. NFC forecast transfers are supported too, and there's even a DashClock plug-in that'll bring the BBC's forecasts to the popular third-party clock widget.

You can find the BBC Weather app for Android at the Google Play link above; it's available for devices running Android 2.2 and above. (Update: Unfortunately for those outside the UK, it looks like this app is limited to British users only.)

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emmib says:

Is this a UK-only app? Can't install it on my Nexus 7 or Nexus 4 in Malta (EU).

Henry100 says:

It looks like it has limited availability.

Mark Debono says:

Maltese Android user here, and same story, can't install on my Galaxy Tab or Galaxy Nexus.

atlas9171 says:

Could always try 1Weather, looks pretty similar to this, isn't exactly the same though.

davidr521 says:

Yes. I get the message "this can't be installed in your country".

Yoel Koster says:

Same here, can't install it on my Huawei Y300-100 here in Holland.

sandman81 says:

Also in Bosnia and Herzegovina it's not avaliable.

MarkDallton says:

UK only? That sucks, oh well.

rovex says:

Well it s is the BRITSH broadcasting corporation, and paid for by British taxes..

damo says:

Very nice app, would be nice if it had an icon in the notification menu to open the app as well.

Anyone else here in the UK finding the Google Now weather card is appalling? I don't think I've ever seen the correct forecast on it!

whatthecluck says:

yeah it's awful!
hopefully somebody makes a dashclock extension for BBC weather, its easily the best weather app i've used

Spence1115 says:

Already works with DashClock!

whatthecluck says:

ah fantastic, reading the article properly might have helped haha! thanks!

Spence1115 says:

Double post, please delete

Try this app to do that mate, its add persistant notifications

And thank god we have a decent weather app here in the UK now...

tgrant1975 says:

I still love weather bug.

codiusprime says:

Especially since the new update. It is a really nice app in addition to having some of the best information. I wish the Wunderground app was better.

briankurtz79 says:

I think the weather in Google now is perfectly fine. Just wish it would incorporate radar

mrjetpacks says:

The app is not available in the states......yet, if ever. The title of this article is not specific enough.

MrLadoodle says:

Maybe the BBC part makes it obvious.

Hiberny says:

I'm from the US, but would have liked the app for the times I'm in the UK. Does anyone know if I'd be able to use it the next time I'm there?

NoNexus says:

If you use a UK sim it might be

davidr521 says: is a US-based website, so not necessarily...

A895 says:

UK only unfortunately, recall wanted to check this out.

Matt74uk says:

It's very nice. I like the way the background changes with the different weather outlooks. Only thing that would be handy in the widget would be the current temperature rather than just the daily high and low.

MC_A_DOT says:

very nice. loving it...I love that its got transparency as well.

SilentRinger says:

The Play Store shows this: "This app is incompatible with your Note2"

How is this possible?

furrba11 says:

Bit pointless when you've got The Met Office app for your weather seeing as The BBC Weather app gets it's data from... The Met Office. Or am I missing something?

Kiamat says:

Why location restrict a weather app of all things?

SilentRinger says:

I thought BBC was an American company? Why would they limit this app to UK users only?
Very weird. :(

MC_A_DOT says:

its not it?

ACADM says:

God bless the Beeb, this app is beautiful and actually picks up my village or the next one over. With the dreadful Google Now it could not get anywhere near where I live, it was always at least one Town away, often two or more. Great to see it work with the brilliant DashClock.

ddasher says:

So the British Broadcasting Company is American. No wonder my license fees are so high and there are so many repeats. ;-)

Seriously though can't see any point in using this when the official Met Office app is so good.

speculatrix says:

The style and layout looks shamelessly ripped off from weather bug

Thunder350 says:

"This app is incompatible with ALL of your devices" Nexus 10, HTC One X+... way to go by being super limited...