Bank of America mobile banking app Bank of America mobile banking app

Bank of America has updated its Android mobile banking app to version 3.1.120 with a completely revamped appearance and user interface. Anyone who thought the previous versions were a little heavy on the “blah” should be pleasantly surprised to find a more user-friendly experience with a clean, polished finish that's sure to please even the pickiest mobile bankers. All of the main functions remain, including support for multiple accounts, a bank and ATM locator, account transfers, and mobile bill pay, though these functions are now found in tabs on top of your account's home screen. The update also makes the app available for the first time to Bank of America customers in Washington and Idaho, who are now invited out of the mobile banking dark ages. Hit the break to grab the free update from the Android Market.


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Bank of America revamps its mobile banking app with latest update


THANK GOODNESS! lol the app was complete trash.... (even though it performed functions) . . . It was slow and clunky you had to hit things more than once... the menus were all screw up....

I'm updating IMMEDIATELY

It is STILL buggy. I've been using for a few days. It still crashes/FCs in the background even AFTER I closed the app. It would prompt me that the App was forceclosed.

check deposits? Come "back to the future" Doc lol. I'm just playin, but I honestly don't understand folks that don't do direct deposit.... I'd be so damn paranoid walking around with my paycheck

I get regular expense checks for travel and other business expenses that are not direct deposit. I also do work on the side that, since I am not full time, will not provide direct deposit. Being able to scan the check and have it deposited into my account at my convenience would be a bonus. The ATMs that Bank of America have now installed and updated are twice as slow as they were 3 years ago and there is frequently a long line at the ATM.

The long lines in front of BOA ATMs are because they just work.
The ability to deposit checks, EVEN hand written ones, and have it scan them perfectly is friggin awesome.

Deposit by photo is coming to BOA later this year according to my banker.

Some of us like to use a non-POS bank, like ING. I absolutely hate BofA, WF, and the big boys. Their rates suck, and their service sucks more.

Second, I get an expense check once a month. I get checks from various other sources (non-paycheck) every once in a while, too.

Having to mail these to ING... that's a hassle, and when one of the checks was lost in the mail, well, I knew I needed another solution.

Also, even if I had a BofA or other account, the ATMs are just not convenient for me. Since I've been using USAA's mobile deposit, the check goes in the second I get the check and I don't end up carrying them around for a month or two.

I do DD as well. But sometimes I receive a check from rebate or a friend. And this is where I could totally use that feature :)

Traveling circus performers don't usually get the option of DD because we're almost always independent contractors. Also, being on the road in a city that your bank doesn't have any branches in might mean having to sit on a couple weeks worth of pay before getting it into the account where you use your debit card from.

DD is one of the things I miss about my old "office" job.

It's worse than this. They kept saying it was coming. I finally closed my account and went to USAA. Chase has it, too.

I used to work for a small company that didn't offer direct deposits, so I would have loved being able to scan checks like Chase had been touting.

It was really the only feature I thought was missing from the BofA app for me. They still don't have it, but now I have a new job with direct deposit, so I don't really care any more.

Nice, now it's not such an obvious iPhone port. On a side note, can you guys add DISQUS for comments?

Great app or not, I'd rather be water-boarded than have to do business with Bank of America after the dealings I've had with them, both personally and professionally.

Old app was much better in my case. I have my mortgage with BOA. The old app showed my balance, next payment due, even broke down principal and interest. This app shows my mortgage balance, and does NOTHING ELSE. I click on it and nothing happens, it literally shows the overall balance and nothing else. Pretty weak.

The update app is awesome! Best upgrade of an app I've seen so far. The old version was unusable and I tended to use the mobile site more. Upgraded version is smooth, fast and provides tons of functionality. Thanks BOA!

Both old and new app crash on my phone (my touch 4g) tried them both on 2.2 and 2.3 and some modded os's... Crashes several minutes after I have closed it. Very annoying. I called boa a few days before this version cane out to see if they even cared about the 1,000 crash reports I sent them, I was assured that this would not happen in the new version. The new one crashed the very first time I used it. App is crap.