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Bank of America has had a pretty tired-looking (albeit functional) app for some time, and with today's update it's getting an interface refresh. No portion of the UI was left untouched, with a new main account screen that's simpler and more finger-friendly. You can quickly toggle between Bill Pay, Transfers and Deposit Checks along the top, or tap into your different accounts listed. A new slide-in panel gives you access to alerts, deals, settings, contact information and BofA locations.

The app is still a tad less responsive loading than we'd like (we're assuming it's downloading the data as it goes to cut down on caching), but scrolling and selecting have picked up their responsiveness overall. And it's tough to complain about anything here considering how old the previous interface was — this is a breath of fresh air for Bank of America mobile users.


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Bank of America app receives interface overhaul in latest update


For what it's worth, the app itself is nice, but the picture deposit option sucks. Constantly fails in the last 3 versions. I'm hoping this version will see a fix.

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I've used it on a LTEVO, SG4 and now an M8. It keeps telling me the check needs to be completely in the window. Not sure how much more it needs to be in. I've put it close the border and even with a space around the check, still the same thing. I'm gonna try this update after dinner.

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Still gives me the same error. Nice that they added a flash option finally though.

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I've never had it work correctly, but recently on my M8 I discovered to ignore the border guide. I just take the pic far from the check, having a lot of space around it. It works half the time.
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It fails for me also (Moto X). I tried on light color table and also dark wood and it doesn't make any difference. The photo comes out really nice and clear.
Will try some time again with this new app

This update is pretty nice really. But they don't even update the tablet version since a decade now! Annoying!

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Very nice! Looks very clean. I wish Chase would have a classier look to their app. But it works perfectly and serves it purpose. That's what matters :P

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Seeing that your broke and owe $57,976.00 in overdraft fees, in a fancier design now.

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Have the finally made it universal? The tablet version hasn't been updated in ages and is completely out of date.

wake me up when they integrate the mbna shop safe into it. I don't understand why they refuse to acknowledge that they even have that functionality. It's one of the primary reasons I still keep a bank of america credit card.

I figured that with those permissions it could scan my piggy bank and tell me how much it's in it. I was wrong. I'll have to check back on the next update.

Is it really that hard to use the standard Hamburger menu icon to match the rest of Android guidelines?
I just don't get it.

So my Bank app wants to read my Social contact information AND be able to directly call phone numbers... Umm no.

Would be nice if reviews, like this site, start listing App Permissions with their "fluidity" and "ease-of-use" reviews.