Axl Rose is a Glasshole

Yeah, we don't quite get it, either

News Flash: Axl Rose is still among us! Normally we wouldn't care — we're more than happy to remember Guns 'n' Roses as they once were, and not as a lone gasbag occasionally exchanging what's left of his dignity for occasional column inches — but this one's a head-scratcher.

See, the concerts at the Super Bowl halftime show — SPOILER ALERT — aren't always done 100 percent live. They might look like it, but, well, there's quite often some help. So that curtain was pulled back when the Red Hot Chili Peppers didn't bother plugging in their guitars on Sunday. RCHP bassist Flea explained how things really work. But don't worry, Axl's on the case.

In an op-ed in for Billboard, he wrote:

Maybe they all had microchips installed in their asses and not only pick up the frequencies of their instruments but get Direct TV and the internet too! Like Google Glass... Google Ass! They could be "Scientific Pioneers!" Like Buzz Aldrin and shit! True (pardon the pun)ASS-tro-nots! Or like Superbowl crash test dummies for bands kinda like those cars that drive themselves!

OK, then. We can't make much out of it, either. Guess Axl's not a Glasshole. 


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Axl Rose somehow invokes Google Glass in scathing review of Chili Peppers' Super Bowl performance


RHCP are amazing, don't care what anyone says. Saw them front row last year. They are superb performers. Maybe not as relevant as they used to be, but a hell of a lot more relevant than Axl Rose.

I can't believe they (RHCP) agreed to that. How can any self respecting musician think that that's ok? That's far worse of an embarrassment than any audio snafu would've been.

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That's pure b.s. I'm sure there are plenty of people that said "Bruno Mars sings that song . . ." and bought his cd.

For most people that do not usually watch the half-time show, RHCP put on a great performance, live or not.

They could have had their wireless' in to help support the lie but they purposefully had nothing plugged in to call it out. I give them credit for that.

Do you give them credit for taking 3 days to release a statement, only after being called out? Or would it have been slightly more honest to let everyone know on Sunday morning they were being strong-armed into this? Or how about the fact that they still went along with the idea, rather than telling the NFL to f*ck off? Still give them credit, or is it just damage control now?

I'd be very surprised if they weren't contractually obligated to not talk about miming their performance ahead of time. And I'm surprised they bothered to release a statement at all considering they weren't exactly trying to hide it (Josh especially).

It's not an embarrassment and it's ridiculous for anyone to make any kind of a deal about it. Red Hot Chilli Peppers were NOT the headlining performer, Bruno Mars was. RHCP were his GUEST. As such, due to the complicated logistics, staging, timing, scope and live nature of the event, they were informed from the start that only their vocals would be live and instrumentation would be prerecorded to have everything go as flawlessly as possible. Performing at the Superbowl is a fantastic honor, and the RHCP, as a special GUEST, absolutely made the right choice to accept the invitation. It was great to see them again.

Agreed. And I don't think many purple are actually bothering to follow the included link to read Flea's explanation. Not plugging in seams, to me, to equal no intention of deception.

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Heard about this on the news. The powers that be with the Superbowl don't allow for the playing of instruments during the half time show to prevent possible screwups. They even strongly suggest lip syncing too. RHCP at first refused to do it because they wanted to play live, but band members realized this is a once in a lifetime thing and agreed to pre-recording the instruments.

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I was a little surprised that they played against a recording. The show looks better that way, but was a show really put on? Seems odd to me.

As far as Axl Rose goes...he's just dropping names and riffing. Substitute any words there and you get the same result.

Beats being a 'never was'. GNR in their heyday beats the pants off of RHCP.

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Axl Rose was not Guns n Roses. Axl Rose is Axl Rose, "heydey" or any day, all day. Axl Rose always was, still is, and always will be an a**hole. I'd take RHCP from any day over Axl Rose any day.

Axl is definitely a D-bag (sociopath may actually be the best term), and Axl is not GnR, but there's no GnR without Axl. Comparing one member of a band to an entire band doesn't make a lot of sense. Axl Rose is practically a household name. Anthony Kiedis is not.
RHCP is a great band, I wish GnR had their longevity, but GnR was and will always be the better band.

"...a lone gasbag occasionally exchanging what's left of his dignity for occasional column inches"

WOW. Well-said, Phil.

Erm sometimes when playing at a larger venue like a football stadium filled with loud fans can present unique sound difficulties that some artists just don't bother to try and work with. Which is fine, as long as lip syncing doesn't become the bases of their performance like some.....times I run....

It's not the size of the venue that presents problems. It's the fact that the stage has to be set up for an enormous, complicated show in 15 minutes. There's just no way to get it properly set up for live instruments in that amount of time.

Dudes go see a guns and roses concert! They still are amazing, even though it's not the same as before.

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I saw 'Guns n Roses' live like 11 years ago at a festival here in the UK. The Chinese Democracy world tour that didn't actually herald the release of the new album. They were amazing. What wasn't amazing? Axl Rose turning up on stage nearly 2 hours late. 

I saw them too nearly 4 years ago and Axl came up 4 hours not-fashionably late, but still, anyone who goes to a Guns N' Roses concert should expect this as it's not new, this is something that goes back to the Use Your Illusions tour and many times during the Appetite For Destruction era, yet reports on this were scarce because there weren't as media as there are now.

Saw and (sadly) heard him live about a year ago at the Bridge School Benefit concert. Really sad - he can barely sing his songs and the best he can muster makes GnR today sound like a 1/2 way decent cover band. Even Foster the People did their stuff live and unplugged and it sounded cool.
He also had the balls to hold up the show nearly an hour (Ed Vedder came on so it worked out) and then was the only musician to not get on stage for Rockin' in the Free World at the end with Neil Young and the rest (tradition at the BSBC).

This dude is certifiably bat-$h!t crazy and a jackass.

GNR is great, but Axl Rose is a dick. I remember reading an article years ago when they where supposed to play with Metallica and James Hatfield and a couple other members got sick (throwing up sick) And couldn't perform. James said GNR could have been hero's and played, but Axl through a titty baby fit and refused to play, and bad mouthed Metallica.

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James wasn't sick that was when he accidentally stepped into a firework on stage and was severely burned.

1)Axl Rose might not even be the best singer at GNR karaoke night.
2)Whoever said any publicity is good publicity should reconsider.

The Broncos didn't perform live at the Superbowl so its only fitting that the RHCP didn't either

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I hold no value in any statement made by a man who refused to show up to his bands induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He has failed his fans, his band mates, and himself time and time again.

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Axl Rose go sit down. Who cares what you think about other performers? You weren't ask to perform, so mind your own business, or at the very least know what the hell you're talking about before making yourself look like an a**.

Nirvana did that not Guns N' Roses. GNR was a hair bad itself, albeit one with actual talent. I always hated hair bands but when I first heard GNR I had to acknowledge that their music was sublime even if their appearance and on-stage demeanor was indistinguishable from the cookie-cutter hair bands of the time.

The emergence of grunge with Nirvana at the forefront, which eschewed the posturing and cliche's common at the time was the real sea change in rock and one that I welcomed.

RHCP have been a great band, they just aren't on GnR's level. There are very, very few rock albums that can compare to Appetite for Destruction.

RHCP are musicians and entertainers. That performance at the super bowl rocked. Would have been special if the NFL allowed them to play live. But hey, it was their show and if you want to be part of it you must adapt. What Axl Rose is saying is if he was asked to do the same..He would not, depriving all of us who are fans the thrill and beauty of their performance. RHCP diffinently entertained. Burno rocked as well...coming to squamish in August along with Arcade Fire and Eminem...should be great I plan to be there.

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I saw Guns & Roses at the Concord Pavilion, and during the show Axl constantly bitched about all sorts of things from not getting the food he wanted backstage to the dressing rooms. He pretty much sucked and sounded like a little bitch.
I've never listened to GNR again. (Though Slash is awesome.)

Edit: I don't watch "foosball."

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Wait,, someone actually interviewed axl purposely??? he hasn't been relevant since the 90's,, or even sane for that matter

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Axl Rose is such an idiot, I'm surprised anybody even cares about what he has to say nowadays. I saw a recent video on YouTube where he was singing at a school and he sounded like crap. He can't even sing anymore, just another washed up dickhead musician. He probably doesn't even know what Google Glass really is...clueless retard.

"See, the concerts at the Super Bowl halftime show — SPOILER ALERT — aren't always done 100 percent live"

This is 100 times more shameful than anything Axl said.

Finally someone points this out! I was scanning the comments for this.

I'm a Guns N' Roses fan because of THEIR MUSIC, not the musicians themselves, all their records including "Chinese Democracy" are superb (go listen to it without comparing it to Appetite For Destruction or anything classic GN'R related, it's an amazing record), but that record was dead on arrival because of all the senseless hate people have for Axl Rose, which is greatly generated because of other people's bad mouthing, starting with Slash and Duff.

Axl is no saint, he has had his great share of bullshit behavior, but some describe him as the devil himself... He is just another musician among the oceans of musicians in the world, yet people just hate him on arrival thanks to all the media and other people's bad mouthing... even some go as far as playing the makeshift psychiatrist and diagnose bi-polar disorder, sociopathic disorder, and what not.

Hence this post full of hatred which surprises me to see on such a serious blog, ONLY because Axl mentioned Google Glass... Very sensitive if you ask me.

I wonder what would the reaction be if it was Slash who said this...

I'm a metal head thru and thru. GNR was out when I was in my early teens and while I liked some songs, I just couldn't get into them. Same with RHCP. Just not my cup of tea. Now give me some All that Remains, Testament, Dream Theater, Deicide, old Flotsom & Jetsom, and old Forbidden and we'll talk....

AXL? You're comment made no sense. See what pot and other shit has done to you? I bet you live in Colorado now huh?

RHCP? Whatever.

If a band doesn't perform LIVE while on stage then they DIDN'T perform. Period.

I grew up listening to RHCP and while GNR may "rock" I would much rather listen to RHCP. Plus, I met Anthony Kiedis last week and he's a really nice guy in person. I wouldn't expect the same of Axl.

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Such a shame that back when Axl was still relevant and dancing with Mr. Brownstone he never hooked up with Philip Seymour Hoffman's source.