We brought you a hands-on with the Audible Android app a couple of months ago while it was in beta, and we're happy to report that it's now available in the Android Market. The app itself is free, but you're going to need an audible account to actually make use of things. [Audible] Thanks, Nwani!


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Audible Android app now available


I've been using the iPod Touch app for a while, and am anxious to start using the Android app when I get my Epic 4G later this month.

Does anyone know if the Listening Stats are synced between the Apple and Android apps?

I've been wating for this a couple months now (since I started an audible account). I had the Berry (sucked) so I shifted to the iPod Touch app when I converted to Android. I can't wait to get this going on my X. It will definitely be less of a hassle now since this was the only thing I lugged around the iPod for! Farewell to Apple & Berry biiiaaatch!

I've been using this app since the very first beta release, and it has come a LONG way. For the past 6 weeks this has become the only way that I listen to Audible content (about 3 hours a day during my commute), and I can HIGHLY recommend it!

I love having access to my entire library of 300+ titles, anytime, anywhere.

Has Audible improved some of their DRM?

I tried using Audible about 5 or 6 years ago and the DRM was so bad I stopped using it. It was absolutely dreadful.