Pantech Pocket

AT&T in October dropped a whole mess of devices on us with nary a release date. That changes today, however, as AT&T announced on Twitter that the Pantech Pocket and Samsung Doubletime and Captivate Glide will be available starting Nov. 20.

The Pantech Pocket, as you'll remember from our hands-on, is an interesting mid-level device with a 4-inch display with an unconventional 600x800 resolution.

The Samsung Doubletime sports a flip-open dual display with full QWERTY keyboard, and the Captivate Glide follows on the original Captivate with a slide-out keyboard.

Samsung Captivate GlideSamsung Doubletime

Source: @ATT

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Gimme. Now. Please?

erwaso says:

I wonder how thick that captivate will be? Specs on it aren't bad att all

acey_zero says:

According to Samsungs FAQ page for the device it is .51 inches thick.

hmmm says:

I would mostly worry about how apps will look on this. I assume black borders around the sides but maybe they get stretched? I doubt many apps are built with this resolution in mind.

mraiii says:

I just read that all 3 phones will be $50 with 2yr. Personally I think that's a steal for the CGlide.

scottwood2 says:

Will this phone require a data plan?

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