App.net is still in its infancy as a new version of Twitter that you have to pay to get into but lacks issues like cutting developers off at the knees, and now it's starting to grow some legs. There are a number of apps in various stages of beta development. One of those apps is (was) Jive, which is now available for free in Google Play.

The two screen shots you see above are pretty much it. You get timeline views, and you can post to your stream. Simple, but effective, but also without the scope that Twitter continues to dominate with.

But these things do have to start slowly. If you're getting into App.net, give Hooha a look-see.

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icebike says:

I'll have you know the that title hurt my brain.

dmcincubus says:

^ effing brilliant.

SpookDroid says:

The title of this post alone seems like a tongue twister... :S

baykes says:

anybody else read the title and have NO idea what the f*** they were talking about?

XavierMatt says:

Me, I honestly thought it was retarded.

JohnJSal says:

Glad to see the first few comments were about the title. One of the worst I've ever seen.

Edit: Just in case it changes and no one knows what we are referring to:

"App.net app beta app Jive jibes into Hooha, now available on Google Play"

Oh, it's not changing. You're just going to have to live with it.

Also, see above. :P

JohnJSal says:

But isn't it actually wrong? Is the first "app" (after App.net) really supposed to be there?

newboyx says:

An app named Hooha? Shouldn't this be NSFW? ;-)

commonplace says:

I'll wait for App Lanes. :)


joshua.worth says:

Hooha lol

guellal says:

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obidos says:

Jibes? Hooha?