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Apple given 48 hours to correct statement on its UK site

When Apple issued its legally-mandated statement, indicating that Samsung had not copied the iPad in its Android tablet range, we speculated that the British High Court might be displeased at the tone and content of the company's message. In the statement which remains linked at, the iPad maker included a mandatory part about the UK court ruling in Samsung's favor, indicating that the South Korean firm had not copied Apple's tablet design. But in addition, Apple made reference to other cases in the U.S. and Germany where it had been successful in convincing judges that Samsung's designs were infringing. Apple's statement concluded -- "So while the U.K. court did not find Samsung guilty of infringement, other courts have recognized that in the course of creating its Galaxy tablet, Samsung willfully copied Apple's far more popular iPad."

Apple was also ordered to take out ads in a number of leading UK newspapers and tech publications, though these have yet to appear.

Today three High Court judges ruled Apple's online statement to be "non-compliant" with their order, giving the company 48 hours to replace the message on its site, and change the font to at least 11 points in size. According to reports from The Guardian, Apple attempted to argue that it'd take them 14 days to issue a changed statement, though this was rebuked by the judges.

Bloomberg quotes Judge Robin Jacob as saying, "I’m at a loss that a company such as Apple would do this. [...] That is a plain breach of the order."

Source: The GuardianBloomberg

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KineticMD says:

Now that's just precious.

For the tech savvy who often visits tech-related blogs or website, this news also adds some insight on how low Apple can be.
But for average users, seeing the corrected statement later in UK Apple sites is something to remind them.
By quoting different court results in other countries, Apple has been mocking the law in the UK. They also tried to do a psychological thoughts on how bad the system in the UK was. Minority over majority (UK vs USA and Germany).
Wonder if Samsung willing to do the same on advertising.

"While the US court find us infringing Apple patents and designs and made us to pay approx $1 billion, other court such as UK and Japan find it the other way around"

Now that is interesting!

Cube1701 says:

Not to mention that the US court case they mentioned cleared the Samsung Galaxy Tab of any infringements.

JobiWan144 says:

+1, it was practically the only thing Samsung won on in the US case.

masterpfa says:

Don't forget that some of the patents which Apple based their case on in America, giving them a temporary victory are being looked at again by the US patents and may in fact be deemed invalid.

rocketcuse says:

Seriously?!?..."Bloomberg quotes Judge Robin Jacob as saying, “I’m at a loss that a company such as Apple would do this. [...] That is a plain breach of the order.” " How in the world would you be surprised? This is Apple, they think they can and will do what they want. Apple has always acted like a spoiled 2 year old brat.

bplewis24 says:

Because the sad reality is that most people around the world don't know Apple like we do. We are the informed.

qpowel1 says:

They either don't know, or they refuse to believe it. I hear the pro apple chatter around the office, and it is typically ignorant and uninformed.

onezerofive says:

awesome! WaR GoOgLe!!!

pontoark says:

Nice, in 48 hrs I will have a new wallpaper (at least I hope so this time) ;P

Makes me proud to be British :)

mssca says:

+1 and I am ashamed to be Canadian because Canada always bent over US companies no matter what. :(

+10 :)

masterpfa says:

+ another 10

icebike says:

Who didn't see this coming?

The moment I saw Apple's first try i knew there was a trip to the woodshed coming.

brendilon says:

Apple didn't see it coming I bet. I'm sure they thought they could sneak this through.

If Apple didn't see this coming then that is proof of their arrogance or lack of reality.

Imagine being told by a court to make a statement and instead you use it as an opportunity to slam the other party while basically stating that other courts got it right.

Qoheleth says:

I certainly hoped the court would do this. It was obviously contempt.

MrMuggles88 says:

Apple to UK Court: You're ruling it wrong.

mzanette says:

So petty of Apple. They try and use the courts to sue everyone under the sun, but as soon as a judgement doesn't go their way they willfully ignore court orders. Disgraceful.

bos1 says:

They should increase the penalty since Apple has now caused more damage

vinny jr says:

Maybe the court systems around the world will open their eyes to the sleezy company Apple has become.

Especially Judge Koh and the jury

still1 says:

i hope they revert the ruling in Germany and US



HA-HA apple never took 14 days to file a disingenuous appeal - Only takes one rotten apple, to spoil the tech world for everyone!

Rob White says:

I'd think a penalty of 1-2 billion dollars $$$ might convey the message accurately that blatantly ignoring court orders are a non starter (Apple has the money after all). And as mentioned above, those of us old enough to know are well aware of the petty & childish attitude Apple has long possessed as a company. It goes right back to Steve Jobs part 1 & 2.

Phil Shiller's mocking attitude in the latest Apple events convey it perfectly. The hardcore Apple fan is no different. They possess the maturity of an grade school hipster. Once everybody else grows up & moves on, they keep screaming to anybody that'll listen, "Hey over here over here. Look at me I'm so special!"

It's pathetic. Apple attempting to play word games with this court order is just more evidence of their long history being the bratty children they are.

cyanogen-man says:

*laughs as apple gets squeezed into apple sauce being fed to Loyd* poor little bastards gonna have a stomachs ache after that rotten sauce

srosencrans says:


Danf says:

Good! though it is unfortunate that the Court did not respond to Apple's clear act of defiance by imposing an immediate ban on Apple products until they comply.

And then the court could take a nice two month recess and put apple on the docket to review the ban sometime in 2014.

masterpfa says:

Best suggestion yet

IDC7 says:

HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas Apple!

NiCE2012 says:

at least 11 font.. lol

omg.. Apple you copied me. I remember when I was elementary school I enlarge the font to 16 in order to fulfill my essay requirement of 2 pages.

mwohrlin says:

This is what Apple will probably do. They will revise the statement to say "The UK courts have ordered us to say that Samsung did not copy the IPAD"

n25philly says:

a-holes will be a-holes

Droidkin says:

Affidavit HELL. Fine them $ 100,000 an hour for each hour they defy the order. Apple IS EVIL. Google decided to enter the mobile arena...because they could see how EVIL Apple would be....left to their own devices.

skyboxer says:

If they keep up this attitude they may find that judges are less sympathetic in the future, and not just in the UK.

dbattenfl2 says:

I wish the court would have forced Apple to now post a statement written by Samsung.
The court should have said... We give you a chance to make it right and you failed. Now do it our way and post/print written by Samsung.
I am sure Samsung would be happy to send over a statement within the same business day!

Touchpaddle says:

Does Apple, Inc have enough cash to create its own country and join the United Nations?

If they do that, I'm sure they can claim diplomatic immunity... :D