Remember when the verdict came down for the Apple v. Samsung case and Phil was reasonably skeptical about this all being the last word? Yeah, well it wasn't the last word and likely won't be for some time yet. Apple has now filed new documentation regarding the devices they'll be seeking bans for in the U.S. and you'll find some familiar names there:

  • Galaxy S 4G
  • Galaxy S2 AT&T
  • Galaxy S2 Skyrocket
  • Galaxy S2 T-Mobile
  • Galaxy S2 Epic 4G
  • Galaxy S Showcase
  • Droid Charge
  • Galaxy Prevail

Looking at the list it's easy to say they're all old devices and people have now moved on but realistically, a lot of the devices are still being sold today and making money for Samsung. Noticeably absent though, is the Galaxy Nexus which as most know runs stock Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Most of Apple's claims assert infringement of Apple's design patents and trade dress. If you're looking for the full break down of how each device Apple claims is in violation, you'll find it below.

Source: The Verge

Apple v. Samsung

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kboss375 says:

None of these sound recent or big time players. Maybe the S2..but the S3 has been out.

mud314 says:

I agree. Let them ban the import of these devices. I doubt anyone is even importing them at this point. I must say, I am surprised they do not want to ban the S3, what with S Voice and well you know it's a phone :).

curley says:

I don't think they can go after S Voice, cause it is not actually owned by Samsung, it is simply an app that Samsung has installed. The app is thru Vlingo and is free in the Play store. Oh yeah, and it sucks.

capitaltpt says:

The S3 was designed specifically not to infringe on Apple patents. It was joked that the phone was designed by lawyers. An S voice is actually pretty nice, especially used for hands-free use in the car.

obi5683 says:

Oh no! Don't ban the Droid Charge! /s

NIUHuskie says:

Uggh, as a Droid Charge owner I cringe at your sarcasm. If only Apple had sued Samsung a year earlier, they could have saved me that purchase. That said, I'm still never going to spend one penny on an iPhone.

daryelv says:

How fitting would it be if Motorola got an import ban on any Apple device.

You want an iPhone5? You must buy it in Europe...
You want an mini-iPad? You must buy it in Japan...

Tim Cook would not last long if MotoGoogle got the import ban for a short period...

Steve Jobs never watched WarGames (the 1983 movie with Matthew Broderick). Nobody wins in any game involving Thermonuclear...


icebike says:

I sort of suspect this ban request is not going to fly since the Trial isn't even over yet (the patent validity phase hasn't even begun).

Further, any such ban will be stayed until the inevitable Appeals.

You all should read this:

This whole judgement might get thrown out for Jury misconduct.

Treknologist says:

Oh, I will be laughing so hard of this comes to pass. Those jurors are really making the appeals process easier.

joebob2000 says:

It's almost like they are trying to make the appeal a slam dunk for Samsung. They couldn't pick a better way to do it if they tried, short of maybe "woah the juror instructions showed up on brand new iPads and they let us keep them!"

jb calhoun says:

i feel when its all said and done samsung will take them all the way fighting im more then positive apple uses a pulldown notification.. well guess what?!!! they didnt creat that!!

regression says:

I don't know the answer to this, but is there a patent on a pull down notification?

chubb says:

Yes. Google has one pending.

regression says:

Ah, good to know. With all this hoopla, Apple has ensured I won't be owning an Apple product.

crazycheetah says:

I'm pretty sure it's more complicated than just that, but Google has one pending...

dwd3885 says:

The Galaxy Nexus wasn't in the suit, so it makes sense it's not listed here.

If I'm Samsung, just pull them all, who cares. Let's make a deal!

ps4rh says:

The Nexus isn't in the suit because much of the suit had to do with TouchWiz and it's (let's be honest) rather blatant re-use of Apple's designs.

Say what you will, Samsung really did a poor job in terms of originality. Nokia and Windows Mobile aside (whom Apple's team even cited as an example of how to make a non-infringing phone) there are other OEMs who've managed to come up with some original work.

If anything, I do hope this encourages Samsung to either up their game, or give up on reskinning and/or adulterating Android altogether because, let's be honest, they're not very good at it.

dwd3885 says:

yes, I know. I'm not sure what I said that implied that I did not know.

Everyone should just do Pure Android and we'd all be good.

icebike says:

So $1.05 billion penalty for covering up Stock Android with TouchWiz you say?

Sounds about right. ;-)

roberttk1967 says:

Sometimes I think you guys on the site miss the boat, because you are such purists. I know a lot of people that like TouchWiz, it adds a finish to Android. They are consumers and like it or not consumers like TouchWiz for the most part. Techs like to tweak out their phones, consumers like to use their phones. TouchWiz is like the cherry on top and visually is quite nice. I just believe that is why there is variety, and android phone manufactures give us that...choices.

My daughters GS2 died and the warranty department sent her back an HTC One S as a replacement and she hates it because she liked Samsung's TouchWiz better. I guess I am glad after the verdict that the insurance didn't say a comparable replacement would be an iPhone LOL, luckily I'm on T-mobile and we don't have that phone.

koham says:

"TouchWiz is like the cherry on top and visually is quite nice."

Seriously? I agree that some of the features in TouchWiz like Direct call and Smart stay are nice but visually it's really ugly, especially the TouchWiz launcher. You can't even drag an app on top of another to create a folder and don't get me started about the ugly windows folder icon.. ugh... The first thing I did was put Nova launcher on it.

Insp_Gadget says:

There was once a time when TouchWiz (TW), Sense, and Blur were practical, and even needed, with older versions of Android that weren't polished in the user interface department. But that time has passed. Stock Android is now quite beautiful and even if one doesn't like the default interface, it can be changed quite easily with a 3rd-party launcher.

Having deep interface changes like TW, Sense, and Blur are no longer needed. Will they go away? Doubtful. I actually like some of the elements that Sense brought to the table on HTC devices, but I don't NEED Sense when I have Android 4.0 or better. As it stands now, Sense is more of a distraction/barrier to faster system updates. The same can be said for TW or Blur on any of the newest Android devices.

I don't fault Apple for enforcing their patents. I fault the USPTO for granting Apple the patents in the first place. I also fault Samsung for being dumb enough to think Apple wouldn't go after them for emulating the iPhone's UI.

Since we're doing analogies/lines from movies & TV:

From War Games: Global Thermonuclear War? The only winning move is not to play.

From Star Trek Voyager: (Q, speaking to his son): "How many times have we told you? Don't provoke the Borg!" (in this case, Google speaking to Samsung). After all, they did try to tell them to settle.

pseudoelf says:

The Charge on design patents....really? With its shield shape and four physical button configuration. If any Samsung Android phone would not ever be confused with an iPhone it would be that weird Charge phone.


If you look at the chart, the Droid charge didnt violate trade dress, only utility patents. Only 2 phones violated trade dress, the Galaxy S 4G and the Galaxy S Showcase.

EDIT: Sorry, I didn't notice that before. That is rather strange, isn't it??

joebob2000 says:

D305 is a patent for a rectangular screen (or subsection of the screen) with colorful square icons arranged in a 4-wide grid, having names below each icon. In other words, every single android phone ever.


Yeah that is insane man. I'm starting to notice a pattern... every patent that Apple has filed is worded in such a way that there ie NO way AROUND the patent. You would have no choice but to license it at whatever rediculous rate Apple charges. COMPLETE... UTTER... BS...

Davest says:

Maybe that's why Android phones are never set up that way by the companies. They always have a clock, or a search bar, or both, or something else to break up the page of icons.

carlosrey23 says:

Really???? are you serious??? Cant you tell it's got a 3.5 headphone jack on the top left corner...Come on man are you Blind??? ;)

It's called sarcasm BTW

jtexans says:

How does the GS2 Epic (Sprint) fall under the design category of violations? It's a qwerty slider...

Uncle Louie says:

I think that is supposed to be the Epic Touch... The original Epic 4G was the slider.

redsoxfan26 says:

The first Epic/Galaxy S is a slider. The Epic Touch/Galaxy S2 is not.

veii says:

Poor Apple. Maybe they'll have some ideas soon and be able to bring out a phone that can compete with the smartphones that are out now, then they can stop doing this. It all seems very desperate. Poor Apple.

h0ruza#AC says:

Haha! Apple is helping the Android fragmentation issue. I was thinking about this solution...force people to buy newer more up to date android phones.

DAS says:

I'm quite surprised to see no tablets on the list? However, I can't believe that Samsung still makes any of these devices on any large scale.

I always thought the carrier purchased the phones from the OEM up front? If that's the case how does Samsung loose any money? If successful, this proposed ban seems like it would leave the carrier stuck holding unsold inventory.

Sprint already offers the Epic Touch for $99 as a buy one; get one free deal, and the Skyrocket is offered by At&t for $9.99 (albeit with both offers you must sign a two year contract).

Benham316 says:

Just 8????? Im surprised its just 8! Id be willing to bet that Apple wants all Samsung smart phones off the market.


Ha Ha I been dumped my ole Samsung and am sitting pretty with my SGS3. It blows my girlfriends Iphone away. She looks at it with envy in her eyes. I tell her to stay away and go get ya app for that phone with that small azz screen you can barely read anything on

campanth says:

Quote:"How does the GS2 Epic (Sprint) fall under the design category of violations? It's a qwerty slider..."

Actually...the original Sprint Galaxy S Epic 4G was a qwerty slider. But the Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch, the one referenced in the article above, is just another black slab.

gurraj singh says:

Off topic, does anyone know the name of the data/time widget used on the Galaxy Note in the photo above? Thanks

xcb32 says:

i think it is wp clock.

gurraj singh says:

Thanks xcb32. Just searched for it, its now called wp clock design live wallpaper (WP Clock 2)

ps4rh says:

"Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch"

Good lord, if that isn't an example of what's wrong with Android branding, right there...

carlosrey23 says:

Moderators can we get a "Like"button here...but be creative with the icon ... wouldn't want facebook going after patent violation here..LOL

JobiWan144 says:

Correction: Sprint's Galaxy S II is called the Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch. It's a great phone with a long-@$$ name, and I'm guessing the table didn't have room for all that, but you could have corrected in your device list. I don't mean to nitpick, but it could confuse people because Sprint's Galaxy S was called the Samsung Epic 4G.

CharlieTX says:

So the S3 slid through unscathed? No big problem, then, since the others are primarily legacy products. Granted, the S2 is still being sold, but the S3 is sooo much better. And, Apple taking it this far means that I'll no longer be neutral about recommending any Apple products. From now on, I'll go out of my way to recommend that no Apple product be purchased by anyone I know. And being a retired techie, I have lots of time to devote to that goal.

bakeri666 says:

Good thinking apple... I might see if I can get the Nokia 5210 banned for some inane none-reason... that'll show them...

Gator352 says:

I still want to shit in Tim Cooks mouth.....

tdizzel says:

The Charge should definitely be banned. Samsung should have banned it before they even released it.

Random Q, does anybody know what the clock widget shown in the Samsung phone is called?

mikehardez says:

Wow, I was just about to ask this as well, haha. I hope someone knows the answer; it looks great.

Couver81 says:

What happens to these models that are still being used by people now? Seems like the ban is only on the sale of these devices.

freya09 says:

I think now is a good time to buy Samsung stocks. I do not believe that Samsung will just rollover and die any sooner, given that it has other businesses aside from mobile phones; they have televisions, washing machines, digital cameras, what have you. Apple has just iphones, mp3 players and macbooks. By the way, I am a BlackBerry user.

panda_mode says:

How does the AT&T gs2 look like an iPhone? And touchwiz 4 looks nothing like iOS .... maybe touchwiz 3...oh well. Can't touch my cappy though!

The galaxy prevail is being sold as a pre paid on straight talk in the cdma areas. We move a lot of them where I live (20-30 a week in the local Walmart). A lot of the older models go to pre paid.

I feel it was a double edge sword for apple to focus on older phones. They thrive on contracts and do what they can to prevent pre paid. This hurts more than Samsung. It hurts other businesses and the consumer. It is some thing tobseek compensation, but a full ban seems overboard.

Then again, maybe I'm paranoid.

macdonx says:

This is why I believe hardware manufacturers should stick to hardware and use the stock Android operating system. It gets rid of bloatware and OS updates from Google are sent out much faster. If the hardware manufacturers want to add any iterations, let them do so by making them into apps and provide consumers the option to use them or not. But I guess someone inside Sammy was too greedy. Heh! It only cost them over a billion dollars.

Let this be a lesson.

maira hedge says:

hey its not a gud news for Samsung lovers, i like the Apple iphones most but regardless of that i am a big admirer of Samsung Too. ppl who have negative thoughts abt Samsung plz read dis its a great firm which has worked really to achieve wot they are ryt now. may the god set compromise between these two amazing companies. finger crossed