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Google Voice is still sort of in limbo — at least for a few more weeks until the Google I/O developers conference — but Apple's rolling out its own sort of Google Voice-esque features in OSX 10.10 Yosemite. If you're using iMessage, you get incoming call notifications on your Mac as well as your iPhone. And you'll be able to talk through your Mac as well, including making phone calls.

Basically, what we've been doing with Google Voice for some time. Or what LG's been doing with its QPair app.

We're keeping an eye on for more "innovations."


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Apple invents Google Voice with OS X 10.10 Yosemite


Apple has made the experience magical.

On a more serious note I would imagine Apple will support their version much better.

That was exactly what I thought. Hardly original features, but I'll bet their version won't go three years without any major feature additions or interface design changes.

I don't know. Let's look at their history of products like iWeb, and and MobileMe and iCloud, and each stage through which it was an utterly unreliable failure and they seemed to care very little before wiping it out and starting over.

Voice has definitely been neglected. But I wouldn't automatically assume Apple will have this nailed. As an IT provider, I can't count the number of Apple issues for which there is NO support from Apple, and countless people in Apple forums complaining about having the problem and having no solution or even admission from Apple.

I agree that GoogleVoice has definitely been neglected, but at least it works, which is more than you can say for most of Apple's previous attempts at cloud services.

Agreed. I'm hoping its migration to Hangouts also upgrades its priority for Google. It needs a few notable fixes. Mine frequently won't recognize touch tones anymore when people call me, preventing me from answering the call.

I watched the entire keynote, and they didn't say they invented anything. It's just some BS that the Android fanboi make up.

No, I don't. There are at least 50,000 other things I'd rather do with my time. (Literally.) And until/unless any of these companies that they're suing are lobbying hard in Washington to put an end to overly broad software patents, I don't have pity on any of them.

I don't know that Apple specifically claimed to have "invented" any of their features in the keynote, but they have a reputation for getting patents on concepts that already exist and then suing companies that were doing it before they got the patent. They've also been known to incorporate features from popular apps into iOS, and then kick the apps out if the app store on the grounds that they "replicate core iOS functionality". Apple may not have specifically claimed it, but they've built themselves a reputation that promotes the jokes about them inventing everything. Some of their fans' comments online don't help the situation either, because they frequently don't know any better and genuinely believe that Apple invented this stuff.

Really? From what I can see, you're tied to Apple hardware. So if I go to work and I'm on my work PC, no notification. With Google Voice, it's platform neutral.
That's the difference between what Google does versus Apple. One is platform neutral, the other is platform neutered.

Except with Apple's solution, you don't need to use Google Voice, and you don't need any shitty browser extensions either. It's built natively inside the OS, and that's integration that Android users will never get. And I'm sure their cross-device syncing will work with more than 3 apps too.

It's just too bad I don't like OSX :P

Begin built into the OS is a bonus, but that's hardly a "compelling" feature if using their OS is not an option. Like, say, if you're job is a .NET developer. I prefer Google's approach that let's me install Google Voice onto whichever OS I happen to be using. Not as deeply integrated, true, but the alternative isn't an alternative.

Yes, you are absolutely right. There are benefits and drawbacks to both solutions. I don't like having to use Google Voice, esp since Google has apparently left it out to rot), and there are a lot of text-related apps/services that are not available to me. But I don't use OSX either. So there really isn't an optimal solution here. (At least for me anyway.)

I was following the live blog on imore but had to stop before I puked. As soon as he said that switching from Android to Apple improved peoples lives I could feel lunch coming back up.

Truly it is ridiculous statements like that which give apple such a bad name. I like apple. Been using macs as my primary pc for almost 25 years. But they're just a computer /electronics company. They do some things great, others not so great, like most of the rest of them.

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OMG, heaven forbid Apple, a for profit-company, make the claim that their products are better than their competitors. This is just unheard of.

There is a difference between pointing out the relative benefits of your product and childishly mocking your competition with borderline trolling. It should be beneath them.

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Agreed 100%. When a company feels the need to "bash" it's competition, rather than "sell" its products, it knows that it's got a problem.

Or what webos did with pairing phones with the TouchPad. Still amazing to think how far advanced they were.

/wistful rant ended

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Ah, you had to do it. You had to mention that name. I'm recovering - getting better! I was watching this WWDC conference thinking of WebOS with Spotlight and cards and cross platform voice & text, but you made it real. Long Live WebOS.

Haha, seriously tho, it was so far ahead. It's about time everyone just caught up so I can have a phone I really enjoy again.

I loved web os. I wish there were serious ports for all phones just like there's cm for almost every phone. Would be so awesome.

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Apple just rolled over android!

Imac iPhone integration is amazing!

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Android and Google has been offering all of these features Apple has announced today for years. Once again Apple proves it can do nothing but play catch up.

Sent from my Nexus 5 :-D

Yet I have to email a pdf file to my wife's imac from my HTC One while sitting next to each other in the same room.

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AirDroid = POS

It's not innovation, it integration, polish and easy of use!

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Can you download an app package on your computer and install it on your device without ever having to send the package to your device?
I thought so.

Funny, Google drive seems to share files across all my devices without email....

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Whatever, you guys suffer from cognitive bias, specifically confirmation bias.

Me, not so much. I enjoy technology from all section of the tech-sphere.

Mac, Windows, Android, I even had a blackberry once. Lol

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And you don't suffer from cognitive bias? You are a honk for crapple, just like we are enthusiasts for what we feel is a far more innovative and less pretentious OS/company in Google's Android.

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Pretentious? Oh come on, Google is a heaven for hipsters! Lol

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Via HTC One

Wow Android is a heaven for hipsters? Apple are the biggest keychain fashion accessory out there, thats a fact, you ask 80% of apple consumers today why they like/want on iPhone and whats so great about it.... they will look at you and be like "ummm because its cool" or "because my friend has one" most People using iPhones are side parting having chino wearing boat shoe wearers lmao.

IOS and iPhone is great for simplicity, does exactly what its meant to do so im not calling it, but im pointing out to you that the Apple brand is a fashion tag, simple

Even using just the term Google, you know as well as i do most people buy apple products for how "cool" they are. i work on a mac as i do 3d design and i swear by the Mac for that and other things, but i also have a windows laptop for myself and desktop as i have no need to spend a grand extra on a logo

And then they bought beats for the awesome audio quality, haha. One company that's only selling point is they have great marketing for way over priced stuff, buying another company that's only selling point is it has great marketing for selling way over priced stuff.

My friend sent me a pdf to my email I opened it on my note 3 tried everything to print it nothing so I grabbed my ipad mini opened the email hit print what do you know it printed took only a second still cant with my note 3.

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I never thought of using the word yawn as punctuation yawn This will definitely make the book Iyawnm editing far easier to read yawn This is the greatest innovation since the slicing of bread yawn in my humble opinion yawn

Perhaps you should learn how to use your Note3.
I just long press on the attachment in the email and I'm given a choice of things I can do with it;
Read it
Send it to Google Drive
Print it. (via PrinterShare, Brother Print, Hp Print, Samsung Print)

So the real problem with your sad story is you, not the Note3, or Android.

Do you have the Google Cloud Print app? I opened a .pdf from my Google Drive account, and there is a print option to use the Cloud Print app.

Apple makes great desktop hardware and OS X is really solid. It's funny to me, being an Android user who prefers OS X (and Linux) for the desktop, that people post here speaking of "Apple Kool Aid" when it seems everyone here has drank the Android version that makes them incapable of critical thinking of any kind. It's just "Android good! iSheep! Apple bad!"

Welcome to the club, I like iMacs, but I also like Windows, so I use a Windows laptop. Now that my laptop is getting old I am trying to find a Windows laptop with the same build quality as a MacBook Pro. The Razer comes close but the screen is crap. So what am I to do? I wish Windows laptops has apple level hardware. But no, I am a horn for Apple because I like their products. Well I happen to like Google products too? So what does that make me? Bisexual?

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Via HTC One

That IS a pretty serious problem, that email is really hard to send. Maybe some day Apple will make their devices interface with other platforms. Maybe they'll get REALLY crazy and use industry standard cables for charging!

So... your argument is that Android sucks, because Apple won't allow Android devices to connect to iOS devices? Because that's still going to be the case after iOS 8 comes out...

I'm not really sure what your point here is supposed to be. At least your HTC One will allow you to download any file type (heaven forbid someone email you a zip file on your iPhone) and can send that file from any app to any other app capable of accepting that file so that you can email it to your wife's iMac.

Do tell how I can use my computer as a speakerphone to my Galaxy S5.
Do tell how I can start a document on my computer and have my phone know about it.
Do tell how to make photos not a convoluted mess on Android. (The fact there is an article explaining Photos vs Gallery means Google doesn't get it.)

I like both platforms but Apple has it much more integrated and on a whole it works more reliably than Android.

1) AirDroid, or a bluetooth dongle for your laptop. They're like $10 online.

2) Dropbox, Drive, Box, or any one of a number of cloud softwares that have been around for quit some time, and work *far* better than any of Apple's previous attempts at cloud services.

3) The Photo app vs Gallery app is a little more legit, but it's not nearly as big an issue as you make it out. The Photo app is really for images in Google+, but Google made it display images on the device, too. Eventually, the gallery app will probably go away. The big difference is that the Gallery app is part of the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) and the Photos app is closed-source code, only available on a Google-licensed device.

You can still open any photo on your device from either app, so it's not like this should be some monumental *issue* beyond wondering why there are two apps that do close to the same thing.

Oh, there are plenty of other problems. I've used GV as my primary number since the service was released, so I obviously like it well enough, but damn, the mobile app is garbage.

I don't get the bitching about the GV mobile app. With the exception of MMS, it does what it needs to do simply and effectively. It's a texting app, not a word processor.

And I've been making calls and getting notifications on my PC for years...........Just download the Google Voice add-on for Chrome.

but of course with Apple's version, you don't need to use a specific browser and you don't need to download a plug-in.

Hahaha zing! And that os will stop being supported and then you'll have to buy an ENTIRE new computer.

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Except, of course, if OS X is not an option for you because your job requires you to use software not available on OS X. In which case, it's a much worse (non-existent) experience.

From the gmail web page, there's a plug-in to download that works in Windows and Linux that allows calling from the gmail web page with the GV number.

Its not really like Google voice which is integrated ithbyor phone number, this is more like mighty text.

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Not to mention they just introduced " respond to certain notifications within the notification bar", a feature that Android have had since 4.2 as a new feature in iOS 8. Then followed up by introuducing predictive text(without swipe) as an amazing innovation.

Oh wow another copied innovation from Android! When will the pilfering stop? Why isn't Google suing these smug idiots at Apple

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Because they don't have patents on it, most likely because it wasn't new idea when Google implemented it.

And, even if they did, Google doesn't seem nearly as keen on trying to kill off competition. If one thing starts losing market share, they just dream up something else.

Phil, I expect better. First off the title. The use of the word "invent" is clearly a tongue-in-cheek reference to this idea that Apple claims to invent things already done by someone else. No where in the keynote did any Apple executive claim that the new Continuity features were a novel idea from Apple.

Second, since Apple controls all the hardware they sell, the experience is obviously going to be better integrated right out of the box. No plug-in needed, no third party support required, no needing to use a specific browser to access any of these features, and no carriers are going to get in the way. It's all integrated into the OS of the respective devices.

And yet it is not new to anyone but Apple users who will inevitably tour it as an Android killing feature.

I would rather have a plugin/app that gets updated independently tan that kind of integrated stuff. It is kinda how Windows fell off the path...

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Well stated bud. Their website over there is filled with ridiculous articles, the one about the rich notifications doesn't even stoop to mention that it's been a feature on android for like 4 versions now.

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yea those Apple users are annoying. About as annoying as their counterparts on Android, which are pretty vocal on this thread

As has been stated before, it might not require a specific browser, but it does require a specific *OS* which is even worse! At least I can install the GV plugin and not actually have to use Chrome if I don't want to, but installing OS X on my computer isn't even an option if I plan to be able to do my job.

Apple at least will support it heavily. Their users won't be forgotten like we have on Android with Google Voice. Google releases stuff, then tries to figure out what to do with it. Apple might be late to the party, but they make sure everything is well integrated. Still prefer Android for phones, but Apple is solid with integration and customer support.

Yes. Like idisk? Or ping? Or isite (or whatever they called their personal Web pages). Or how they phased out support for the power pc? Again, apple is just another tech company. Some things they do amazing, some mediocre, and some poorly.

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True, Ping was awful. And not everything they do will be a hit, obviously. But phasing out support for Power PC was totally needed.

Google has a bad habit of just releasing things half baked and seeing what sticks (Wave, Buzz), or cancelling useful things like Reader, or forcing people into a service like Google+.

As for customer support, try getting Google on the phone to help with a product. Especially something as important as Google Voice, which is really poorly supported, but some people have based their lives (like me who uses it as their main number) and businesses around.

He didn't even mention Apple's previous attempts at cloud service offerings, such as MobileMe, that were dismal. I'll believe they did a good job when I see. Not everything Apple touches is automatically gold.

Maybe this will make Google spend some more time improving Google Voice and/or Hangouts and make it competitive with iMessage. I really wish everyone I knew would just switch over to Hangouts.

Does anyone pay for texting anymore? People should just use sms. It works on every phone. hangouts is great for video calls though.

SMS works, but has character limits. Also, MMS doesn't work well with Google Voice and doesn't even notify you when there's a failed attempt to send you a message. I can't tell how many picture messages I've never received because of it. Also, MMS compresses images to a puny size, whereas Hangouts doesn't. Hangouts also supports animated GIFs.

SMS works without a data connection. Not everyone has WiFi or cell data constantly. I support your statement. Everyone I know uses SMS, except for teenage girls.

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There is a difference... with the homogeneity of the iOS ecosystem, a large percentage of users will actually use it.

I've called exactly 2 people on hangouts, and have sent maybe 10 hangouts messages. And I actually care about this stuff.

I use Hangouts for messaging ALL the freaking time. I basically keep a running conversation with my wife all day long via Hangouts, for example.

The difference is "OK Google" sounds like you're about to give a command. "Hey Siri" sounds like you're about to ask permission for something. I much prefer "OK Google".

Really, so at the dinner table you say: 'OK mom, could you pass the salt?' rather than 'Hey mom, could you pass the salt?' which would obviously sound totally weird to you? What an odd family you have.

If you say "Hey, Mom" from the basement it works too, right?

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Used to this sort of thing from the yuppies over at apple. Every new invention they come up with has been done for years elsewhere.

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Yes it has but the appelites have thier heads so far up the worm hole that they don't know about anyother platform. Apple speaks they believe

Apple = pretentious! Period! Drops mic and walks away....

Definition; attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.

No... Freaking... Way! What innovation! I've never seen the likes of it!
How can they present these "innovations" with a straight face? How can the likes of Rene Ritchie and Andrew Martonik over there not even make a passing mention to you know, say "like android..." That would make it sound less amazing and magical I guess.
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Imagine how long that notification shade is going to go if multiple apps start putting large widgets like that in there.

Poor apple. You slate them for not having these features then crucify them when they add them, make your mind up

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Crucify them for acting like they are the first to ever think of them. It's the elitist attitude of them and their flock of sheep that we take offense to.

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please point out the exact time points in the keynote where an Apple exec claimed that any of their new features that are similar to something on another platform are novel or have not been done before. I'll wait.

I would love to, but I'm unwilling to install QuickTime.

Now, what were we just talking about? Apple coming into the 21st century? Or how their services are more polished and better integrated and don't require stupid browser plugins to use?

They never once said they invented anything. The don't release stuff until it works they way they want it.
They spend more time perfecting than releasing half baked GARBAGE like samesung.

Half baked like maps? Or like just about everything else they release.

Lol Samsung has more inventions than crapple has dreamed of. Real inventions. Plus they sell more phones and have a larger following than crpple. The days of people actually falling for crapples lies and deceit Are over. They are a failing company. They market share and drying up fast, stock prices are dwindling and company contracts are near nonexistent.

They're not elitist, and certainly aren't claiming to be the first to offer users certain features.

I just think it's hypocritical that people say that ios isn't a viable platform due to the shortcomings in the features on offer, but then hate on them when they're added? One thing I'm certain of after being a user of both platforms is that Apple will certainly support/maintain the features better

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There's a lot of slander slung Apple's way, but elitist is definitely something that applies. Apple is a LUXURY brand.

I am not abandoning Google just yet, but it is fairly obvious that android will never work with my windows laptop as iPhones and iMacs will. Not without some effort on my part. Sure Google will come out with a stopgap measure, but it seems android will never be anything more than a quilt of stopgaps.

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Personally I don't need a computer hooked up to my Android phone to do common tasks. No stupid iTunes to do simple things like putting music on my phone or backing up my stuff. But whatever.

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You don't need iTunes to do either of those things in iOS anymore either, you can download music and back up just fine without iTunes or a computer nowadays, it's actually been that way for a while.

I keep reading your comments about people being biased whenever they say anything in support of Apple, all you do is talk crap about them without giving them any kind if credit. They didn't claim to invent any of the new features they announced today, all they did was add stuff people wanted and integrated them well into their OSes. Did Google do it earlier? Sure, bit that doesn't mean no one else can do it, or that they did it the best.

Honestly you just seem biased towards Android when there are things iOS does do better, just like there's things Android does better then iOS.

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I think Google's take is to have everything integrated through the cloud. Hence why their PC OS is cloud centric. Clearly they will not have the device to device compatibility that Apple can have as makers of an end to end ecosystem.
Two strategies. One is preferable for some, the other for others. Neither is clearly superior for everyone

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I have a Mac, an Android Phone, and A Surface Pro. I have no problem integrating them... not sure what your issue is... user error?

My issue is I drive a semi truck for a living, I don't have a reliable connection to the "cloud" or the data allowance. Hence I dislike the whole cloud thing and never bothered with it. Perhaps apple stuff is not as amazing as I mentioned, but if it works over wifi direct I would love to give it a try.

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Via HTC One

What do you need, exactly? I can seamlessly switch from using my phone and PC for Hangouts, for example. It updates both simultaneously.
For files I have Dropbox (not Google, but with Android, I have that OPTION).
I can plug my phone into my PC and drag and drop files. To me, this is HUGE.
Android is MUCH better at letting apps inter-operate with each other. Personally, I would NEVER give this up for anything Apple just announced. This is what makes Android a JOY to use.

So, basically, it comes down to how you use your devices. Apple just doesn't fit my needs. Oh, sure they make great products, I'm not saying they don't. I am just saying, I like the freedom of choice that I get with Android. Your quilt of stopgaps is what I LIKE.

Dude, seriously, crack is bad for you whether its Apple crack or Google crack. Google's services work spectacularly with a Windows laptop. Spread your manure somewhere else.

Android works perfect with windows. Never had an issue. sounds like user error to me. Works better than iPhone on windows that's for sure.

I find it amazing that with Apple implementing Android features every year, they keep convincing the courts that Samsung ripped them off and should pay millions

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I don't get why Phil sounds so butthurt in this post. So what if Apple is stealing from Google's innovation? It doesn't change how I use Google Voice and if it means more choices for iOS and OS X users, good for them. Similarly, so what if Apple is bashing on us by saying that 9% of all Android devices are on KitKat or that 99% of all malware are on Android (a statistics I feel that needs to be cited). If my Nexus 5 has the latest update and I'm not dense enough to sideload shady 3rd party apps, how does what Apple say about Android detract my own experience?

Jesus, you would think that by having an "Anything but apple" contest (which still looks rather childish in my opinion), there wouldn't be any post about Apple today

Actually, you sound more butt hurt.
I think Phil was making fun of the people who are going to try and say Apple innovated or invented all this and how it's so much better than any other platform.

Except Phil seems to have missed that the services he's discussing aren't remotely similar.

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Because when Apple borrows something from Android, they call it innovation. When Android does something that Apple did, the lawsuits start flying.
On top of which Apple digs at Android constantly throughout their launches, which Google doesn't do to Apple.

I totally get that, and I respect Google for not bashing on Apple. I just don't see why AC has to stoop to Apple's level and start a flame war.

One thing that I love about Google Voice is it's 100% free for texting. If I were using an Apple product, the imessages would be free, but I'd still pay for SMS. I'm grandfathered in an old plan that doesn't have unlimited texting, but I have unlimited data plan on AT&T. If I add a texting plan on AT&T, the cheapest option is $20 vs. paying a la carte for texts. I'm not willing to pay for that. When my contract is up, I''ll re-evaluate whether to go prepaid with an unlimited talk/text/and some adequate amount of data. With GV, I can text from any browser and any OS, but in particular, I like the GV extension on Chrome. Even in my building where the reception is poor, I can send out texts through wi-fi. The only downside is that no MMS on GV. I hope that's added in the future.

Wow,, school must be out,, all the children are here it seems

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I tried the opacity. Just not for me. I love Android and being able to customize and have what I want and how I want.

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Let's be completely honest though guys... I know everyone on the Android sites loves to bash the iPhone and vice versa... I have and use both, Moto X and iPhone... Apple has a lot of things right.

Updates, 89% are on the latest software... I know there are many reasons for this but it's still a fact. Phone manufactures skin the hell out of Android and allow carriers to hold up updates. Apple made 2 phones last year, again for some this might be a bad thing but I think it's great that there aren't 1000 different Android phones coming out each year. Cheap Android phones (people that aren't on sites like this don't know any better) ruin Android. Someone goes and buys one, it lags, has terrible battery life, the screen is crap, the camera is terrible, it's so skinned getting things done is harder and takes more steps. Now the same person goes and gets an iPhone, talks trash about Android because the iPhone just works.

Android's biggest issue in my opinion at least is Google. Google does not want to interfere with Samsung, HTC and they rest. Google had the money to market the hell out of the Moto X if they wanted to, a lot of why they didn't (same goes for the Nexus) is because they don't want to piss off Samsung.

Apple steals from Android, no doubt about that but most of the time when they do, its more polished and just works better (not siri though, siri sucks ass lol). The pull down menu is beautiful, the pull up menu on iOS 7 is beautiful...

I recall hearing that Google/Moto spent around $500 Million last year, in marketing for the Moto X.

I could be wrong. I get the point you're trying to make though, and I agree.

This is actually scary. Apple has a tendency to copy Googles tech and then trademark/patent it and then sue. How do you think Samsung got its moniker "Samesung" from Apple sheep?

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Except this works nothing like google voice. Its not even that similar.

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Except it's exactly like it. They just present it in a way to make it seem like it's different. That's the point. But it is the same. Same features but different presentation.

Except Google Voice doesn't really work outside the States does it? Loads of Google features are States only or first, and the Moto X, which was a great phone, was released States only until it was outdated and came to Europe. Apple at least keeps the European market in mind. As someone in the UK, looking to move from a BlackBerry, I'll take Apple's offerings, thank you very much, and be happy with them here rather than waiting for Google to realise there's a world outside the States.

Why didn't you show up to work? Oh, your phone was in the other room? I thought you had a Imac with Yosemite in your bedroom though?!?

The most useful feature of this would be access through a web browser!! If Apple added that (along with widgets on the homescreen), I would seriously have considered switching to an iphone. Yes, there is google voice, but it (and the android app) is not consistent enough for me to use as my main number.

Same with the cloud features they announced today. It is great, but, to me, the beauty of using "the cloud" is the accessibility of it. How versatile is iCloud if I essentially can only access my data from devices that I own (let's say a Macbook and an iPad)? I need access to it on my friend's computer, workplace, university etc.

The GV android app is awful. My main concern with GV is SMS/MMS. My SMS messages often go missing. There are also no threaded conversations. If indeed GV in incorporated into hangouts, then I would definitely consider using it full-time.

Apples not always magical I m remember the very first version of mac os 10.0 it was awful until jaguar came out in 2002

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If you have a Google Voice number, you can use Google Hangouts app for iOS which allow you to make outgoing and receive incoming call through it.

Come on Google, the ball is in your court.. I paid $20 to have my number ported to GV. In hindsight, that was a mistake. Should've just ported it to T-Mobile when I was making the switch from Sprint..

The GV app is atrocious and dated. Where is the GV/Hangouts that was promised by Mid-May 2014.

Can't wait for I/O. 22 Days left.

I'm not one bit mad seeing as Google has dropped the ball on its own product. Someone has to pick it up and run with it!